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Published by Elsi

A woman finds herself in a strange place, and a stranger leads her to the true.

A woman finds herself in a strange place, and a stranger leads her to the true.

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Published by: Elsi on Jun 05, 2011


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PassageByE D Caldeira-Mendes2010
EXT. DREAMLIKE PLACE - NIGHTCLOSE ON: ARIADNE’S eye, a 33-year-old woman, blinkingseveral times.ARIADNE’S POV: The place that she is in is DARK, STORMY,many CLIFFS surround her, no vegetation only rocks, andthere are DOORS everywhere. Very surreal place like a Dali’spainting.Ariadne is disoriented. She looks everywhere, shakes herhead and walks through the strange place.She walks with precaution, some parts are narrow and everytime she puts her foot on the rocky ground, some PEBBLESfall to the bottom of the cliff.ARIADNEHelloo!! Is anybody here?Ariadne stops to catch her breath. She inspects the ground,but it’s petrified like everything that surrounds her.Suddenly, Ariadne sees a STRANGER at the distance, shefollows him. The Stranger looks like a man, but his face isin shadows; he wears a blue striped shirt.ARIADNEHey! I need help here.The Stranger disappears like smoke, Ariadne lookseverywhere.ARIADNEWhere are you?Ariadne turns around a rock and she sees the Strangerstanding next to a DOOR. Ariadne approaches cautiously tothe door when it opens by itself. A WHITE LIGHT blinds her.Few seconds later the light fades away and she finds herselfin --EXT. SCHOOL PLAYGROUND 1984 - DAYAriadne recovers her sight, she stands in the middle of theplayground instead of the strange place.ARIADNEWhat the hell?Ariadne sees an eight-year-old GIRL on the swing. She getsclose to the girl and notices that she cries.(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.ARIADNEHey sweetie, why are you crying?The little girl doesn’t response. Ariadne waves her hand infront of her, but the girl doesn’t react. Ariadne looks ather hand, it seems normal, she touches the swing and shedoesn’t feel anything.Ariadne looks around, CARS, and other CHILDREN are dressedin early 80’s style.ARIADNEIt can’t be. This is my old school.Ariadne turns toward the little girl to get a better look ather.ARIADNEOh my god! she’s me.BOY (O.S.)Hi Ariadne!Ariadne turns, JASON, a nine-year-old boy, joins the littlegirl on the swing.JASON NINE YEARSI heard that you’re parents aregetting divorced.Jason swings up and down.ARIADNE EIGHT YEARSMom says I’ll spend some time withDad and some with her.JASON NINE YEARSIt sucks!Jason jumps out of the swing and grabs the girl’s hand.JASON NINE YEARSCome on let’s play I don’t like tosee you sad.The girl keeps crying and doesn’t move. Jason puts his handson the ground and lifts his legs up to the air and walksusing his hands.JASON NINE YEARSHey look!The girl watches Jason and smiles. She jumps out of theswing.(CONTINUED)

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