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Published by Darcilynn80

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Published by: Darcilynn80 on Dec 02, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bal ss, wh’v s vy paty t
the rise o the eco-chuppah to the all o the cupcake tower—are noting a cool newone: wedding scenting. “This can mean anything rom creatingan atmosphere with owers, herbs and candles to working on your own wedding-day ragrance with a perumer,” says AdamGlassman, director o operations at Tribeca Rootop, home tomany o NYC’s chicest nuptials.
Alexandra Foote and Dan-iel Patterson o Marin County, CA, did both. Alexandra saysshe’s always been into ragrance, so the idea o incorporating
Never before has fragrance made its way into weddings and honeymoons as itdoes now.
Abbie Kozolchyk
follows the trail of this aromatic phenomenon.
The newest wedding trend
Photographs by Alex Cao
    g    u    t    t    e    r    C    r    e    d    i    t    t    K
    s    t    y    l    i    n    g    b    y    v    i    C    t    o    r    i    A    g    r    A    n    o    f    /    A    r    t    d    e    P    A    r    t    m    e    n    t
Couples are drawing inspiration from anynumber of fragrant sources.
Clockwise fromtop:
nutmeg, pink grapefruit, basil, cinna-mon, lychee, coffee beans, scented candle,orchid, ginger, cocoa, lavender, green tea.
it into their winter wedding “was alogical extension.” From the rosemary scattered during the procession to theblack tea–scented candles placed onthe altar, no detail went undeliberated.Especially the perume o choice.The aesthetic o the day was richand wintry (birch branches and deerantlers as design accents, a darkbrown Carolina Herrera skirt andcharcoal corset as bridal attire, andthe moody Marin Headlands abovethe Golden Gate Bridge as backdrop),and the couple wanted to capture thateeling in a ragrance. Mandy Atel, aBerkeley, CA–based natural perumerand ounder o Atelier Perumes, wascharged with the task.Ater smelling approximately 50essences, Alexandra narrowed her choices to cedar, nutmeg,cocoa, coee, Peru balsam, ginger and pink graperuit. “Thescent was perectly evocative,” she recalls. “I had Mandy make a solid version in sterling lockets or my bridesmaids,and we gave a liquid in tiny bottles to each guest at thereception.” The scent was a success—not least or the brideand groom, both o whom wore the ragrance that day andcontinue to do so. “The smell takes me back to our mostproound moment and treasured day,” Daniel says.And Atel isn’t surprised: “Scent links you directly to your memories,” she says. “Smell is the most primitive o the fve senses,” adds Chandler Burr, scent critic or
T, TheNew York Times Style Magazine
and author o 
The Perfect Scent: A Year Behind the Scenes of the Perfume Industry inParis and New York.
“When a scent is overlaid onto an expe-rience, your memory o it will be not only heightened butlonger lasting and more accurate.But this phenomenon alone doesn’t account or the trendat issue. As or what does, the theories vary. One cannotdiscount the celebrity actor; with each passing week,it seems that another A-lister—whether it’s SeanCombs or ShaniaTwain, David Beck-ham or MariaSharapova—launches a ragrance.Among musicians, mostrecently Prince and Hilary Du, it’sbecoming common to link a song title totheir ragrance’s name.Also contributing to the interest in scentare two lesser-known names: RichardAxel and Linda Buck. These researchersare the corecipients o the 2004 NobelPrize in Physiology or Medicine “ortheir discoveries o odorant recep-tors and the organization o the olac-tory system.” “Few things have donemore to boost scent’s proile o latethan the awarding o the Nobel Prize,”says Rachel Herz, Ph.D., a visitingproessor in the department o psy-chiatry and human behavior at BrownUniversity Medical School in Provi-dence, RI, and author o 
The Scent of Desire.
“Not only has scent researchbecome more legitimized within thescientiic community—and betterunded—but there’s a greater publicawareness o scent’s power as well.What has emerged, she contends,is a whole new zeitgeist—one thatinally acknowledges scent’s rightulplace among music, ood and lighting(the classic mood-boosting pantheon)at any special event. “Scent had remained a largely unex-plored component o sensory enrichment; only in the pastew years is that changing.”Oddly, ever more restrictive smoking laws seem to play a signiicant role in the wedding-scent trend, says AlanHirsch, M.D., ounder and neurological director o the Smell& Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago.“Until not too long ago, cigarette smoke would obscuremost scents at any event, including a wedding,” he explains.“With the sharp decline in public smoking, however, peopleare more aware and appreciative o ambient aroma—oursense o smell is actually improving as smoke-damagedolactory receptors regenerate—so you have a sensory voidthat needs to be flled.”But he believes there’s more to the equation. “When youadd aroma into the sensory theater that is a wedding, youachieve all kinds o eects.” One o the best is communalanxiety reduction: “You’ll likely have lots o strangers meet-ing or the frst time, and a pleasant aroma can induce acalming, uniying eect,” says Dr. Hirsch. “Itbecomes part o a shared, happy experienceon the most intrinsic level.And in providing that experience, you’retrafcking in another layer o thetrend: scent branding. “There’sa movement toward branding anexperience with ragrance,” says NYC-based ragrance consultant Ann Gottlieb,“and weddings are no exception.” The ideais to use scent’s primal power to make anexperience stand out in guests’ minds.
The Sisterhood of Scent
Brides are taking ever greater advantage o thescent-memory link—sometimes at the prompt-ing o the women in their lives. “I’m actually not
Couples arescent branding
their weddings,using
thepower of scent
to makethe experiencestand out inguests’ minds.

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