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Newsletter June 2011-Part I

Newsletter June 2011-Part I

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Published by Matthew X. Hauser

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Published by: Matthew X. Hauser on Jun 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Paid for by the Michigan Republican Party with Regulated Funds.
 Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.
520 Seymour Street, Lansing, MI 48933
Veterans & MilitaryFamilies Monthly News
June 2011-Part I Vol. 2 No. 8
We would like to express our appreciation to all of the fighting men and women in the United StatesMilitary. Thank you for your service to this country.
In This Issue
Johnson Attends Bill Signing for Gold Star License PlateP.6
Beaver Island Veterans Memorial Park 
TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery
WWI Vet Search
‖Overture 1812‖
PTSD APP Helps Thousands
Honor Flight Network 
Up Coming events and so much more…….
Michigan RepublicanParty Facebook Page
Along with building the newsletter’sFacebook page, which can be found bythe link above, the Michigan Republican Party is build-ing their page. If you would like join, pleaseclick here.  Good afternoon and thank you for reading, thismonth’s edition of the newsletter. We appreciate your involvement.
Remember, we have two online sources whereyou can read and offer comments on the current and pre-vious editions of the newsletter. The newsletter is postedon Facebook through the group called
Veterans and Military Families Monthly News 
Check it outand join the group.Click hereto go directly to the page. (Keep in mind, you need a Facebook account to join;however, the documents can be viewed through the docslink toward the bottom of the page even without an ac-count.)The second source for the online version of thenewsletter is the websitewww.scribd.com.This online source for the newsletter works in the same fashion as theFacebook page.Please let us know what you think, or if you haveany questions about the online sources. For those of youwho enjoy just receiving the email each month, we willcontinue to send it out. But we want to build the online presence as a way to reach out to more people.As always, thank you very much for reading. Our hope is to continue to expand the newsletter. For that, weneed your input. So, again, if anyone has any suggestionsfor topics to cover or wants to write their own piece, wewill gladly try to work it in. We hope you enjoy, and please share your feedback with us.
Thank you very much!
Recovering Warrior Task Force-Mission Statement
The RecoveringWarrior Task Force (RWTF)will provide the Departmentof Defense (DoD) withadvice and recommendationson matters and policies relat-ing to case management,staffing of wounded warrior organizations, establishmentand effectiveness of performance and accountabilitystandards, availability of services for traumatic brain inju-ry (TBI) and post
traumatic stress disorder (PTSD),establishment and effectiveness of the Defense Centers of Excellence, effectiveness of the Interagency ProgramOffice, effectiveness of wounded warrior informationresources, support available to family caregivers, legalsupport available, availability of vocational training,effectiveness of programs to improve or enhance theDisability Evaluation System (DES), support and assis-tance provided to members as they progress throughDES, support systems in place to ease the transition fromDoD to Veterans Affairs (VA), interagency mattersaffecting members in their transition to civilian life,effectiveness of the Senior Oversight Committee, overallcoordination between the Departments, and such other matters as the RWTF considers appropriate.
Paid for by the Michigan Republican Party with Regulated Funds.
 Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.
520 Seymour Street, Lansing, MI 48933
May 26, 2011
 New plates, which honor fallen heroes & their families,to be available after July 4 
Secretary of State Ruth Johnson looked on todayas Gov. Rick Snyder signed legislation that will allow thesale of Gold Star license plates to the families of military personnel killed while serving on active duty.
―I don’t know if any of us can understand the lossand sacrifice of these Gold Star families,‖ said Johnson,who also attended the Michigan Senate’s solemn, annualMemorial Day service Thursday. ―It is our hope theselicense plates, in some small way, will help them honor their loved ones.‖
The new plates will be released just after the July4 holiday – a fitting time for their release, said Johnson.Thursday’s bill
signing ceremony was attended by manyGold Star families including Valerie May, of Midland,whose son, Cpl. Rollie M. Northhouse, was killed in Vi-etnam in 1968.
May said she would be purchasing a Gold Star  plate to honor her son and was pleased the license plate,discussed for so many years, had finally come to pass.―I’m so excited, I may be in line July 3
!‖ May said.
Johnson had been a strong proponent of the GoldStar plate legislation, sponsored by Sen. JohnPappageorge (R 
Troy) and Rep. Robert Genetski(R 
Pappageorge, a highly decorated veteran whoretired with the rank of colonel, served 30 years activeduty in the U.S. Army, including two tours in Vietnam.
―The family and friends of our fallen heroes arethe ones who have toface each day without their loved one,‖ said Pappageorge.―This plate serves as a symbol of the sacrifice they havemade and reminds us all that freedom is not free.‖
Genetski said: ―I am thankful that our Gold Star families, just in time for Memorial Day, will know thatMichigan is ready to recognize their great sacrifice.‖
The use of gold stars to denote families who havelost sons and daughters in military service dates back toWorld War II. Families hung flags in their windows, witheach blue star denoting a family member serving in themilitary and each gold star denoting a family member who had died.
Johnson also announced this week another newoption for veterans who want to show their service totheir country in a more meaningful way. Beginning theTuesday after Memorial Day, veterans will be able to purchase automobile plates that feature the actual insig-nia, in color, of their military service branch. Those plateswill feature the official seals of the Air Force, Army,Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy and National Guard – instead of just the printed name of the military personnel.
―This is one more small thing we can do to honor veterans who have worked so hard, endured so much andsacrificed for their country,‖ Johnson said. ―We are verygrateful to all our military members.‖
Legislation that would allow the Secretary of State’s Office, for the very first time, to offer service branch motorcycle plates for veterans is being consideredin the Legislature and is supported by Johnson. She saidshe is hopeful that legislation will pass so motorcycleriders will be able to enjoy the plates whileriding this summer.
Michigan offers veterans more than 20distinct plates that highlight their service in themilitary, and in individual wars and conflictssuch as World War II, the Vietnam War andthe Somalia conflict. The department also al-lows people to personalize their veteran plates.
More than 75,000 veteran plates are incirculation.Honorably discharged veterans are eligible for  plates signifying the branch of service, or war or conflict in which the veteran served.
duty personnel and spouses are eligible for  plates signifying service in a war or conflict.
Johnson Attends BillSigning for Gold StarLicense Plate Legislation
Paid for by the Michigan Republican Party with Regulated Funds.
 Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.
520 Seymour Street, Lansing, MI 48933
Additional plates that recognize Medal of Honor recipients, disabled veterans, combat
wounded veterans,former prisoners of war, and Pearl Harbor survivorsrequire additional documentation.
The cost for a veteran plate is the annual registra-tion fee for the vehicle plus a one
time $5 service fee for the standard white plate or a one
time $10 fee for theSpectacular Peninsulas graphic plate. Personalizing alicense plate costs an additional $30 if bought when thevehicle’s existing plate is due to be renewed. If the plateis bought at another time, the cost of the plate is pro
rated.Renewing a personalized plate costs an added $15 eachyear.Potential personalized plate buyers can visit theSecretary of State ―Plate It Your Way‖ webpage to check if a plate configuration is available.
For more information about veteran plates, or office locations and services, visit the Secretary of Statewebsite (www.Michigan.gov/sos)or sign up for the official Secretary of State Twitter feed (www.twitter.com/Michsos)or Facebook updates (www.facebook.com/ Michigansos).
Customers also may call the Department of StateInformation Center to speak to a customer 
service repre-sentative at (888) SOS
MICH (767
Lest We Forget SW Michigan
Have you ever felt that history, particularly military history, isn't beingtaught in our schools like it was in the "good old" times? Why is it that many of our high school graduates, some say a majority, don't know who we fought in WWII,who bombed us at Pearl Harbor or worst yet, believe that the holocaust never hap- pened? Our children are not being taught the basic principles that have made thiscountry great!"Lest We Forget" was started by a group of veterans who felt that patriot-ism was too important of a subject to be given the short shrift that it presentlyreceives in our schools and community. Our operating principle is "To brighten thefuture we must illuminate the past."
We've "illuminated the past" through WWII re
enactments, patriotic concerts, presentations by Medal of Honor recipients, presentation of the American flag to Frank Buckles, our last WWI veteran, TV telecasts to schools throughoutthe country, participation in local parades, made presentations in our schools on the flag, presented college classes onWWII, Korea and Vietnam wars, published a book of WWII stories by local veterans, presented college classes onWWII, Korea and Vietnam wars, published two books of veterans stories, brought in the VN Wall and honored the Kore-an vets this
 Next year (2012) Jun 29
Jul 1 we willhave D
Day and Iwo Jima beach landings and muchmore.Remember,"Freedom is NOT free!"
Patriotically Yours,
Don Alsbro, President
COL, US Army (ret)
LWF 2010 Group Picture
For more info about Lest WeForget SW MI please visittheir website by simplyclicking here.

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