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Unicef Ar08 Final

Unicef Ar08 Final

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Published by Mohammad Naeem

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Mohammad Naeem on Jun 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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2008 Annual Report
2008 Annual Report|U.S. Fund or UNICEF
1When a child dies needlessly, the Earth should stop spinning. Becausethe preventable death o a child — any child, anywhere — is unspeakable,unacceptable. But every day, more than 25,000 children die rom causes thatcould have been averted. They die or want o a ve-cent tetanus vaccine, orsae water to drink, or enough ood to keep them nourished. They die romcauses most people in the industrialized world rarely ever think about.UNICEF has made signicant headway against this grim toll. By doing whateverit takes wherever it is needed, UNICEF has saved more children’s lives than anyother humanitarian organization.In act, UNICEF just announced some remarkable news: the number oworldwide deaths o children under ve has dropped to the lowest level ever,9.2 million per year — or more than 25,000 per day. That’s a decline o 27percent since 1990 and o more than 60 percent since 1960 — and it shows thatUNICEF’s child survival strategy is working.Good news like this heralds even more progress or children in the uture, i weall work together. With your continued support, UNICEF and the U.S. Fund willstrive to roll back the number o needless child deaths all the way to
2008: Believe in Zero
2008 Annual Report|U.S. Fund or UNICEF
A Message rom the Chair andthe Presi
It’s been a truly momentous year here at the U.S. Fund or UNICEF. Thanks toyour commitment and generosity, we were able to make signicant strides in theght or child survival.All over the world, your contributions have helped UNICEF counter grave threatsto children, giving them the chance to thrive and grow.Ater a cyclone lashed Myanmar — and then, ten days later, an earthquake hitparts o China — you helped UNICEF speed medicines, clean water, and schoolsupplies to vulnerable children in both disaster zones.In Haiti, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, and Eritrea — where the ood crisis has ueleddeadly malnutrition — your support means that children can get the therapeuticoods they need to survive.In countries like Swaziland, Belize, Jamaica, and Nepal — where AIDS continuesto claim the lives o so many children and leave so many others orphaned — yourcontributions have helped expand treatment, care, and prevention programs.From Angola to Madagascar, Pakistan to the Philippines, your support helpedUNICEF deliver immunizations and other liesaving health interventions tochildren and amilies.Your support enabled the U.S. Fund to reach a total revenue or scal year 2008o nearly $450 million. With your help, we have seen great success. Thank you.But we can’t stop now. Consider this: I you see ten children drowning … do youstop and pat yoursel on the back ater you have rescued ve … or do you reuseto rest until zero children are in danger?
We believe in zero.
Zero children dying rom preventable causes.Now let us join together and work toward a day when every child survives andhas a promising uture.
Caryl M. Stern Anthony Pantaleoni
President and CEO Chair
Organized under the laws o New York State as a not-or-proft corporation, the U.S. Fund or UNICEF is exempt rom tax under Section 501 (c) (3) o the Internal Revenue Code and is governed by an independent and non-salaried board o directors. The U.S. Fund or UNICEF qualifes or the maximum charitable contribution deduction by donors. U.S.Fund or UNICEF activities or the year ended June 30, 2008, are described in this report, which also includes a summary o fnancial highlights or the year.

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