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Circassian Nationalism

Circassian Nationalism

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Published by Omar Zoqash

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Published by: Omar Zoqash on Jun 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What is Circassian nationalism
?Today a powerful resource for propaganda is directed against nationalism. And it is raisesthe question - what is meant by the word nationalism?In Russia, as before in the Soviet Union, nationalism has been understood as superiorityof some nation and intolerance towards people of other nations, that is, nationalism isidentified with chauvinism, xenophobia and fascism. With these ideas, we can¶t agree, but inciting ethnic hatred and ethnic discrimination are international crimes.However, in the civilized world, nationalism - is the highest form of social cohesion, andits primacy in the state-forming process. Nationalism preaches loyalty and devotion toones nation, political independence and work for the benefit of their own people, tomobilize the national consciousness to protect the living conditions of the nation, itsterritory of residence, economic resources and cultural values. In this sense, nationalismis a form of patriotism, consolidating all sectors of society, regardless of the various,sometimes conflicting, interests.Such a doctrine of nationalism lies at the heart of the Circassian national movement. Weshow respect for all peoples and at the same time learned how to defend our own nationalinterests.
 History shows that nation-state is the most stable political entity, guarantor of nationallanguage and national culture. The state must guarantee the rights of its citizens of anynationality, guaranteeing the freedom of religion. Another stable model of socialorganization does not exist. At least, there is not such example for today.
What is the purpose of Circassian national movement at this stage?
 Circassians (Circassians) - the people, whose territory was conquered by the RussianEmpire as a result of a century Russian-Circassian War in the years of 1763-1864. Andthat as a result of this conquest was subjected to genocide. In addition, the majority of our  people now live in exile; the remaining Circassians in the Caucasus are separatedadministratively under different names - "Adygeys", "Kabardianos", Cherkes andShapsugs. In this case, the Circassians have a single self - Adyghe, and a commonlanguage - Adygebze. The situation in which Circassians exist today, not only contradictsinternational law - it is inherently unfair.Therefore, we demand an end to the illegal and unjust division of our people at home.Therefore, we demand the repatriation of the state organization of Circassians to theCaucasus, the more that modern Russia is a successor of the Russian state and assigneefor whom carried out the genocide of Circassians and their expulsion from the Caucasus.They offer to us not to raise these issues in the "name of stability". But why in the nameof the same stability of the Russian Federation the question of repatriation of theCircassians does not address? Why in the name of the same stability there is notconductivity to union territory of the historical Circassia in one entity?Why the "stability" should be achieved at the expense of the Circassian people and their natural rights?Why, for example, there was created the North Caucasus Federal District, in which werenot included Krasnodar territory and the Republic of Adygea? Why the country'sleadership has decided to further divide the Circassian people, now in various federaldistricts?Whatever they had accused as on, no matter what label affixed to us, we will put,forward, and will raise these issues as long as the Circassian people will not live on their land as a united nation. We have every right to do it. We ± are the Circassian nation, andwe have our own interests.We, the Circassians, are proud of our history. We are proud of our culture. We are proudof our national philosophy - Habze. Maybe it's someone does not like it, but it issomething that identifies us as a nation, and without prejudice to any other nation.

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