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Kickoff Return 2003 Reverse

Kickoff Return 2003 Reverse

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Published by delgadog125607
kickoff return
kickoff return

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Published by: delgadog125607 on Jun 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Ridgemonte High School
Kickoff Reverse
In the immortal words of Clark "Dum Coach" Wilkins, "Youth players are like kittens.Show them some string and they'll chase it all over the field." Misdirection isperhaps one of the greatest ways to attack a defense.
It works on special teams, too. In 1990, when I was a player on the horribly ineptSumner High School JV football team, we found that there were two plays we couldget consistent yardage on. One was the crack sweep (shown as the Wing-T "Wingright 27 pitch") and the other was our kickoff return.
The reason our return was so good is that we ran a reverse/fake reverse instead ofthe typical wedge return. Even with proper contain, the inside out blocking anglesand the reverse action allowed us to continually break to the outside. Had we beenfaster we might have scored a lot more points.Especially since our lousy defensemeant that we returned a
of kickoffs.
I despaired of ever finding that return again until a youth coach from Colorado toldme about a local high school that ran a reverse kickoff return. At my insistentbegging, he scouted them for me, and the diagram below is the kickoff return thatnetted Ridgemonte High a 38 yard return average and four touchdowns in 1999.
Each of the players on the return team are given names like offensive players. Thetraditional line positions are named after linemen, but in all honesty, since thekickoff team will be kicking short if they've scouted you, put better handed playersup front and give them plenty of reps on catching onside kicks. Don't let them tacklethemselves! If they catch it in the air, make sure they run it back. 'Hey, free yards!'
The LT and LE are responsible for getting in the way of the "center fielders", R5and R4. A hard hit isn't necessary, but slow them down and give the wall time todevelop. LH and B are responsible for doing the same to their counterparts, R3 andR2.
The key block is the one thrown by RH. His sole responsibility is to keep theoutermost defender on the side of the return from interfering with the return. Heshould have a good angle to blast that player right off the field.
The return can be run to either side of the field, increasing it's power. Almost moreeffective is the fake reverse. If the ball is kicked to the player we want running thereturn, he is to execute a fake handoff to the other runner.
Coach your players well to make the fakes look good. Fakers should never "showtheir bellies" to the coverage team. Even more important, this kickoff return
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