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Published by Yash Bafna

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: Yash Bafna on Jun 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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smsimport java.io.*;class sms{public static void main()throws IOException{int a,b,c,d,e,f,g;System.out.println(" MESSAGING ");System.out.println(" madeby Yash Bafna ");BufferedReader in=new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(System.in));System.out.println(" Press 1 for GOOD MORNING messages");System.out.println(" Press 2 for GOOD NIGHT messages");System.out.println(" Press 3 for BIRTHDAY messages");System.out.println(" Press 4 for LOVING messages");System.out.println(" Press 5 for JOKES messages");System.out.println(" Press 6 for FRIENDSHIP(hindi) messages");System.out.println(" Press 7 for TRUE FRIEND messages");System.out.println(" Press 8 for DOSTI HINDI messages");System.out.println(" Press 9 for POPULAR FRIENDSHIP messages");System.out.println(" Press 10 for LATEST FRIENDSHIP messages");System.out.println(" Press 11 for HOLI messages");System.out.println(" Press 12 for OTHER messages");a=Integer.parseInt(in.readLine());switch (a){case 1:System.out.println("1. Gud mrng");break;case 2:System.out.println("1. Gn sd");System.out.println("");System.out.println("");System.out.println("2. If u feel little bored,little sick,little sad,all lost,");System.out.println("U know whats wrong?");System.out.println("U r suffering from lack of Vitamin
");System.out.println("");System.out.println("Good Night") ;System.out.println("");System.out.println("");System.out.println("3.Chamkte chand ko neend ane lagi,");System.out.println("Aapki kushi se duniya jagmagane lagi,");System.out.println("Dekh ke aapko har kali gungunane lagi,");System.out.println("Ab to phenktay phekntay mujhe bhi neend ane lagi,");System.out.println("Goodnight ");System.out.println("");System.out.println("");System.out.println("4.A shining ANGEL stands beside your silky bed,");System.out.println("Calling ur nice Name so softly,");System.out.println("Throwing flowers on U");System.out.println("And saying Good Night & Sweet Dreams.");System.out.println("");System.out.println("");System.out.println("5.somewhere out there beneath the pale moon light");
System.out.println("someone think in of u some where out there where dreams cometrue...");System.out.println("goodnite & sweet dreams 2 you.");System.out.println("");System.out.println("");System.out.println("6.Money can buy a house not home,");System.out.println("A bed but not sleep, medicine but not health,");System.out.println("Money is dirty, it only cause pain & suffering.");System.out.println("SEND me all UR MONEY & BE HAPPY. Good Night.");break;case 3:System.out.println("1. Happy b'day");break;case 4:System.out.println("1. Love is like a chewing gum,");System.out.println("It tastes only in the beginning!");System.out.println("But friendship is like chocolate,");System.out.println("It tastes till it ends!");System.out.println("");System.out.println("");System.out.println("2.Deewana hu tera inkaar nahi, ");System.out.println("Kaise keh du ke pyar nahi, ");System.out.println("Kuch shararat to teri nazaron main bhi thi, ");System.out.println("Main akela hi gunaahgar nahi. ");break;case 5:System.out.println("1.6 latest wonders of the world- ");System.out.println(".girls sitting quitely together");System.out.println("..a wife cnt asking for money");System.out.println("...girlfriend paying the bill");System.out.println(".....girls going out without makeup");System.out.println("......a boy saying that he has loved only 1 girl");System.out.println("");System.out.println("");System.out.println("2.JOKESBOOK");System.out.println("Dimag kehta hai-Dosti kar");System.out.println("Dil kehta hai-Pyaar kar");System.out.println("Khwaishein kehti hai-Shaadi kar");System.out.println("par");System.out.println("Ghar wale kehte hai-BAKWAAS BAND KAR or PADHAI KAR");System.out.println("");System.out.println("");System.out.println("3.Cat:how old are u?");System.out.println("Elephant:15yrs");System.out.println("Cat:U look so big!");System.out.println("Elephant:I m a COMPLAN BOY");System.out.println("Cat:I m 30");System.out.println("Elephant:30?BUT, U look so young");System.out.println("Cat:I use PONDS AGE MIRACLE");break;case 6:System.out.println("1.Yahi to khoobsurat dosti ka naata hai,");System.out.println("Jo bina kisi shart ke jiya jaata hai
");System.out.println("Rahe duriyan darmiyan to parwaah nahi,");System.out.println("Dost to harpal dil me basaya jaata hai
");System.out.println("");System.out.println("");System.out.println("2.Dost hain to aansuon ki bhi shaan hoti hai,");System.out.println("Dost na ho to mehfil bhi shamshaan hoti hai
.");System.out.println("Sara khel to dosti ka hai,");
System.out.println("Warna arthi aur baarat ek saman hoti hai");System.out.println("");System.out.println("");System.out.println("3.Dillagi dosto ke naam hoti hai");System.out.println("Dilldari dosto ki shaan hoti hai");System.out.println("Kahi bhi raho par rahoge dil me mere");System.out.println("Yahi sachchi dosti ki pehchaan hoti hai");System.out.println("");System.out.println("");System.out.println("4.Dost to ruksat ho jaate hai
.");System.out.println("Par kuch yaaddoon k daaayre ban jaate hai
");System.out.println("");System.out.println("");System.out.println("5.Har raat ko chand ka shingar nahi milta, ");System.out.println("Har bagh ko phool ka dular nahi milta ");System.out.println("Maine bhi duniya dekhi hai dost,");System.out.println("Har insaan ko aap jaisa yaar nahi milta. ");System.out.println("");System.out.println("");System.out.println("6.Vaise to kayi dost hai hamare ");System.out.println("Jaise aasman me hai kai taare ");System.out.println("Par aap dosti ke aasman ke wo chand hain ");System.out.println("Jiske samne fike padte hai saare sitare.. ");break;case 7:System.out.println("1.A bond of love, ");System.out.println("A medal of trust. ");System.out.println("A shoulder in sadness, ");System.out.println("A hand in darkness. ");System.out.println("A special relation to hold, ");System.out.println("An ear where secrets can be told. ");System.out.println("An appreciator for encouragement, ");System.out.println("Something that doesn
t cost. ");System.out.println("A jewel never to be lost. ");System.out.println("Is the magic called ");System.out.println("F R I E N D ");System.out.println("");System.out.println("");System.out.println("2.The ball can escape from bat, ");System.out.println("The rat can escape from cat, ");System.out.println("But you cannot escape from");System.out.println("
My Heart you are always my good friend
");System.out.println("");System.out.println("");System.out.println("3.In life.. ");System.out.println("Some know you.. ");System.out.println("Some remember you.. ");System.out.println("Some like you.. ");System.out.println("Some understand you.. ");System.out.println("Some care for you.. ");System.out.println("But.. ");System.out.println("A True friend does all above & ");System.out.println("Always hopes the best for you.. ");System.out.println("");System.out.println("");System.out.println("4.To live a life I need heartbeat, ");System.out.println("To have heartbeat I need a heart, ");System.out.println("To have heart I need happiness, ");System.out.println("To have happiness I need a friend, ");

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