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Computer Graphics

Computer Graphics

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Published by Deity Means

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Published by: Deity Means on Jun 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Q: 1- Computer graphics is a _________ and diversifiedtechnology.
a) Simple b) Complexc) Both a & b d) None of the above
Ans: c)Q: 2- End product of computer graphics is _________.
a) Photo b) Picturec) Movie d) None of the aboveAns: d
Q: 3- The ____ is the fundamental cohesive concept in computer
graphics.a) Picture b) Photoc) Movie d) All of the above
Q: 4- Pictures are represented in_________
a) Computer architecture b) Computer organizationc) Computer graphics d) All of the above
Q: 5- ________ with the picture is accomplished
a) Iteration b) Reactionc) Interaction d) All of the above
Q: 6- Pictures are prepared for_______
a) Presentation b) Preparationc) Provocation d) None of the above
Q: 7- The modern graphics display is _________ in construction.
a) Difficult b) Simplec) Extremely Simpled) None of the above
Q: 8- Modern graphics consists of ______ components
a) 1 b) 2c) 3 d) 4
Q:9- _______ is a graphical component
a) Digital memory b) Television monitorc) Display controller d) All of the above
Q: 10- The image must be passed repeatedly to the monitor________ a seconds.
a) 30 b) <30c) >30 d) Seconds.
Q: 11- Inside the frame buffer the image is stored as a patternof ______ digital numbers.
a) Octal b) Binaryc) Hexadecimal d) Decimal
Q: 12- We wish to store only _____ images
a) Coloredb) Black and whitec) Both a and b d) None of the above
Q: 13- 16*16 array of black and white pixels could berepresented by the binary values stored in
the ______ bytes.a) 16-8 bit b) 8-8 bitc) 32-8 bit d) 64-8 bit
Q: 14- The __ simply reads each successive byte of data from theframe buffer.
a) Digital controller b) Data controllerc) Display controller d) All of the above
Q: 15- The display controller converts 0’s & 1’s in tocorresponding________.
a) Audio Signalb) Digital signalc) Analog signal d) Video signal
Q: 16- The change the displayed picture, all we need to do ismodify the _________ to represent the new pattern of pixels.
a) Video Signal b) Digital Signalc) Audio signal d) Digital signal
Q: 17- CRT stands for
a) Cathode Ray tube b) Colored Ray tubec) Converted Ray Tube d) All of the above
Q: 18- ___ are used in common television sets.
a) Random scan CRT b) RGB-CRTb) Raster scan CRT d) None of the above
Q: 19- The most commonly used ________ devices is the CRT.
a) Input b) Outputc) Storage d) None of the above
Q: 20- The major Components of CRT is
a) Electron gun b) Phosphorous coated screenb) Control electrodes d) Deflection yokef) All of the above
Q: 21- ________ causes elections to congregate at the end ofelectron gum.
a) Heater b) Cathodec) Both a and bd) None of the above
Q: 22- The electron are accelerated by _______ of an electricfield.
a) Association b) Applicationc) Argumentations d) None of the above
Q: 23- _________ used to regulate the flow of elections in CRT.
a) Electron gun b) Focusing electrodec) Control electrode d) All of the above
Q: 24- Control electrode is connected to _______.
a) Repeater
b) Amplifies
b) Both a and b d) None of the above
Q: 25- A Focusing electrode focuses the electrons in a narrowbeam by exerting _____ force on the electrons in the electronbeam.
a) Magnetic field b) Electrostatic field
c) Magnetic field d) All of the above
Q: 26- ______ is used to control the direction of electron beamin CRT.
a) Phosphorous coated screen b) Focusing electrodec) Control Electrode d) Deflection yoke
Q: 27- There is a ____ coating on the inside front of every CRT.
a) Nitrogen b) Phosphorousc) Hydrogen d) All of the above
Q: 28- The glow given off by the, phosphor during exposure ofthe electron beam is known as .
a) Fluorescence b) Phosphorescencec) Persistence d) All of the above
Q: 29- The continuing glow given off after the beam is removedis known as.
a) Fluorescence b) Phosphorescencec) Persistence d) All of the above
Q: 30- A phosphor will no longer be fluorescent it is said tobe_________
a) Burned b) Buriedc) Browned d) All of the above
Q: 31- Raster is a synonym for the term_______.
a) Array b) Matrixc) Model d) All of the above
Q: 32- The rate at which the electron beam seams the surface ofthe CRT is often directly related to the frequency of the _____Voltage.
a) Global line b) Static linec) Local line d) All of the above
Q: 33- In India ________ cycle line voltage is used.
a) 40 b) 50c) 30 d) 80
Q: 34- Each time the election beam goes through a complete cycleof raster or scan lines, the CRT is said to be.
a) Refreshed b) Flickeredc) Retrieved d) None of the above
Q: 35- The perceptual threshold is greater than the frequency ofstandard line voltage a technique called ___ is often used.
a) Interleaving b) Interweavingc) Interlacing d) All of the above
Q: 36- Refresh rate is significantly ___________ the phosphorspersistence.
a) Longer b) Smallerc) Equal to d) Extremely simple
Q: 37- An interlacing is used to _________ the raster –linecycle.
a) Create b) Break

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