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answer phyiscs paper 2 form 5 ( midterm 2011)

answer phyiscs paper 2 form 5 ( midterm 2011)

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Published by qq235

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Published by: qq235 on Jun 13, 2011
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No. Answer Mark 1 a Maximum displacement from the rest point 1b i D 1ii The length of pendulum D same as A 1c Resonance 1
Total 4
2 a Pressure = Force / Area 1b Depth / Density / gravity 1c P=hpg=0.l2 x l000 x l0= 1200 Pa.11d 1
Total 5
3 a Main scale 1b 0.01 mm 1c Reading = Reading of main scale + Reading of thimble scale Zero errorReading of main scale = 5.8mmReading of thimble scale = 0.28mmActual Reading = 5.8mm + 0.28mm -0.02 = 5.76mmThickness of a piece of paper = 5.86/50= 0.116 mm.111
Total 5
4 a When the lift accelerate upwards // Diagram 4(b) 1b 1. weight acting downwards2. normal force , R acting upwards1c 500 N // 490 N 1d 1. R = mg + ma // R = 500 + 1002. R = 600 N2e Zero 1
Total 7
5 a i Final temperature of liquid A is higher than final temperature of liquid B 1
iiLiquid A have higher specific
heat capacity than liquid BA became increase temperature faster.Concept :
 Heat capacity
 111b Gradient graf A is steeper ( cool faster)Became constant if react room temperature.11c
During the day, land gets heated by the Sun much quicker than does water.As the land becomes warmer, it heats the air in the atmosphere above it.This causes the air to expand, becoming less dense, and thus creating a lowpressure.
Total 8
6 a Resistance is the ratio of potential difference to the current flow // adevice that resists/impedes the current/electron flow in a circuit.1b i Cross sectional area 6.2 > 6.1 1ii Potential difference 6.1 > 6.2 1iii Current for both circuits are the same. 1c i Resistance 6.1 > 6.2 1ii As the cross sectional area increases, resistance decreases 1d 1. Decreases2. Because total/effective resistance decreases2
Total 8
7 a
The distance between focal point and center lens
0.08 m or 8 cm
P and R – convex lensQ - the concave lens
replacement value of u and f V = - 5:45 cm
 1e i P : Obective lens R: lens 1ii
2 light rays to produce images correctly first and draw the first imageDrawing a beam of light from the image into an eyepieceDrawing the final image
Total 10
8 a i Longitudinal wave / mechanical wave 1ii No sound / sound cannot be heard 1iii Sound wave cannot propagate // sound energy cannot be transferred 1b 1c i P - InfraredQ - Ultraviolet11ii Gamma ray / ultraviolet / X-Ray 1iii Can kills the life cell / skin burn or skin cancer 1
Amplitude of the wave drawnis biggerNote: accept as long as theamplitude drawn is slightlybigger.
Note: the reason given must be related to the answer in(c) (ii)iv Radio wave / microwave 1v High frequency / high energy / high penetrating power / less diffracted 1vi Gamma ray 1vii high energy / high penetrating power 1
Total 12
9 a Sound wave is a longitudinal waves.b i 1st: The diameter of guitar string in Diagram 9.1 is smaller than diameter of thestring in Diagram 9.22nd: The amplitude of the wave in Diagram 10.1 is the same as in Diagram9.23rd: Number of oscillations in Diagram 10.1 is higher than in Diagram 10.23ii When the diameter of the string increases , the frequency of the wave decreases 1iii The higher the frequency , the higher the pitch of the sound 1c 1
: When a tuning fork vibrates, air molecules will vibrate.2
: When the tuning fork moves forwards, the air is compressed.3
: When the tuning fork moves backwards, the air layers are pulled apart andcause a rarefraction.4
: Therefore, a series of compression and rarefactions will produce sound.5
: The sound energy is propagated through the air around it in the form of waves.4d 1
: Large diameter2
: receives more signal3
:The distance of signal receiver from the centre of the parabolic disc issame as the focal length4
:Radar gives out parallel beam//signals focused to the receiver5
:Use microwave wave6
:High energy7
:Short wavelength8
:Easily reflected9
:High frequency10
:High energy / can travel at longer distance11
:The position of the parabolic disc is high12
:The signal is not blocked //much coverage//can detect signal13
:Strong material14
:Not easily broken10
Total 20
10 a i The rate of charge flows. 1b 1
State the correct comparison f the pe f circuit connection
Diagram 10.1 connected in series and Diagram 10.2 connected in parallel.2
State the correct comparison f the ammeters reading
 The reading of ammeter in Diagram 10.2 is greater than in Diagram 10.1.3
State the correct comparison f the voltmeters readings
The reading of voltmeter in Diagram 10.1 > Diagram 10.2.4
State the correct comparison f the jfective resistance
 The effective resistance in Diagram 10.2 < Diagram 10.1.6

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