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Published by Peter Rudolph, CPA
Zebu Cards - Hypnotic Language Patterns -Ericksonian Hypnosis
Zebu Cards - Hypnotic Language Patterns -Ericksonian Hypnosis

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Published by: Peter Rudolph, CPA on Jun 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Milton Model Language PatternsZebu Cards
For Course Dates and Info about New Code NLP& Ericksonian Hypnosis
AI'm wondering if...I'm wondering if you will stopsmoking this afternoon. I'mwondering if that comfortablefeeling in your feet willspreadup into the rest of your body.I'm wondering if you canpretend you've never smokedin your life, and imagine whatit is like to go through atypical day. I never told youto do any thing, I was justwondering?2Maybe you'll _____.Maybe you'll direct someunusual embeddedcommands to your friendswhile you play The LanguagePattern Game. Maybe you'lldream of new ways to saythings tonight. Maybe you'llspot the embeddedcommands in these sentences.3You probably already know...You probably already knowmany ways to feel goodwithoutsmoking. And what do you doin response to this statement?You might try to think of thethings that I say you know,and of course you are likely tofind them if you think longenough! If I wanted you toreally search for thoseanswers I could say: On adeeplevel, you probably alreadyknow how useful indirectcommunication can be.4Don't _____ too quickly.This phrase has theimplication that what Isuggest will definitely happenanyway, and all I really careabout is when it happens.And if you are resisting me,your internal response maywell be: "Oh yeah, who says Ican't do this quickly! I'llshow you!" Isn't that great?Don't stop smoking tooquickly. Don't go into a deeptrance too quickly, just relaxand listen to my voice for awhile.
5Can you imagine...?You probably already knowthat people are more likely todo what they are familiar with, and that imaginingsomething is a great way tocreate familiarity. Can youimagine what you would doon an airplane if you reallyenjoyed flying? Can youimagine all the situationswhere you would use thislanguage pattern if youpracticed it and really knewit?6One can, <name>, _____.By adding the person's nameat the beginning of theembedded command, youwill make it much morepowerful. One can, Eve, feelgood for no reason at all. Onecan, Greta, enjoy theexperienceof hypnosis without knowingexactly what is going tohappen. One can, Joe, let theeyes close just because itfeelsgood. Who can? ? One can.We're not talking about you,Joe.7You might notice the feelings... as you ...You might notice the feelingsdirects attention to internalbody sensations, which isgood for hypnotic inductions.As youprovides another opportunity for an indirectsuggestion. You might noticethe feelings in your feet, asyourelax them completely. Youmight notice the feelings of comfort as you begin to relaxyou whole body.8A person might, <name>, _____.Say the name close to thesecond half of the sentence,and it becomes a personalembedded command. Aperson might, Sarah, take thelessons from that situation andthen let go of the old emotions.Aperson might, Diana, find somegood reasons that make datingcompelling.

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