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3D Computer Graphics

3D Computer Graphics

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Published by Nikhil Verma

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Published by: Nikhil Verma on Jun 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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3D ComputerGraphics
H. Hees
D    R   A    F    T
3D Comput-er Graphics
3Dc-Z-fightingcompiled by H. Hees
D    R   A    F    T
3D Computer Graphics
Compiled by: H. HeesDate: 20.07.2006BookId: uidrpqgpwhpwilvl All articles and pictures of this book were retrieved from the Wikipedia Project(wikipedia.org) on 02.07.2006. The articles are free to use under the termsof the GNU Free Documentation License. A copy of this license is included inthe section entitled
"GNU Free Documentation License" 
. Images in this book have diverse licenses and you can find a list of figures and the correspondinglicenses in the section
"List of Figures" 
. The version history of all articles canbe retrieved from wikipedia.org. Each Article in this book has a reference tothe original article. The principal authors of articles are referenced at the endof each article unless technical difficulties did not allow for a proper determi-nation of the principal authors.Logo design by Jörg PelkaPrinted by InstaBook Corporation (instabook.net)Published by pediapress.com a service offered by brainbot technologies AG ,Mainz, Germany 

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