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KWU - SHIFT Seller Pricing Strategies - Manual v3.2

KWU - SHIFT Seller Pricing Strategies - Manual v3.2

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Published by Stacey McVey

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Published by: Stacey McVey on Jun 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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© 2008 Keller Williams Realty, Inc.
SHIFT Tactic 7:Seller Pricing Strategies
 Julie Fantechi
>Pricing Your Listings to Sell<
© 2008 Keller Williams Realty, Inc.
 Wh K Wm Ry, Ic. (KWRI) h k du c  h pp   cu m-,  c u h ccucy. KWRI mk   h xpd  mpd hd  h m d pm pd  h cu   h mu.T mu d y cu ’ ud   p  my c hyphc xc h  dd hp yu udd h K Wm ccu p h cbu d dbuud h MORE Sym, h K Wm dm  cmp ud h K Wm Cmp Sym, d h h pc   K Wm Mk C’ cu  dmd d vud. Ay xc  y hyphc. Ty   dd b yu  dm h much my yu  ky  mk   K Wm Lc  pdc h mu      p yu Mk C  ky  chv. K Wmh cu yu   um h h u  h xc b y   h cpmc yu c xpc   K Wm Lc d   cd  y  h u h xc  dcd hh  v   K Wm Mk C. I y p  hc  uc, p cc K Wm’  dpm.M bd  h Rcu-Sc--M-Mv™ (RSMM™) ym d h WTuh Sc™ cu hv b cd  K Wm Ry, Ic. by Cp Cu-. KWRI h h xcuv h h h d   duy  mk d pm m RSMM™, W Tuh Sc™, d y dvv d by  cd cp h Cp Cu.M xcpd m
Te Millionaire Real Estate Agent 
SHIF: How op Real Estate Agents ackle ough imes 
pp cuy  T McG-H Cmp.
Te Millionaire Real Estate Agent 
  cpyh © 2003–2004 Rk Pubh P LD.
SHIF: How op Real Estate Agents ackle ough imes 
 cpyh © 2008 Rk Pubh P LD. A h vd. A h m  cpyh © 2008 K Wm Ry, Ic. A h vd.O p d Fbuy 2008. Rvd Auu 2008 v3.2.N p  h pubc d  cd m my b pducd  md  y m by y m hu h p pm  K Wm Ry, Ic.
© 2008 Keller Williams Realty, Inc.
T uh uy ckd h c  h  dvdu  hc  h cu:Ly By DCRH AdBJckEDvJkMBumMFckRbccJh JBydGy GyDKkzky CShHmDPBdy ChBucHdRbkh RvSkp CxChHSvuMCvyBHckxLdW

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