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GS Tips

GS Tips

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Published by ABID H

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Published by: ABID H on Jun 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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G/S is important
Most people make mistakes in thinking that in prelims
Opt. Subject : 300M
G/S : 150 MSo lets put more effort in 300 M of Opt. Subject at the cost of G/S.But that's wrong way cause its really tough competition and just because youare ignoring G/S doesn't mean other serious candidates are doing the same.So Prepare G/S very well.
Recommended BOOKLIST
first is you get all of your weapons ready.that's buy following books or get them xerox.don't do like you buy one book now and once you finish reading it then you gobuy another book(cause you'll waste time going to market buying every time. )all your tools have to be on your table no matter when you want to use it.buy them all at once and then lock yourself in the room. and start preparingNCERT- History, Geography, Economy & Science (10-12)They don't ask direct questions from it much, but you need to study itonly for make your base concepts clear. (more on it written ahead.)I've posted Downloadable NCERT bookshere1.Spectrum : History of Modern India2.Wizard India 2009 ( this one has everything exam oriented , including theside issues, so you don't have to see original Govt. 's India 2009)- thereare many such books available from different publications but I used thisone. All the famous place/ language/people/art/dance/ nukesci/agri/industry/dams/army/ everything is covered in this book.Paper set of Previous Years UPSC G.S. Prelims1.You can use Arihant/ Wizard/Unique/Chronicle anyone But makesure that Its topic wise and not year wise (i.e. 2001,2002) and thatit has explanation for every answer.2.I recommend Arihant's paper set.Wizard Indian Polity .
Again lot books from other publications too but I use this one. AndI'm not a topper – so my recommendation of books doesn't chanceas per the magazine in which my interview is getting published.The Hindu / Indian Express.4.Don't read Times of India – its more about 'masala/spicey news' :what's imp. From G/S point of view come in above newspapersonly.Atlas - Mapbook (Orient Longman or any other )5.They ask map question like 4 countries given and you've to identifywhich river is going through etc etc- you need to be familiar withworld map.Subscription to Yojana – Kurukshetra6.Published by Government of India, about its schemes, ruralDevelopment etcAny one magazine7.Chronicle or8.WizardThis is going to cost good money, but its like a business – you've to invest yourtime , energy and money to get this job.Also this is not the ultimate list – you can use different books- what matter isyou must be able to clear your concepts from the book.
Some friends asked me how about the 'material'?
In Delhi there are many good publications which cover them short and sweet,But they're good only if you are basics are clear from NCERT.Some examples are M'n'M series' / New Vishal booklets on History, Economyetc.Daulat Khan's Current Affairs and many more.Frankly speaking I don't use much 'material' cause I've never been to Delhi norcan I afford those materials. I depend on newspapers and magazines andinternet for my G/S preparation.and, Gone are the days when conventional stuff was being asked.And you could answer almost all question from TMH G/S manual or Brilliant'sMaterial etc
Nowadays the questions are 'out of the box', + UPSC makes sure no questionsare asked from big coaching classes' material (read the 'avoid March-April Flood'topic below.)Bottom line isThese mags or coaching classes don't write off something from sky,Whatever they write – they've compiled from newspapers, std reference bookAnd internet.All they do is present it in a nice bullets and points , boxes and tables format.You can use any of it, It doesn't make much difference. The requirement is youshould be able to understand it and clear your concepts.
Don't directly use PT Special Issues if you areunfamiliar with that subject.
From December 2009- all these mags will start publishing PT (prelim test)Special issues.Most people make the mistake of directly taking the PT special issue as finalsolution of G/S.e.g. when Geography special issue comes, they'll preparing nothing else butfrom those 15 pages of mag. Only and believe that their G/S Geography isfinished.Disadvantage isThese mags give lot data and facts so you feel happy but they don'texplain the basic concepts and principles1.i.e in Geography special issue – you'll hardly see any map. Sowhatever you read- you'll remember for a fraction of seconds only.Same way they won't explain in user friendly manner- howmonsoon comes and everything.
In Economy they always take "after LPG" (liberelisation –pvtzn-gloablisation ) disinvestment , FDI upto 100% allowed etc etc butnever talk of why LPG came? for that you've read NCERT and if youdon't then entire PT issue of Economy won't get down in your longterm memory. So unless you're a B.Com,- DO refer NCERT toclarify the basic economic concepts 1
.3.If you are a science graduate then you can directly use the PTspecial physics-chemistry,biology but you are an Arts /Comm. Gradthen you won't grasp much of it unless you get some basics clearedfrom NCERT.

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