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Preludes by Ian Beardsley

Preludes by Ian Beardsley

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Published by Ian Beardsley
Some of the strangest preludes to a novel ever written, but author believes there was good reason to write them.
Some of the strangest preludes to a novel ever written, but author believes there was good reason to write them.

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Published by: Ian Beardsley on Jun 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PreludesBy Ian BeardsleyCopyright © 2008-2011 by IanBeardsley
Document Written on Earth by Unknown - Chapter 1: The Search For The Tarot
In an effort to generate 4 from the golden ratio and 9/5 inconnection with the earth and the 22-card cycle of the tarot we begin by finding the equation whose solution is thegolden ratio. The golden ratio, or phi, as it is called, is theratio such that the whole to the greater part is the same asthe greater part to the lesser. That is a/b must be the sameas b/c if a=b+c. Thus we have the two equations:1. a/b=b/c 2. a=b+c From 1 we have: ac=b^2 From 2 we have: c=a-bThese two yield: a(a-b)=b^2 Which can be written: (a^2)-ab=b^2 Or,( a^2)-ab-b^2=0 If we divide the last through by b^2, we get:((a/b)^2)-(a/b)-1=0 This last is a quadratic in a/b. a/b is the golden ratio and canbe found by completing the square. Letting a/b=x, our equation becomes:3. ( x^2)-x-1=0 We will not solve equation 3 for the golden ratio but will  proceed to consider 9/5.The sequence has been presented:5,14,23,32,41,50,59…
Where we begin with five and add nine to each successiveterm. It has been noted that the sum of the digits of eachterm is five. Thus this sequence embodies the principle of (9/5) a ratio I have found to exist throughout nature fromatoms of gold and silver, to the moon and the sun, to water,and air, to the human body temperature and freezing temperature of water, to the very structure of the solar system itself. The above sequence is an arithmetic sequence, the nth term of which is predicted by:4. a_n=5+9(n-1)5. a_n=9n-4 (equivalently)Since the earth is the third planet, then n=3 yields:9(3)-4=27-4=23
As it so happens, 23 is the 9th prime number, and represents theearth. We write, from 5:
6. 23=9x-47. 27=9x 8. 9x-27=0 We equate equation 8 with equation 3:9x-27=(x^2)-x-1To find the intersection of 9/5 and the golden ratio at earthorbit, and get:9. ( x^2)-10x+26=0 Equation 9 can be solved with the quadratic equation and has the solutions, (5+i),(5-i).

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