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North American Civilization Paper

North American Civilization Paper

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Published by Jessica L. Burke

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Jessica L. Burke on Jun 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jessica L. McConkey
North American Civilization Paper
 North American Civilization Paper Jessica L. McConkey4/24/2011HIS 115Gregory Taylor 
Jessica L. McConkey
North American Civilization Paper
 North American Civilization Paper  North American Cultures North America was first inhabited by nomadic hunters from Siberia using the Berlin straitto Alaska. (Davidson, 2005) The nomadic hunters traveled from Siberia to Alaska during a prehistoric glacial period when the two were connected by ice. Siberia was an ice barren landand Alaska at the time was a plush green grassy plain so it was no wonder why they traveled toAlaska. The continuation of the migration from Asia to Alaska over the Berlin strait continued beyond 800B.C.E. The nomadic hunters continued to move throughout the entire North America.These people are the direct descendents of the Native Americans known today.The nomadic hunters stayed nomadic for a long time and therefore were spread acrossAmerica. Some nomadic hunters traveled in packs or tribes. Some names of those tribes areMontagnais, Micmac, Penobscot, Yellowknife and Beaver. (Davidson, 2005) These tribestraveled through forest wearing moccasins, stalking their animal pray, fishing and buildingcanoes. During the winter many groups formed collective huts, though they had been scatteredfor most of the year. During this time, women were commonly occupied by tending crops,weaving baskets, and cooking. The men of the tribe hunted animals for both their meat and their hides. (Davidson, 2005) In the typical arrangement, the tribe's men were the hunters, whilewomen were in charge of working the fields. The women planted, tended, and cultivated thecrops that fed their people. The men dominated the Indian tribes based on hunting. Women onlyhad had more influences in tribes that relied on settled agriculture. (Davidson, 2005)
 Later Europeans in pursuit of their dreams began to travel west to the Americas. In 1942the Europeans expanded into North America. Adventurers such as John Cabot and Christopher 
Jessica L. McConkey
North American Civilization Paper
Columbus were some of the first Europeans to find North America in a real long time.Christopher Columbus was looking for a quick route to the Indies and thought that by going westhe would get there quicker but instead wound up in the Americas. Europeans that settled NorthAmerica were unaware that the Indians inhabiting the land were descendents from Europe.Gutiérrez MapThe Gutierrez Map, usually associated with this period's migrations and relocations, wasexceptionally detailed, considering the time period in which it was created. The map'scomplexities, though, can make it difficult to decipher much of its true meaning. To myimpression, it appears that the map represents Native American groups as male forms, scatteredand trying to build fire. According to my interpretation, the map further depicts that NativeAmerican had settled along Brazil's East Coast. In the upper left-hand corner, the Spanish andFrench coats of arms suggest that these two European nations controlled this region of NorthAmerica. As a European treaty signed in 1559 brought peace between France and Spain, thecloseness of their coats of arms in this detailed image might indicate a union between these two powers in this time and in this part of the world (Gutierrez Map) In the opposite side of the map,though, in the lower right hand corner, is the Portuguese coat of arms. This coat of arms is believed to represent the Portuguese control through their Navy fleet (Gutierrez Map)At last, it is nearly impossible to determine the actual first North American settlers of theAmericas. Due to the determination to survive exhibited by the Native Americans, though, andthrough their hard work and dedication, many of today's crops and processes were discovered

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