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Gang Stalking - Manipulation of the Citizens v2

Gang Stalking - Manipulation of the Citizens v2

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Published by France Quenneville
Gang Stalking Tactics: The Role that citizens plays in Gang Stalking and Mind Control.
Gang Stalking Tactics: The Role that citizens plays in Gang Stalking and Mind Control.

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: France Quenneville on Jun 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Gang Salking: Manipulation of the citizens
Organized Gang Stalking is a hate crime erected in a system. The different actorscan be manipulated in order to produce a specific action. But all those involved arenot necessarily aware that they are manipulated. In fact, most are not aware of that.The lie being the base of the Gang Stalking, everything is done to ostracize anddestroy targeted individuals. To do this, petrpetrators use several techniques for manipulating public opinion. And, due to false evidence to support their lies,innocents targeted individuals are perceived as outcasts of society: sex offenders, prostitutes, homeless, thieves, criminals, etc..
Community-based Harassment:
http://www.multistalkervictims.org/catchcanada/ But first: What is mind manipulation?according to Toupie.org: "The mental manipulation means an attempted takeover of the mind andbehavior of an individual or group of individuals through the use of persuasive techniques andmental suggestion that bypass the critical spirit of the person, that is to say his ability to judge ordeny the information. Mental manipulation differs from the domination in that it tries to get fromthe victim or victims that they behave by themselves, as was provided by the manipulators, andthis, without being aware of the suggestion from exterior. The methods of mental manipulationare often used by cults, but they also occur very frequently in the political, religious, professionaland family. Mental manipulation is usually based on emotion (fear, love, hope) and instinct, therepetition, the physical pressure, moral and mental pressure, cognitive biases (false information,simplifications rhetorical fallacies ...), systems of "reward" and "punishment", and the principleof «master». Source: http://www.toupie.org/Dictionnaire/Manipulation.htmArticle: Manipulation de l'opinion publique.http://www.toupie.org/Textes/Manipulation_opinion_publique.htmSocial proof The technique of "the social proof" serves the Gang Stalking criminals to manipulate the opinionof the community.This technic is to let appear "that behavior or belief is appropriate or normal if several otherpeople have had before. It exploits the tendency of human beings to conform to what others do orthink facing a new situation has". According to: http://www.toupie.org/Textes/Manipulation_methodes.htmMind Control Group Conformity Sycophants to Authority:http://youtu.be/hwdHyaDdl9s
By spreading false rumors, pictures and rigged videos on a wide radius, including on the net, thisconduce many people to think in a certain way about the targeted individuals. This way, peoplecomply with what others think because almost everyone meet the same thinking about thesepeople. The quote "People are sheep, they follow others" applies here. So the targeted personhave no chance to let the others really knowing her. All seem to believe to this misinformationand are ready to be manipulated to harass the targeted person.http://www.multistalkervictims.org/targ/pperp1.gif The argument of authority to convince the community:
"The ambition is to find these hazardous expedients which, like a whited sepulcher, a judge artfulkeeps only the appearance of justice. "
[According to Bossuet, funeral orations]The perpetrators can uses figures of authority to recrute people, such as false agent of police orperhaps even some true ones, but that are also representatives of a system extra-judicial whoapply their own version of the justice, for exemple, a group of "True Justice" .The latter use his power of authority to manipulate the public. These agents claim to do real justice to convince citizens to participate in various activities designed to control the targetedindividual. They can even submit their official documents that appear as an strong arguments toconvince them. But these are, in most cases, false reports or blacklists in which have beeninsidiously inserted the names of innocent individuals targeted, etc.Links:http://www.raven1.net/restofsite.shtmlhttp://www.multistalkervictims.org/targ/pperp2.gif Here's how the argument from authority is used to manipulate people:"The argument of authority is used to replace an argument by a reference to the conclusions of aperson evoked as authoritative on a subject. He plays on the principle that an application or anopinion is more readily accepted it emanates from a personality with authority. The manipulatormay also use this argument by appealing to a specialist outside its area of specialty, howeverwithout specifying the context (personal opinion, hypothesis or near certainty) or misinterpretingwhat he meant. According to: L'argument d'autorité:http://www.toupie.org/Textes/Manipulation_methodes.htmThus, they teaches at citizens in good faith how to do the stalking of the so-called "criminalspotentially dangerous ". But these ones don't know that this such monitoring is illegal. First,because it is an interference with the privacy of the individuals under surveillance and also
because this is an activity of harassment. It is part of the overall system of harassment that isOrganized Gang Stalking.
http://francequenneville.blogspot.com/2010/11/le-gang-stalking-action-citoyenne.htmlSimilarly, they can even convince priests or pastors, to use their powers of persuasion asauthority figures, for encourage their followers to practice harassment against targetedindividuals.http://www.multistalkervictims.org/targ/pperp24.gif 
Prayer for fair treatment to all citizens from the authority figures (french version):http://viedelumiere.blogspot.com/2010/12/cure-dars-exemple-pour-les-pretres-et.htmlA climate of anxiety"His principle is: a person in a state of fear becomes predictable. Indeed, facing an emergencysituation, the brain function that does not give immediate solution are disabled. The scary subjectadopts the most primaries reactions, which are therefore more predictable. Doing everything toavoid the object of his fear, the subject will do what is expected of him. " According to source:http://www.toupie.org/Textes/Manipulation_methodes.htmCitizens are afraid of sexual predators, thieves, etc... Perpetrators makes them believe in thesefalsehoods in order to get them to behave as they wishes with the target individuals. Thus, theyare more willing to participate in the stalking of these persons or other sabotage activities. Theyare afraid, then this predisposes them to handling. It's even easier if they do not know the laws.And, unless being in a position of vulnerability or constrained, adults who possess the ability tomake their own choice, participate voluntarily.Participation in a totalitarian or extremist group"These groups, including sects are a part (see the article" Cults and mind control "), put forward:the unity of the group, the belief that the group is the only one to know the Truth, the adoption of its own values and behaviors, the abandonment of individuality within them. Without necessarilythat members have conscious to participate in a totalitarian enterprise, these groups becomeconducive to various forms of psychological coercion that make possible the change of personality" According to source :http:// www.toupie.org/Textes/Manipulation_methodes.htmPsychological manipulation and coercion

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