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FY12 BSA Amdmt Substitute

FY12 BSA Amdmt Substitute

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Published by mdebonis

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Published by: mdebonis on Jun 13, 2011
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Draft AMENDMENT IN THE NATURE OF A SUBSTITUTEChairman Kwame R. BrownJune 10, 2011(To be moved at the June 14, 2011 Legislative Meeting)
A BILL19-203IN THE COUNCIL OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA ____________________ To limit payment from the categories of bonus and special pay; to amend the Fiscal Year 1999Budget Support Act of 1998 to allow the Office of the Chief Technology Officer to obtainand expend broadband stimulus grant monies; to establish a Department of GeneralServices as a separate, cabinet-level agency, to manage the capital construction programfor District government facilities and the real property assets of the District of Columbia;to amend the rental accommodations statute to clarify that the funds collected from therental unit fees are to be deposited in the Nuisance Abatement Fund; to clarify authorityfor historic preservation review and designation fees; to repeal the Neighborhood InvestmentFund Act of 2004; to amend the District of Columbia Housing Authority Act of 1999; toamend the Poverty Lawyer Loan Assistance Repayment Program to remove it from OAGand assign it to the Mayor; to amend the Uniform Per Student Funding Formula for Public Schools and Public Charter Schools and Tax Conformity Clarification AmendmentAct of 1998 to modify the per student foundation level for fiscal year 2010 and to providefor a supplemental allocation for extended school days; to amend the Healthy Schools Actof 2010; to amend the Day Care Policy Act of 1979 in order to bring the ChildDevelopment Facilities Regulations of 2007 into compliance with the statutory maximumlicensing capacity; to amend D.C. Code §38-2906.02 to hold the July 15
 payment inescrow pending a final decision by the eligible charter authority; to amend the MentallyRetarded Citizens Constitutional Rights and Dignity Act of 1978 to authorize theDepartment on Disability Services to require individuals receiving supports and servicesto be Medicaid eligible and maintain Medicaid eligibility for the purpose of receivingsuch supports and services from a Medicaid-eligible provider or require the individual tomake full payment to the provider for such supports and services and to amend theDepartment on Disability Services Establishment Act of 2006 to require the Departmenton Disability Services to maximize Medicaid revenues by requiring individuals receivingsupports and services to be Medicaid eligible and maintain Medicaid eligibility or requirethe individual to make full payment to the provider for such supports and services; to provide the Office of Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs with grant making authority; toamend the District of Columbia Public Assistance Act of 1982; to amend Section 7(a)(4)of the District of Columbia Traffic Act, and Title IV of the District of Columbia Revenue123412345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031323334353637383940414243444546
49Act of 1937 to modify the fee to obtain a duplicate operators permit, learner’s permit, provisional permit or registration certificate and to enhance the fee to obtain a duplicatenon-driver identification card or commercial driver’s license; to amend Title 24 of the DCMunicipal Regulations to revise the public space rental fee for temporarily placing steel plates in the public space; to amend the Department of Transportation Establishment Actof 2002 to allow DDOT to sell advertising on District Department of Transportation property in public space; to amend Title 47 of the District of Columbia Official Code to provide information requirements for the exemption or abatement of taxes and to providefor an annual certification by taxpayers for continued receipt of an exemption or abatement from real property taxation; to amend Chapters 20 and 22 of Title 47 of theDistrict of Columbia Official Code to specify a mechanism for remittance of taxes onadditional charges by room remarketers for occupancy of hotel accommodations bytransients; to make technical amendments to the Fiscal Year 2010 Budget Support Act of 2010 and the Fiscal Year 2011 Budget Support Act of 2010; to amend Title 47, Chapter 18 of the District of Columbia Official Code by adding thereto new sections, designated§§ 47-1805.02A, 47-1810.04, 47-1810.05, 47-1810.06, 47-1810.07, and amending andreenacting, § 47-1801.04, all relating to franchise taxes; to require combined reporting of certain taxes upon businesses; to amend Title 47 of the D.C. Official Code to initiate alimitation on Itemized Deductions; to amend Chapter 18 of Title 47 of the D.C. OfficialCode to amend the equally weighted 3-factor apportionment formula from a single-weighted sales factor to a double-weighted sales factor; to eliminate the sunset date on theexisting sales tax rate; to amend Title 47 of the D.C. Official Code to provide for a 6%sales tax on live performances and the same rate of sales tax on legitimate theater sales asother live performance venues; to increase the sales tax rate on parking to 18%; to collectsales tax on cigarettes at the wholesale level; to increase the estimated tax penalty safeharbor to 110% of prior year’s taxes; to amend Chapter 18 of Title 47 of the D.C. OfficialCode to increase the minimum tax payable on corporations and unincorporated businessesdoing business in the District of Columbia; to amend Chapter 44 of Title 47 of the D.C.Official Code adding a new section 47-4481 to require a District bank or financialinstitution to disclose to the Office of Tax & Revenue any bank account asset informationof a delinquent taxpayer with holdings in that bank or financial institution for the purposeof ascertaining whether there are sufficient assets in the account to satisfy any Districtliability owed by the delinquent taxpayer; to amend Chapter 18 of Title 47 of the D.C.Official Code 47-1812.08 to exclude the standard deduction from withholdingcalculations; to amend Chapter 8 of Title 47 to determine the calculated rate for commercial property in fiscal year 2012; to amend Chapter 18 of Title 47 of the D.C.Official Code 47-1812.08 to provide for tax to be withheld on distributions fromretirement accounts; to amend Chapter 18 of Title 47 of the D.C. Official Code by addinga new subparagraph to 47-1806.03(a) to impose an 8.9% income tax rate increase for District taxable income over $200,000; to amend the D.C. Official Code to allow off- premise alcohol sales to occur until 12 a.m.; to amend section 47-2001 of the District of Columbia Official Code to impose a duty on out-of District vendors that have a physical presence within the District to collect sales taxes on the internet sales to purchasers in theDistrict of tangible personal property or services; to make the Community Benefits Fundsubject to appropriations; to repeal and convert to local funds or make lapsing variousspecial purpose revenue and dedicated tax funds; to undesignated special purpose revenue123412345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031323334353637383940414243444546
49funds for fiscal year 2011; to adjust fiscal year 2011, 2012, and 2013 funding transfers;and to authorize .BE IT ENACTED BY THE COUNCIL OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, That thisact may be cited as the “Fiscal Year 2012 Budget Support Act of 2011”.
Sec. 1001. Short title.This subtitle may be cited as the “Bonus and Special Pay Limitation Act of 2011”.Sec. 1002. Bonus and special pay limitations.(a) For fiscal year 2012, no funds shall be used to support the categories of special awards pay or bonus pay; provided, that funds may be used to pay:(1) Retirement awards;(2) Hiring bonuses for difficult-to-fill positions;(3) Additional income allowances for difficult-to-fill positions;(4) Agency awards or bonuses funded by private grants or donations;(5) Safe driving awards;(6) Suggestion/invention awards; or (7) Any other award/bonus required by an existing contract or collective bargaining agreement that was entered into prior to October 1, 2010.(b) For fiscal year 2012, no special awards pay or bonus pay shall be paid to asubordinate agency head or an assistant or deputy agency head unless required by an existingcontract that was entered into prior to October 1, 2010.(c) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no restrictions on the use of funds tosupport the categories of special awards pay (comptroller subcategory 0137) or bonus pay123412345678910111213141516171819202122232425

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