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Teens Creating Their Ideal Future

Teens Creating Their Ideal Future

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Published by Craig Rispin

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Published by: Craig Rispin on Jun 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 TeensCreating TheirIdeal Future
Using Your Imagination and WickedSkills to Create an Awesome Life
Saturday Workshop
18th June 20111:00pm - 8:00pmBalgowlah, Sydney
      C      l     e     a     r      U     n     c      l     e     a     r
Unfocused Focused
What is covered inthe workshop?
Why listening to yourschool’s Career Advisor might be futilewhen planning yourfuture.The 6 Career LessonsNobody Bothered totell you -
“Johnny Bunko Career Guide” 
Lessons you can learnfrom Futurists andInnovators like SteveJobs, Sir KenRobinson, Sir RichardBranson and WaltDisney.Learn how to moveinto the best quadrantof the “Ideal FutureModel”How to identify jobsthat WILL exist in thefuture.How to identify jobsthat WON’T exist inthe future.How jobs of the futurewill be strange“mashups” of today’sindustries that you’dnever think would gotogether.What are “transferableskills” that will be indemand in everyindustry forever.How your hobby orpassion couldbecome your dream job or business.
What will Teens gainfrom attending?
You will have yourmind opened to newopportunities andpossibilities that youmay have neverimagined.You will learn how youcan take your skills orinterests and earn aliving from them.You will learn “How toThink Like a Futurist”and spot emergingpeople, business andtechnology trends.You will create andtake home a “VisionBoard” of your Future.You will create a“Futures Wheel” thatwill help you plan allaspects of your life.You will get someideas to help you toselect your secondaryand tertiary educationso that you will havetransferable skills inthe future.You will identify yourwicked skills andpassions and findemergingopportunities that youcan apply them to.
Ideal Future Model
Most 4 year olds can tell you what theywant to be when they grow up. But thenthey go to school and everything changes. You’ve probably heard: “You’ve got tostudy hard, get good grades, go to uni thenyou will be successful when you grow up!”School teaches you, “You have to learn thisway or you won’t fit in when it comes to thework world.” Then why is it that some of themost successful entrepreneurs seem to behigh school and university dropouts? The business world is harsh and changesconstantly. Knowing what the next big jobtrend will be is difficult to gauge. All too oftenCareer Advisors can’t provide sound adviceas 80% of the jobs that will exist in thefuture don’t exist today.What do teens need to do to succeed in thefuture?How can they prepare for an ever changing job market?
Not sure whatyou want to dofor the rest of your life?
Teens CreatingTheir Ideal Future
Is a workshop thatteaches 13-19 yearolds how using theirimagination andwicked skills can helpthem create anawesome life andcareer.

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