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NASA Facts Aviation Safety Program

NASA Facts Aviation Safety Program

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Published by Bob Andrepont

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Published by: Bob Andrepont on Jun 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Aviation Saety Program
The Aviation Saety Program, part o NASA’s Aero-nautics Research Mission Directorate, exploresways to improve the overall saety o aircrat thaty today in U.S. airspace and those that will y inthe U.S. system or tomorrow—the Next Genera-tion Air Transportation System, or NextGen.One o the biggest challenges to developing theNextGen by the year 2025 is improving saetywhile also improving efciency in more crowdedskies. New aircrat will use new operations;people will have new roles.To saely integrate those new requirements, the Aviation Saety Program conducts research to:
a more decentralized uture airspace system;
data and voluntarily submitted reportscan reveal vehicle issues as well as ightoperations issues;
 overall vehicle “health” to make maintenancemore efcient;
-hicles and operations and the saety aspectso sotware-intensive systems;
new aircrat;
-modate both human-automation and human-human interactions; and
proposed or uture vehicles.
Images (Clockwise, left to right)
Composite Materials:
This lightweight turboan jet engine casing is durable enough to protect againstpotential internal an-blade ailure.
 AirStar Flight Tests:
NASA’s remotely piloted ight-test program uses subscale aircrat models totest technologies that could help pilots recover rom loss o control.
Engine Icing Research:
The NASA aircrat S-3B Viking routinelyies into storm clouds suspected to cause ice accumulation that can clog and damage jet engines.
Flight Systems Research:
NASAuses its F-18 research aircrat to test new ight deck or ight control technologies or the Next Generation Air Transportation System

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