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Professionalism in Nursing

Professionalism in Nursing

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Published by: azril_skema93 on Jun 10, 2011
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Professionalism in NursingProfessionalism in Nursing
Nurses WeekNurses Week20042004ByByCheryl Donelan, R.N. BSNCheryl Donelan, R.N. BSN
Professionalism in NursingProfessionalism in NursingLearning ModuleLearning Module
Purpose: Upon completion of this learningPurpose: Upon completion of this learningmodule, the nurse will have an overview of module, the nurse will have an overview of nursing professionalism in practice. Thisnursing professionalism in practice. Thisactivity will explore what nursingactivity will explore what nursingprofessionalism is, how it impacts nursingprofessionalism is, how it impacts nursingpractice, and how to advancepractice, and how to advanceprofessionalism in the community. Theprofessionalism in the community. Themodule includes information on the Kansasmodule includes information on the KansasState Board of Nursing¶s definition of State Board of Nursing¶s definition of incompetence, The Code of Ethics from theincompetence, The Code of Ethics from theKansas State Nurses Association andKansas State Nurses Association andaccountability within the profession.accountability within the profession.
bjectives: Upon completion of the learning
bjectives: Upon completion of the learningmodule, the nurse should be able to:module, the nurse should be able to: ± ±Define the meaning of nursingDefine the meaning of nursingprofessionalism.professionalism. ± ±Describe three factors which enhanceDescribe three factors which enhanceprofessionalism.professionalism. ± ±Describe situations reflective of Describe situations reflective of accountability in the nursing profession.accountability in the nursing profession.

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