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Table Of Contents

The Business Cycle and the Future
Investment Research
The Delphi Technique
the Delphi Technique
Hedge vs. Spec
How to Hedge Real Estate
Judgmental Forecasting and Fundamental Analysis
Market Myths
The Reversal System: A 20-Year Case Study
The Little-Guy Syndrome
Economic Research
British Inflation & The Labour Party
A Crisis in Democracy
The Cycle of Political Change
Is Debt Inflationary?
A Continued Era of Deflation or a Premature Expectation of
Earthquakes & Economics
The Great Unified Theory
The Theory of Non-Linear Intervention
Leverage & Interest Rates: One and the Same
Living With The Business Cycle
In Search of Utopia
Supply vs Demand, Part I
Supply vs Demand, Part II
The 3 Faces of Inflation
The Worldwide Debt Crisis
Solutions For The Debt Crisis
The Debt Crisis: The Ultimate Defining Issue of American
US National Debt Outstanding 1791-Date
Gold: Its Role within the Modern Investment Strategy
Metals Scandal of 1998?
Manipulation, Squeeze or Bull Market? Part I
Manipulation, Squeeze or Bull Market? Part II
Manipulation, Squeeze or Bull Market? Part III
Metals Scandal of 1998?: Silver: Notes and Corrections:
An Update On Metals
Metals Update
Silver: Yet Another Buying Opportunity?
Silver and Inflation
Silver/Gold Ratio
World Capital Market Review Articles 1996 - 1997
The Crash of ’96 or Bull Market of ’96
The Coming Great Tax Depression
The New $100 Bill—Conspiracy or Honest Reform?
Mr. Alley Ooops
View From America
An October Surprise
Greenspan’s Virtual-Reality
The Decline & Fall of the American Political System
Understanding Technology Investment
Will a Clinton Victory and Pending Hillary Indictment Kill The Bull Market?
Relative Value & The Foreign Connection
Riding the S&P 500
The Grinch That Stole Christmas
Tilting at Windmills
Oil Looks Strong into the Next Century
Not-So-Fun-Facts On Oil
Will Political-Intervention Cause the Crash of 1997?
International Trade—The Worst Statistics Around
What the Press Doesn’t Tell You About This Bull Market in Stocks
So What’s With The Volatility?
G7 Preparing to Create the Next Crash
The IMF: Who is it and What Does it Do?
A New World Order or Mere Chaos?
1998: The Best of Times? The Worst of Times?
Hot Topics: The Business Cycle and the Future
Asia A Question of Stability
1996-The Year From Political Hell
Japan’s Politicians Determined to Create Major Depression
Russian Meltdown
Intervention with a new twist
The Dollar – Commodities & The Economic Confidence
The Aftermath of The Japanese Elections
Is the Global Economy Cracking Up?
Nikkei Time to Sell
July Is Here Again: Is this another Summer High?
The Path of Most Pain
Gold Manipulation or Exaggeration?
Failing to Understand Japan
Beware the Ides of March
The Euro: One Currency, Two Very Different Pasts
Manipulating the World Economy
Where is Europe’s Maggie Thatcher?
“Air Pockets” & Economic Confusion: A Sign of the Times?
What Will Tomorrow Bring
The Crash of 1997 Continues
Complacency Increases Risk
Panic of 1998
WARNING: Global Meltdown?
The Current Crash of 1998 is the Worst so far this Century
The Crash of ’98 Continues
Intervention With a New Twist
Is this the Next Great Depression?
The Crash of 1998—Day 34 Update
Crash of 1998—Is it Over? Or Just Beginning?
Global Meltdown—Do we Need to be “Rescued from Capitalism?”
Can the World Be Saved?
The World Ends Here?
Will Leverage Cause the Financial World to Blow Up?
Japanese Financial Crisis
Is Japan Committing Suicide?
The Japanese Financial Crisis
Japanese Big Bang -- Are You Ready?
The Japan and the Future
Japan Big BANG Phase II
European Monetary Union - the fate of Europe
Understanding the Euro
EMU - Next Great European Economic Disaster
The EMU Bubble, When will it Burst?
Monetary Union Part II
European Union—United we Stand, Together we Fall
The Whirlpools of Union
Understanding the Euro and the Chaos it is Unleashing in
European Monetary History
Blair’s Euro Secret
Seminar Transcripts
Tokyo Seminar
Tokyo Seminar at the Imperial Hotel
Cresvale London Seminar, Held for Japanese Clients in
Tax Debate
PEI London Seminar
Zurich Conference
A Review Of Our April 1996 World Conference, Princeton,
IFTA, Amsterdam Conference Transcript
The Princeton Models and Methodologies— a User’s Guide
The Nature of Markets
Princeton’s Global Model
Artificial Intelligence Computer Models
The Nature of Timing Models
How To Use Time
Timing and Volatility Models
• Composite Timing Models
• Empirical Timing Models
Composite Timing Models
Empirical Timing Models
Trading Timing Models
Bifurcation Models and the Science of Chaos
Volatility Models
Exit Strategies
How to Trade A Panic
How to Use the Indicating Ranges
Long-Term Trend
Cyclical Strength
Proper Use
Contract Conversions
Conversion from “Spot” Contracts
Trading Orders Used in PEI Reports
BXCO (Buy Stop Close Only)
GTC (Good Till Canceled)
GTW (Good Through the Week)
IDBX (Intraday Buy Stop)
IDSX (Intraday Sell Stop)
IDPBX (Intraday Protective Buy Stop)
IDPSX (Intraday Protective Sell Stop)
MIT (Market If Touched)
OCO (One Cancels the Other)
PBXCO (Protective Buy Stop Close Only)
PSXCO (Protective Sell Stop Close Only)
SXCO (Sell Stop Close Only)
Terms Used in PEI Reports
Princeton Economic Institute: Ancient Studies Department
Paper Money
The Paper Chase, Part I
The Paper Chase, Part II
A Brief History of World Credit & Interest Rates
A Brief History of World Credit & Interest Rates, Part I of
A Brief History of World Credit & Interest Rates, Part II of
A Brief History of World Credit & Interest Rates, Part III of
A Brief History of World Credit & Interest Rates, Part IV of
Panic of 1873
Panic of 1893
Panic of 1907
Panic of 1920
Panic of 1929
Panic of 1931
Panic of 1937
Panic of 1966
Panic of 1971
Panic of 1980
Panic of 1987
The Great Panic of 1989/1990
Currency Crisis of 1997
The History of Economic Thought
Modern Capitalism
Karl Marx
The Physiocrats
Asset Inflation
Reluctant Receipiant
Law of Value
Notable Economists
Irma Adelman
Sir Roy George Douglas Allen
Saint Thomas Aquinas
Kenneth Joseph Arrow
Walter Bagehot
Francis Bator
Jeremy Bentham
Lord William Henry Beveridge
Eugen von Boehmm-Bawerk
Kenneth E. Boulding
Sir Arthur Lyon Bowley
James Buchanan
Arthur Burns
Richard Cantillon
Gustav Cassels
Edward Chamberlin
John Clark
John Bates Clark
John Maurice Clark
Donald Coase
Antoine Augustin Cournot
Maurice H. Dobb
Paul Douglas
James Duesenberry
Arsene Jules Etienne Juvenal Dupuit
Francis Ysidro Edgeworth
Irving Fisher
Milton Friedman
Ragner A. K. Frisch
John Kenneth Galbraith
Henry George
Sir Thomas Gresham
Alvin Harvey Hansen
Sir Roy Forbes Harrod
Sir John Richard Hicks
Harold Hotelling
William Stanley Jevons
Harry Gordon Johnson
Leonid Kantorovich
Nickolai D. Kondratieff
Tjalling C. Koopmans
Simon S. Kuznets
Oscar Lange
Nikolai (Vladimir) Illich Ulyanov Lenin
Wassily Leontief
Abba P. Lerner
Friedrich List
Thomas Robert Malthus
Bernard de Mandeville
Alfred Marshall
Robert S. McNamara
James Edward Meade
Carl Menger
John Stuart Mill
Ludwig von Mises
Wesley Clair Mitchell
Oskar Morgenstern
Thomas Mun
Richard Abel Musgrave
Karl Gunnar Myrdal
Bertil Ohlin
Arthur Okun
Vilfredo F. D. Pareto
Arthur Cecil Pigou
Alban W. H. Phillips
Paul U. Prebisch
Franqois Quesnay
David Ricardo
Walt Whitman Rostow
Paul Anthony Samuelson
Jean Baptiste Say
Joseph Mois Schumpeter
Tibor Scitovsky
Adam Smith
Nassau William Senior
Piero Staffa
Frank William Taussig
Johann Heinrich von Thuenen
Jan Tinbergen
James Tobin
Robert Torrens
Anne Robert Jacques Turgot
Thorstein Veblen
Marie Esprit Leon Walras
Alfred Weber
PEI Political Forecasting
Tax Reform and The Bull Market
CLINTONOMICS: Just Another Arkansas Financing
Why Republicans Are Doomed
How Did The US Markets Respond During Watergate?
Proposal for Economic Growth & Tax Reform
Tax Reform and Its Practical Implementation
Princeton Economic Institute Reference Books
Princeton Economic Institute Historical Archieves
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Best of Princeton Economics International Website _Martin Armstrong

Best of Princeton Economics International Website _Martin Armstrong

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Published by lukang2010
collected from Archive.org, the best writings of Princeton Economics International (mostly Martin Armstrong).
collected from Archive.org, the best writings of Princeton Economics International (mostly Martin Armstrong).

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Published by: lukang2010 on Jun 06, 2011
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