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Epithelium Specialized Types

Epithelium Specialized Types

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Published by Mitzel Sapalo

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Published by: Mitzel Sapalo on Jun 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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STUDY GUIDE1.Describe the CT components of a typical gland.2.Compare and contrast:a.4 types of specialized epithelia based on:histological characteristics, location, functionb.Exocrine and endocrine glands: product release,histology, regulation of secretion, examplesc.Unicellular and multicellularglands: histology,example /locationd.Nature of secretion: composition, locatione.Secretorymembranes: types, example/location f.Release mechanisms: types, example/locationg.Endocrine secretions: types, example/locationh.Hormone action: types, example/locationi.Modes of secretion: types, example/ location j.DNES: types, example/location
1.Neuro-epithelium-tastebudsof tongue, organ of Cortiin innerear, retina of eyeball, olfactoryepithelium of nasal cavity.Differs in appearance but are allcomposed of:‡Chief sensory cell-a true nervecell or a modified epithelial cell for reception of stimulus‡Supportingorsustantecularcells-maybe tall columnar cells lying side by side with the chief cells, or basal cells with irregular processes found beneath the chief and columnar cells abovethe basal membrane

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