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Ben Greenfield Podcast 143

Ben Greenfield Podcast 143

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Published by bengreenfield
Listen to this podcast http://www.bengreenfieldfitness.com/2011/04/episode-143-canprolotherapy-make-your-injuries-vanish/
Listen to this podcast http://www.bengreenfieldfitness.com/2011/04/episode-143-canprolotherapy-make-your-injuries-vanish/

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Published by: bengreenfield on Jun 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Introduction: In this podcast, can prolotherapy make your injuries vanish, eatingalgae oil, increasing testosterone, frankenfoods, how to raise HDL,recognizing if your nervous system is overtrained, making a homegym, does the brand of fish oil matter, training for a marathon on alow carb diet, does stevia and artificial sweeteners elevate insulin,how to get off a weight loss plateau, compression gear, rotator cuff exercises, is bottled water healthy and is Ironman training bad for you?Ben Greenfield: Hey, Ben Greenfield here. As you may have just heard, we dohave a jam-packed podcast today, and our special guest is Dr. DavidMinkoff and David has been on the podcast a few times, the guy isamazing; he’s a complementary and alternative medicine physiciandown in Clearwater, Florida. He’s done almost 40 Ironmantriathlons. He’s been on the show before talking about the 3 maincauses of illness and poor performance and also did the show called“The Peek into the Life of an Ironman Physician”. I’ll put a link to both of those previous shows that he’s done in the show notes tothis episode, Episode # 143, and he’s always just a wealth of interesting content, so you don’t want to miss his interview today  which is on something called Prolotherapy and as I mentioned last week, over the next couple weeks, I am responding to morequestions during the Q & A sessions to kind of catch up to the many questions that we have in the question database, so let’s go aheadand jump right in to this week’s content.Special Announcements: Well, you may have heard last week, if you listen tothe special announcements, that I am accepting designs now for thenew BenGreenfieldFitness t-shirt. And several people emailed methis week and all I do is respond to that email and just give you a big collection of different logos and graphics that you can use tomake your designs so if you want to be involved in theBenGreenfieldFitness t-shirt design contest, all you need to do issubmit your design toBen@BenGreenfieldFitness.com.If your design wins, we’re going to do a special blog post and podcasttalking about how you put it together and why you designed your t-shirt the way that you did. So a couple of other announcements:still sending out free copies of KC Craichy’s book: “Super Health:The Last Diet That You’ll Ever Need”. All you need to do to be
eligible to get that book is post a video telling me why that book  would help you over atFacebook.com/BGFitness , and if you have no clue what that book is, listen to Episode #139 and 140. And thenfinally, if you happen to have an extra dollar lying around, I’ve got acouple things you can do with it. First of all, you can donate 1 dollarto keep the BenGreenfieldFitness podcast going, and all you need todo is go toBenGreenfieldFitness.com and there’s a button there that you can push to donate 1 dollar to keep this podcast going. Youcan also, if you have a dollar to spare, go check out theBenGreenfieldFitness Inner Circle. It costs one dollar to get a 14-day sneak peak at the tons of videos, seminars and forum Q & A’sthat my wife and I are running on teaching you how to re-invent your life and put together a healthy life style for you and yourfamily, that’s theBen Greenfield Fitness Inner Circle. I’ll put a linto that $1 sneak peak in the show notes as well. Well let’s go aheadand move on to this week’s listener Q and A. Well remember, if you have a question for the podcast, you can usethe handy-dandy “Ask BenForm” over atBenGreenfieldFitness.com. You can call, toll free, to 877-209-9439; you can ask your question via Twitter too, at BenGreenfield, or if  you happen to be one of the 8000 people going down to the Wildflower Triathlon this weekend, I’ll be down there in theathlete’s lounge, from 2-3 o’clock in the afternoon. Both days,answering your questions. Friday and Saturday, so there you go. Armi says: I had a question about algae derived DHA and its benefits. One of  your podcast guests talked about how fish oil is best, but what aboutsomething like Udo’s choice DHA? Also, have you heard of  Astaxanthin?Ben answers: Well, DHA is something that we’ve talked about on the show  before, it is one of the Omega 3 fatty acids which not only has anti-inflammatory properties but is super rich in terms of its brain- building capabilities and its ability to lower your risk of degenerative diseases of the nervous system like multiple sclerosisand it’s fantastic for your joints, for your brain, for your body, for your immune system, ton of different things that DHA has going onin it or for it and it is part of fish oil. However, you can also get aDHA from algae that produce this DHA and you can get in like a pillform. So the big problem though is basically the idea of the dosing with DHA, so if you go out, you get one of these algae oils, the
problem is that, it typically comes in somewhere around like 200milligrams of DHA in a capsule, and the issue is that if youressential fatty acid levels, like most people’s are, are way off baseand your Omega 6 fatty acids are way up and your Omega 3 fatty acids are too low, you’re typically looking at needing to take,somewhere in the range of 1500 to 2000 milligrams of DHA EPA  blend, to get your essential fatty acids levels back up to where they should be. And with 200 milligrams of DHA in most servings of like either algae-based DHA or another source of DHA which iscalled krill, it’s meaning that you got to take a lot of it and buy a lotof it, so you’re typically looking at happen to spend almost ahundred dollars a month on a DHA capsule in order to get enoughDHA. So it’s well absorbed; it is a sustainable source of DHA; it’snon-toxic, this algae oil, but the problem is that it’s just very low inDHA or I mean, the amount of DHA that you would actually need. You asked a follow-up question about something called astaxanthinand actually it’s something that Dr. Richard Cohen recently talkedabout in the live seminar that we did called “The Shocking Truthabout Vitamin D and fish oil”. Astaxanthin is something thatactually compliments quite nicely of the addition of fish oil to thediet; it’s a naturally-occurring red pigment, it’s actually found in thetissue of wild salmon, a lot of crustaceans like lobster and shrimp;krill is another source of it; and it is an anti-oxidant and a very richsource of carotenoid which would be things like Vitamin A, VitaminC, Vitamin E, and astaxanthin kind of falls into that category. So itgives some really good anti-oxidant property, it helps to neutralize alot of the free radicals that can take place when you’re exercising oreven when you’re just digesting food or living, and it is somethingthat tends to compliment very nicely the use of fish oil. Theinteresting thing about astaxanthin is it also crosses the blood brain barrier so if you’re taking something like a fish oil for you brainhealth, astaxanthin kind of gives you a 1-2 combo with that as well.Plus, the reason that it’s packaged and included with a lot of fishoils, I will put a link to a fish oil astaxanthin kind of 1-2 combo inthe show notes for you, Episode #143 show notes, it’s the same onethat Dr. Cohen talked about in the live seminar that we did, in case you missed that seminar. So that is the deal with the algae DHA and the astaxanthin.

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