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Verb List Lista de Verbos

Verb List Lista de Verbos

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Published by Bto Ramos R

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Published by: Bto Ramos R on Jun 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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verb (infinitive)past formspanish
accept accepted aceptaaccount accounted tener en cuentaachieve achieved lograact acted actuaadd added sumaadmit admited admitiaffect affected afectaagree agreed estar de acuerdoaim aimed apuntaallow allowed permitianswer answered respondeappear appeared apareceapply applied aplicaargue argued discutiarrange arranged arreglar / consertaarrive arrived llegaask asked preguntaattack attacked atacaavoid avoided evita base based basarse beat beat vencer / apana become became volverse begin began empeza believe believed cree belong belonged pertenece break broke rompe build built construi burn burnt quema buy bought compracall called llamacan could podecan could podecare cared importacarry carried cargar / llevacatch caught atrapacause caused causachange changed cambiacharge charged cobracheck checked comprobar / controlachoose chose elejiclaim claimed reclamaclean cleaned limpiaclear cleared despejaclimb climbed trepaclose closed cerracollect collected recolectacome came veni
commit commited cometecompare compared comparacomplain complained reclamacomplete completed completaconcern concerned concerniconfirm confirmed confirmaconnect connected conectaconsider considered consideraconsist consisted consisticontact contacted contactacontain contained contenetcontinue continued continuacontribute contributed contribuicontrol controled controlacook cooked cocinacopy copied copiacorrect corrected corregicost cost costacount counted contacover covered cubricreate created creacross crossed cruzacry cried lloracut cut cortadamage damaged dañadance danced bailadeal dealt repartidecide decided decidideliver delivered entregademand demanded exigideny denied denegadepend depended dependedescribe described describidesign designed diseñadestroy destroyed destruidevelop developed desarrolladie died moridisappear disappeared desaparecediscover discovered descubridiscuss discussed discutidivide divided dividido did hacedraw drew dibujadress dressed vistirsedrink drank bebedrive drove manejadrop dropped dejar caeeat ate come
enable anabled habilitaencourage encouraged dar corajeenjoy enjoyed disfrutaexamine examines examinaexist existed existiexpect expected esperaexperience experienced experimentaexplain explained explicaexpress expressed expresaextend extended ampliaface faced encarafail failed reprobafall fell caefasten fastened ajustarsefeed fed alimentafeel felt sentifight fought peleafill filled llenar / rellenafind found encontrafinish finished acabar / terminafit fit quedar (de ropa)fly flew volafold folded doblafollow followed seguiforce forced forzaforget forgot olvidaforgive forgave olvidaform formed formagain gained adquirir / conseguiget get obtener / comprar / llevagive gave dago went igrow grew crecehandle handled manejahappen happened sucedehate hated odiar / detestahave had tenehead headed dirigirsehear heard oihelp helped ayudahide hid ocultahit hit golpeahold held agrarrar / cogehope hope esperahurt hurt heriidentify identified identificaimagine imagined imaginaimprove improved mejora

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