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CB PAST for Teachers

CB PAST for Teachers

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Published by Leonil Estaño

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Published by: Leonil Estaño on Jun 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CB-PAST Form 1COMPETENCY – BASED PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL SYSTEM FOR TEACHERS(CB-PAST)Name _______________________________ Position Title __________ Appointment Status ________ School _____________________________________________________________________________ District: _____________________________ Division ______________ Region ___________________ School Year _______________First Semester _________________ Second Semester ____________ PART I. COMPONENTS AND PERFORMANCE STANDARDSI.
Rating Legend: BB – Below Basic; B – Basic; P-Proficient; HP – Highly ProficientA.Diversity of LearnersWithin the appraisal period, I.Appraisal RatingBBBPHP1.set objectives that are within the experiences andcapabilities of learners12342.utilized varied designs, techniques and activities suited tothe different kinds of learners12343.paced lessons appropriate to the needs and difficulties of learners12344.provided appropriate intervention activities for learners atrisks12345.recognized multi-cultural background of learners whenproviding learning opportunities12346.adopted strategies to address needs of differently-abledlearners.12347.showed fairness and consideration to all learnersregardless of socio-economic background1234 TotalB.Curriculum Content and PedagogyWithin the appraisal period, I.Appraisal RatingBBBPHP1.Delivered accurate and updated content knowledgeusing appropriate methodologies, approaches andstrategies12342.Used integration of language, literacy, numeracy skillsand values in teaching12343.Explained learning goals,, instructional procedures andcontent clearly and accurately to students12344.Linked the current content with past and future lessons12345.Aligned the lesson objectives, teaching methods,learning activities, and instructional materials orresources appropriate to the learners.12346.Created situations that encourage learners to use highorder thinking skills through the use of local languageamong others if needed.12347.Engaged and sustained learner’s interest in the subjectby making content meaningful and relevant to them.12348.Integrated scholarly works and ides to enrich the lesson12349.Establish routines and procedures to maximizeinstructional time.123410.Selected, prepared and utilized available technology andother instructional materials appropriate to the learner’sand learning objectives123411.Provided appropriate learning tasks, portfolio andprojects that support development of good study habits.123412.Used available ICT resources for planning and designing 1234
teaching-learning activities TotalC.Planning, Assessing and ReportingWithin the appraisal period, I.Appraisal RatingBBBPHP1.Constructed valid and reliable formative and summativetests.12342.Used appropriate non-traditional assessment techniquesand tools (i.e portfolio, journals, rubric etc.)12343.Interpreted and used test results to improve teaching andlearning12344.Identified teaching-learning difficulties and possiblecauses12345.Managed remediation activities12346.Used tools for assessing authentic learning12347.Provided timely and accurate feedback to learners toencourage them to reflect on and monitor their ownlearning growth12348.Kept accurate records of grades/ performance levels of learners12349.Conducted regular meetings with learners and parents toreport learner’s progress1234 TotalII.
Rating Legend: BB – Below Basic; B – Basic; P-Proficient; HP – Highly ProficientD.Learning EnvironmentWithin the appraisal period, I.Appraisal RatingBBBPHP1.Provided equal opportunities for all learners regardless of gender12342.Maintained a safe and orderly classroom free fromdistractions12343.Used individual and cooperative learning activities toimprove capacities of learners for higher learning.12344.Inspired learners to set and value high performancetargets for themselves12345.Handled behavior problems quickly and with due respectto children’s rights12346.Created situation that develop a positive attitude amonglearners towards their subject and teacher1234 TotalE.Community LinkagesWithin the appraisal period, I.Appraisal RatingBBBPHP1.Involved parents/ community in sharing accountabilityfor learners achievement12342.Used varied and available community resources (human,materials) to support learning12343.Used community as a laboratory for teaching andlearning12344.Got involved in / shared community information onschool events and achievement12345.Led students to apply classroom learning to thecommunity12346.Informed learners, parents and other stakeholdersregarding school policies and procedures.1234 Total
Rating Legend: BB – Below Basic; B – Basic; P-Proficient; HP – Highly ProficientF.Social Regard for LearningWithin the appraisal period, I.Appraisal RatingBBBPHP1.Abide by and implemented school policies andprocedures.12342.Demonstrated punctuality in accomplishing tasksand attendance on all occasions.12343.Maintained appropriate appearance and decorumat all times12344.Demonstrated appropriate behavior in dealing withlearners, peers and superiors.1234 TotalG.Personal, Social Growth and Professional DevelopmentWithin the appraisal period, I.Appraisal RatingBBBPHP1.Maintained stature and behavior that upholds thedignity of teaching.12342.Manifested personal qualities like enthusiasm,flexibility, caring attitude, collegiality among others.12343.Demonstrated my educational philosophy of teachingin the classroom12344.Updated myself with recent developments ineducation.12345.participated actively in professional organizations12346.reflected on the quality of my own teaching12347.improved teaching performance based on feedbackfrom mentors, learners, peers, superiors and others12348.used self-assessment to enhance strengths andcorrect my weaknesses12349.accepted accountability for learnersoutcomes123410. abide by the Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers.1234 TotalPART II. THE PLUS FACTOR The Plus Factor shall be claimed at the end of the school year for the summativeappraisal. Items claimed in the current appraisal period will not be credited inthe succeeding appraisal period.Only teachers who have an overall rating description of Highly Proficient,Proficient, or Basic shall claim for the Plus Factor component in the appraisalsystem.I.Plus Factor for Instructional Competence _____ 1. Acted as a mentor / coach in professional development to at least 2peers. _____ 2. Served as a demonstration teacher at least once a rating period, forpeers, cooperating teachers, resource teachers in the in-service and pre-service students on innovative teaching strategies, classroommanagement. _____ 3. Conducted one (1) action research whose findings and recommendationshave been adopted by the school (district or division). _____ 4. Acted as coordinator, chairperson in activities, projects that relate toInstructional Competence. _____ 5. Innovated teaching strategies, classroom management and assessmentto enhance learning. _____ 6. Increased the difference in the achievement rate of the division post testover the pretest by 2.5% or higher on all classes taught. _____ 7. Maintained zero drop out rate or reduced drop out rate in the class.II. Plus Factor for School, Home, Community Linkages

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