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Chunky Monkey

Chunky Monkey

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Published by teacherstartz

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Published by: teacherstartz on Jun 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Chunky Monkey” A Lesson in Chunking Words
Students will be introduced to andpractice the strategy of using chunks to help identifyunknown words.
“Chunky Monkey” rapposter or chart paper sentence strips“Look for Chunks” Practice PageStuff monkey (optional) storybook (optional)
Before Class:
 Copy the “Chunky Monkey” rap on a large poster or chart paper
 Write words with common chunks on sentence strips (i.e. struck, begin, unfold, grand, spout)
 Write nonsense words with common chunks on sentence strips (i.e. spluck, freat, blatand, frish,intach) NOTE: Nonsence words give thosehigher-level readers the opportunity to practiceusing the chunking strategy.
 Run a copy of ”Look for Chunks” for each student or partners
Introduce reading strategies or review previouslylearned strategies 2.
Introduce “Chunky Monkey” using stuffed monkeyif desired. Explain how he will introduce us to a new reading strategy. 3.
Sing the “Chunky Monkey” rap to the students.Sing it a second time with the students, if desired. 4.
 Discuss looking for chunks in words. 5.
 When ready, show students a word on the sentence strip. Literally tear the strip/wordinto chunks. Demonstrate how to chunk theparts together to make the whole word.6.
 Distribute a sentence strip to volunteers and have them follow the same procedure from Step 5. 7.
 Continue with guided practice if needed. If not, distribute a “Look for Chunks” page to each student or partners to complete by searching words for chunks they know in the words and nonsense words. 8.
 Check work for accuracy as a whole class or have students turn in for an individual grade.

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