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Wait for the LORD Sermon Detailed Outline

Wait for the LORD Sermon Detailed Outline

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Published by Doug McFall
this is the detailed outline of a sermon I gave on Pentecost Sunday, June 12, 2011, at 1st Presbyterian Church, Strasburg, PA, on Isaiah 40
this is the detailed outline of a sermon I gave on Pentecost Sunday, June 12, 2011, at 1st Presbyterian Church, Strasburg, PA, on Isaiah 40

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Published by: Doug McFall on Jun 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Wait for the LORD: He’s Worth It~Isaiah 40:12-31Scripture Intro- brief 
Allow me to say a few words of introduction concerning our text for the sermon thismorning: Isaiah 40: This great chapter comes at the beginning of the 2
main section of this powerful book. It introduces the rest of the book and begins with words of Comfort.As one scholar has said: “In Isaiah 40, the prophet announced that God was giving his people a chance to start over. They had experienced the pain of exile and they hadreceived the sad consequences of their sin, but God in his grace would give them another chance, just as he does with people today who seek his grace.” (Beyer) The first 11verses of chapter 40 deal with the announcement that God will lead his people home(from exile). In our text, we can more of a description of this Great God who is all-wiseand all-powerful!“In verses 12-31, Isaiah provided his people a broader view of God by describing hiswisdom and power. God was the wise creator, the incomparable one, the sovereign, andthe source of Israel’s strength. God was indeed powerful enough to bring his peoplehome.” (Beyer)
Read Isaiah 40:12-31Sermon Intro: FCF – the pain of waiting, the heartbreak, the longing“The waiting is the hardest part, every day you see one more cardYou take it on faith, you take it to the heart. The waiting is the hardest part…”~Tom Petty
 Hope deferred makes the heart sick  But a longing fulfilled is a tree of life ~Proverbs 13:12
The “How Longs” of the Bible –use sheet
Waiting for a child to come; Abraham and Sara---then God calling Abraham to sacrificeIsaac –then providing the Lamb—a type of Jesus, our Redeemer.Dealing with unanswered prayer.A thought occurred to me concerning prayer and waiting:
 Lord, when I have to wait or my prayers go unanswered, may I not be bitter or despairing but hopeful; when I gain what I wish or my prayers are answered, help me tonot be obnoxious or proud but grateful!
(Proposition) Since God is incredibly Great, let us wait for Him to renew our strength:
How is God’s greatness revealed in this powerful chapter? Why is the great God of Israel, Jacob and of Christian believers worth the wait?for 2 fundamental reasons:1.He is the incomparable one (about 7-8 minutes for each point)2.He is relentlessly tender in His love and gives strength to the wearyDoug McFallJune 11, 2011Pentecost SundayFirst Presbyterian Church, Strasburg, PA
As the ESV study bible puts it:
God provides a comforting promise of hope for thebrokenhearted people of God. God is incomparably powerful over all things and  promises strength for endurance to all who will wait for him. As one writer put it: "Second only to suffering, waiting may be the greatest teacher and trainer in godliness, maturity, and genuine spirituality most of us ever encounter." ~Richard Hendrix
First Main Point:
So, God’s greatness which is worth our waiting b/c1.He is the incomparable one of Majesty (use the quote from Augustine from theGalli book)(12.26)about 7-8 minutes for each point.
He is revealed as the Wise Creator (12-17)Ten Rhetorical Questions Make the Point (12-14)God’s Power Dwarfs the Nation’s Power (15-17)
He is beyond Comparison (18-20)Thus, the folly of Idolatry
He is the Sovereign God (21-26) Isaiah begins with four rhetoricalquestions which all demand a “yes” answer in verse 21.
For me time spent in nature---relate some details of the Adirondack trip---how I sawthe glory of God, how it help lift me out of a depression, time spent with my middleson
So, what does it mean practically that God is revealed as the great, majestic one!How does his greatness reveal that he is Worth our Wait? Well, many things but letme point out 2 things now:1.Because God is the incomparable one, we should put away any idols.Doug McFallJune 11, 2011Pentecost SundayFirst Presbyterian Church, Strasburg, PA
Tim Keller in his recent book 
Counterfeit Gods
discusses the folly of 3 esp.contemporary idols for us in the West: Money, Sex and Power. They are all hugetemptations in our world. Consider the headlines on any given day and you’ll seethis. Perhaps, one of these draws your heart especially. Another word for idolatry isreally addiction---it begins with concrete choices, then we often become powerlessand feel we must have the item in question to find fulfillment. John Calvin called thehuman heart, “an idol factory”. We are called to find fulfillment in our Great Godalone and to enjoy these created things for His glory…and yet, it’s so easy to not waiton Him, isn’t it? To fix ourselves….2. on a positive note, we need to make a point of pondering God’s greatness---time innature, reflecting on God’s word.Ben Patterson. Pastor and author of 
memorized Isaiah 40 during a crucialtime of his ministry when he was burned-out---he hiked in the Grand Canyon recitingthe cadences of Isaiah’s prophetic poetry ---page 55 (40:25-29)
Second Main Point:
Secondly, God’s greatness is worth our waiting b/c2.He is tirelessly tender and gives strength to the weary (27-31)
God is Israel’s Source of Strength
He is our source of renewing strength!The Israelite readers would have already been given a vision of this tender strengthfrom the Sovereign, Great God earlier in chapter 40. Isaiah says in verse 11: “Hewill tend his flock like a shepherd; he will gather the lambs in his arms; he will carrythem in his bosom, and gently lead those that are young.”
Jacob has forgotten God’s strength (40:27)—we do the same so easily
The All-Wise God never tires (40:28-29) – we often tire out—even the mostenergetic youth eventually wire out (my children as an example)
Israel must hope in the Lord (40:30-31)—we must patiently wait for the Lord toact; he will strengthen us as we wait.He is worth our wait. Ben Patterson in his very helpful book called
says “I writethis book out of one central conviction: that at least as important as the things we waitfor is the work God wants to do in us as we wait.” Ben discusses the two cardinal virtuesfor successful waiting:
. He uses the Biblical stories of Job andAbraham to demonstrate the honest struggle, the pitfalls and these men as real life godlyexamples of faithful waiting for the LORD.
Let all the world in every corner sing, my God and King!The heavens are not too high, His praise may thither fly,The earth is not too low, His praises there may grow.
Doug McFallJune 11, 2011Pentecost SundayFirst Presbyterian Church, Strasburg, PA

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