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Latin American Coalition-Folwell2

Latin American Coalition-Folwell2

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Published by Keith T. Barber

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Published by: Keith T. Barber on Jun 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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June 1, 2011Honorable Thom TillisSpeaker of the NC House of Representatives2304 Legislative BuildingHonorable Paul StamNC House Majority Leader2301 Legislative BuildingDear Mr. Speaker and Mr. Leader:North Carolina is facing incredible challenges that have unsettled us all. We can only begin to truly transform and createa better state, worthy of our children, if we take the initial step of having open and civil dialogue on the challengingissues, so that we may then begin to forge solutions.It is with great concern that I write to inform you that on June 1, 2011, I was approached by Representative Dale Folwellin a very intimidating manner that is unbecoming of a public official in this great state. Rep. Folwell's inappropriatebehavior was not limited to just myself. His behavior was also directed at a young man who spoke against House Bill744: Safe Students Act, during the public comment section of the Education Committee meeting on Tuesday, May 31,2011. It is in his interaction with this youth that Rep. Folwell, in my opinion, disgraced his role as a public servant bybeing physically intimidating and publicly humiliating.Rep. Folwell abruptly approached me after the Judiciary A meeting in a threatening manner demanding that I give himthe names and domiciles of all those who spoke during the public comment section of the House Education Committeeon Tuesday, May 31, 2011. I reminded him that the Sergeant-at-Arms has a roster with the names and affiliations of everyone who spoke. Our exchange was tense and it is my belief that I was singled out by the Member for havingprovided a differing opinion during the public comment section the day before on a bill that he is a Primary Sponsor.His behavior escalated when, within a few minutes he returned to where I was standing in company of other immigrantadvocates, immigrant allies and even two Spanish language reporters, looking agitated and demanded to know whocalled him a "coward" in a press release earlier that week. Before I knew it, Rep. Folwell was in the face of the youngman belonging to the student group that issued said press release. Rep. Folwell crossed the line when he said to thisyoung man "you don't have the balls to call me a coward to my face do you?" He also demanded to know "are you anillegal?" The youth was visibly intimidated and scared by the Member
s aggressive approach. Those of us who werestanding amidst this disturbing scene were shocked and incredulous that a Member of the NC General Assembly wouldbe so disrespectful not only to a constituent who had engaged in our democratic process the day before, but that he

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