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Noise and Capitalism

Noise and Capitalism

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Published by mekong7544

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Published by: mekong7544 on Jun 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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the interesting part, it’s aninteresting challenge orour exchange. Now we aresaying that you would dothe design when maybe youthink that we should do thedesign. And this questiono the exchange and thebartering is also still there.M: No no no please.E: Maybe on the insidethere could be the designrom S, and on the outsidea less designed cover, butboth taking the same strat-egy. Or using the idea o the sel-reexiveness, andinspired by your typography project, but our attemptsat design and your design,almost mirroring each other.M: And would we really copy and paste the designby S, or?E: Yes, but without S tellingus how.M: rying to be designers?E: Yes, like the game where you copy another personsdrawing, where S startsand I do a version, and Ipass it to M, and then thatbecomes the cover.M: Yes it sounds interestingand exciting. I fnd this con- versation exciting, rom thequestion o who is the we,to the changing and shit-ing o roles. Perhaps at thebeginning I was projectingtoo much o a classic notion,like you were saying, but I’mreally happy about what you just suggested, yes, I’m open.E: It’s unny because thescreen has just gone black and we can’t see you, Ieel like I have to have thegraphics o you.M: Have you been think-ing about the assignment,or what bartering means,or implies, or have you notthought about it yet somuch? Maybe we can all say  what we think bartering is?E: I was just thinking - what we’ve been talkingabout, I mean I’ve talkedabout it with you and withM, about the projection o  you as the expert and, justin the frst part where Msays that the inside shouldbe relatively neutral and theidea that or you, I wouldassume, or rom what Iknow o other people who work with typography, theidea o design being neutralis a fction.M: Yes, yes.E: But also there is an aimin design that it should bein some cases as undistract-ing as possible. So the ideais that something shouldbe very easy to read andnot distracting to the eye.I think it is an interestingchallenge to think withinthe boundaries o the as-signment that you have. Telast time I spoke to you S, you were saying that you weren’t sure i this would work in relation to the as-signment you’ve been given,because o the time, and theamount o time that youthought you needed, and thetime that this would take.M: Just one note, on neu-trality, it’s because o ig-norance, I mean the wholething is about experimentalmusic so i you want toexperiment with the ormatin any ar out ways, totalreedom, and excuse my ignorance.E: I just think it’s interest-ing that when we think about our own practice we would scrutinize the ormand the means o produc-tion, but when we projectto another person, engagedin another kind o practice,like design, we don’t bringthe same amount o criticalthinking. But that’s
Noise & Capitalism
Cover by Emma (E), Mattin(M)andSara (S)
Is it possible to try to makesomething, to capture some-thing in design that trans-mits the relations producedin making this cover? I amstruggling with this processo transer and transla-tion, but I can also see thatsimply writing down thequestions is not so interest-ing, it isn’t an encountero the sort that I think wehave been eeling. M askedme i I would be interestedto write something or thisbook in the summer, butat the time I didn’t think I could, I had a eeling o not being qualifed or notaligned to the project in a way that was strong enoughor me to embark on writ-ing a text. Part o the reasonas I understood M’s asking was around a question o gender, and how or himthere was not so much rep-resentation o bodies otherthan male identifed bodies writing in the book. I hadbeen involved in an exhibi-tion called ‘Her Noise’ atthe South London Gallery in 2005, which in some way sought to approach someo the relations o Noiseand Experimental musicand gender. I am curiousabout how displacements o subject positions occur, and what an invitation impliesspatially and over time. Ihad actually orgotten aboutthe earlier invitation.Now M and I are bothtogether in New York, inthis new situation. Weare fnding a way to work together and share this timein what I think is a very interesting way. M askedme i I would like to makethe cover or this book, Ihave been procrastinating.I received an email rom Sabout an assignment she
Noise & Capitalism
 was given at school, she isstudying Graphic Design. Ssent me the work that sheand Brit Pavelson made, it isa book that tells in both thetext and layout, what are theconventions o book designand layout. I thought it wasconnected to M’s proposal,so I showed him and weboth really got a lot o en- joyment rom this.I spoke to S about workingon the cover design or thisbook, and S was interested.I am interested in how to work together withriends, and how this work-ing together can sometimesbe problematic, and othertimes really important sinceit decompartmentalisesthe things you talk about with some and not withothers. I preer to assumethat someone will be inter-ested in talking about ideas,although I haven’t alwaysdone this, quite oten I havecompartmentalised my work and riendships because Ieel sel-conscious or un-generous perhaps.I started to project thatS would be able to makethe design since this is thething she is studying. S andI have talked about this asa problematic relationshipor her. In her school thereis an emphasis on a proes-sional career and this is notso important to her. Shehas moved away rom closeriends in Sweden to be atthis school in Amsterdam,and oten eels unsure i she made the ‘right’ deci-sion, although she doesn’treally believe that there isa ‘right’ decision. We didn’ttalk about it or a while, andthen we did. Ten S wasset an assignment at schoolas ollows: Work or Work,Graphic Design 2nd semes
 N o i   s  e & C a  p i   t  a l    i   s  m

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