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Common Traits

Common Traits

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Published by Kadaeux
Part 4 of Stellar Empires 2
Part 4 of Stellar Empires 2

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Published by: Kadaeux on Jun 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The traits system, as most of you know, is the consistent core of my Engines whether they be for singleindividuals, war parties or entire nations. Like most however this is a Nation based RP and so the traits willreflect this. Due to the variety of nation types the traits will, more or less, be more or less more generic thanever before!At least not too much like those availabl
e only to specific nation types. When there are ones that are ‘similar’ to
those found in specific nation types one can consider the nation types to be 4 times as good as the commonversion found here.
Implausibly Efficient Government 
: Through trial and error the red tape has not only been cut but hasbeen found to be redundant and counterproductive. When it comes to cutting the red tape your nationhas none to cut!
Fair Dinkum
: Your nation is seen as a relatively straight player, and you are, you honour your dealsand deal fairly with other nations.
Who Cares about Uzbekistan
: Your polity is simply not on the galactic radar and thus avoids a lot of the Bad Shit that can go down. . . (Can only be taken by Pacifist, Hunter, Environmentalist, Isolationist and Spymaster nations. And only Small Nations.)
Party Please
: Your diplomats are just so good-natured or know so many skeleton-filled closets that they can get into strategically useful alliances much easier than others. Of course, then you need to liveup to what you signed . . .
: Political scheming is in the blood. Once you can deal with other nations you can begin
playing with their politics, assuming you’re cunning enough and they’re receptive enough.
Colonial Spirit 
: Your people are restless for the great beyond and are excellent at colonisation, youexpand nearly half again as quickly as anyone else.
Mechanics at Heart 
Your nation doesn’t tolerate anything in less than perfect condition.
Conversations can often be along the lines of 'time for the monthly check... looks good... looks good... heywhat's this brown ticking package?'
Passive Aggressive:
Only a fool shows his hand instantly. But not us, we conceal our vicious powerplaying behind a submissive peaceful attitude diplomatically. Let our enemies make the first move. Let 
our allies move to protect what they perceive as a peaceful people. In the end we’ll show them all.
For the People:
Every action taken is for the people, for good or ill, as such the people tend to largelysupport the nation without reservation. After all, is it not working for them on all levels? However most such nations are tied in bureaucratic bullshit.
Galactic United Nations” your empire is a conglomerate of your species nations p
flight that never unified into a single ‘world government’. But this gives you more diplomatic credibility
and trustworthiness amongst the galactic community.
Rule of All:
The rule of all is a political foundation where all the people get a say in the running of thenation. The forums are abuzz and artificial intelligences (or equivalent) draw together most commonideas into a unified collection.
Pyramid Rule:
The nation is run like a pyramid scheme, at the top is a single body who commands anumber of people who in turn command a number of people below them and so on down the chain.
: A populace that through some reason or another is loyal to its government, through fear or"cookie day" it doesn't matter, these people are loyal.
: Your people see themselves as Spartan Heroes, not Persian Generals. Shame the Spartansmade poor civilians . . .
It doesn't matter what you do, you'll always win the elections. You must choosesomething particularly dear to your population that they wave flags about.
: Nobody would think of calling your people cowards.
Not One Step Back 
!: You hold your ground no matter what, militarily OR politically.
Clannish/Family Groups
: Your people are divided into clans or other forms of familial groupings.While this can lead to genetic degradation if there is no breeding out of the Clan it lends towards moretightly bound units of people who work together with flawless efficiency.
: Your nation has abolished crime in its entirety, whether by simply making everything legal,some form of mental conditioning or other reasons. There is no crime, as such should there be any it would be noticed immediately as suspicious goings-on.
Your people don't suffer from natural diseases as they have refrained from contact with one another for whatever reasons. Whether they breed by using science clinics to 'do the deed' orits just a remote-controlled sperm-cell implant. The downside, your people aren't very social andexposure can lead to disease.
Population Controls:
Your population is controlled both in number and even in purpose. Your
government conducts a practice known as ‘social engineering’ to control the population. As such
undesired elements are greatly reduced.
Organised Chaos:
Your society is so bizarre that most cannot comprehend what they are seeing whenexposed to it. This makes any attempt to infiltrate it or target it much more difficult if there is anythingother than the intent to simply kill them all.
Manifest Destiny:
The people have a future and it is glorious. Of course there is the little issues likeother species who think that they have a right to their own destinies, but a little killing never hurt anybody that mattered anyway.
We Act as One:
The people are not simply loyal. They are YOURS when a threat to the nation is felt onthe outside the people unite as rarely seen before to act with a singular will and purpose against that thread.

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