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Bridging Research With Policy- Arvind Virmani and Tarun Das

Bridging Research With Policy- Arvind Virmani and Tarun Das

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Published by Professor Tarun Das

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Published by: Professor Tarun Das on Jun 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Research-Policy InterlinkagesArvind Virmani and Tarun Das March 2008
Inter-linkages between Development ResearchAnd Policy Planning- Analytical Lessons from Indian Experiences in the Post Reforms Period
Dr. Arvind Virmani
 And Dr. Tarun Das
 10 March 2008
Background paper prepared for a Workshop Session on
“Institutional Foundations of  Economic Reform and Integration: Lessons from South Asia”, organised 
jointly by theEABER (East Asia Bureau of Economic Research), Australia and the NCAER (NationalCouncil for Applied Economic Research), New Delhi on 3-4 April 2004 at ImperialHotel, New Delhi.
Presently working as Chief Economic Adviser to the Government of India, Ministry of Finance, New Delhi.
Presently working as Strategic Planning Expert, ADB Capacity Building Project onGovernance Reforms, Ministry of Finance, Government of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar.
Research-Policy InterlinkagesArvind Virmani and Tarun Das March 2008
Inter-linkages between Development Research and Policy Planning-Analytical Lessons from Indian Experiences in the Post Reforms Period
Table of Contents
AbstractAcknowledgments1. Introduction
1.1 Background of the study1.2 Scope and objectives of the study1.3 An outline of the paper
2. Research Methodology and Surveys
2.1 BRP Research Methodology2.2 BRP Survey Guidelines2.3 Forward looking approach2.4 Backward looking approach2.5 Variables influencing research-policy interlinkages2.5.1 Context2.5.2 Evidence2.5.3 Intra Communications2.5.4 Links (bridging)2.5.5 External influences2.6 Surveys and data collection
3. Systems and Institutions for Development Research
3.1 Role of Development Research3.2 Social science research in India3.3 System of institutional arrangements3.3 Quality and relevance of public and private research
4. Systems and Institutions for Policy Planning
4.1 Systems and procedures for policy planning4.2 Players in policy making and policy implementation4.2.1 Policy planning and formulation4.2.2 Institutions for policy implementation4.3 Pivotal Role of the Ministry of Finance
5. Strengths and Weaknesses in Research-Policy Inter-linkages
5.1 Communications within the policy makers5.2 Networks among the research institutes5.3 Interactions between policy makers and research institutes5.4 Transparency, publicity and dissemination of research5.5 Transparency and accountability of policy planning
Research-Policy InterlinkagesArvind Virmani and Tarun Das March 2008
6. Bridging Research and Policy in External Sector
6.1 External sector reforms6.2 Unique Characteristics of Reforms in India6.3 Policy initiatives by the government6.4 Mechanisms for bridging research and policy6.4.1 Committees and working groups6.4.2 Capacity building for external debt management6.5 Forward looking: empirical study of Indian Journals6.5.1 Selection of articles6.5.2 Analysis of Journal articles6.5.3 Impact of research on policy6.6 Backward looking: episode study on foreign exchange liberalization6.7 Concluding remarks
7. Bridging Research and Policy in Privatization and Labor Reforms
7.1 Political economy of labor reforms7.2 Privatization policies and strategy7.3 Labour laws and labour regulation7.4 Research-policy linkages- forward looking approach7.4.1 Classification of research papers7.4.2 Impact of research on policy7.5 Impact of labour reforms on poverty and employment7.6 Role of trade unions7.7 Concluding remarks
8. Bridging Research and Policy- Survey Results
8.1 Synthesis of forward looking and backward looking approaches8.2 Survey of eminent researchers and policy makers8.2.1 Characteristics of respondents8.2.2 General observations8.3 Components of questionnaire and survey results8.3.1 Areas of research8.3.2 Motivation of research8.3.3 Responses to research by the policy makers8.3.4 Bureaucratic characteristics in policy implementation8.3.5 Factors influencing research8.3.6 Scope and process of reforms8.3.7 Predictability of reforms, reforms window and policy crisis8.3.8 Characteristics of policy makers8.3.9 Quantity and quality of government research8.3.10 Main barriers for research uptake in policy planning8.3.11 Important measures to enhance policy-research interlinkages8.4 Concluding remarks

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