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Oregon Wing Encampment - 2008

Oregon Wing Encampment - 2008

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Published by CAP History Library

Civil Air Patrol

Civil Air Patrol

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Categories:Types, Research, Genealogy
Published by: CAP History Library on Jun 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike


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Photos by C/2d Lt Thomas Williams and C/SSgt George Tourovtsev
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 Answers to Sudoku from July 25, 2008 
Find the differences in these pictures.
From the Cadet Commander’s Desk 
Commander’s Welcome
I would like to take this opportunity to be the first tocongratulate you on making the decision to attend the 2008Oregon Wing Basic Encampment. By making this decision,you are committing yourself to an event that could quitepossibly change your life! This positive change however, willonly occur if you choose to make the most of the opportunitythat now lies before you. Cadets attend encampment for avariety of reasons. What is your personal reason forattending encampment? This question is asked rhetorically,but I challenge you to develop an answer for yourself prior toarriving at Encampment on the 26th of July. Encampment isdesigned to be a rigorous and challenging trainingexperience so that you can learn and grow effectively. Yourattitude and personal motivation for attending Encampmentwill play an essential role in the level of success you willexperience at encampment. The vision for encampment thisyear is to see you progress in your development as a leaderand to give you some tools that will assist you throughoutyour life in achieving your goals. Encampment is designed totrain you in the fundamentals of Civil Air Patrol, and to giveyou an understanding of how to live with HONOR, utilizeTEAMWORK, be DISCIPLINED, and demonstrateEXCELLENCE. I consider these four things to be the corner-stones of encampment and also to successful in life. If youcan understand and begin to demonstrate the traits listedabove, you will succeed at encampment and be well on yourway to excelling throughout the rest of your life. If you havequestions pertaining to encampment or your preparation forthis event, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of theEncampment Staff using the proper chain of command.
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-Sunday MealMenu-Why CAP?With theExecutiveOfficer-LeadershipReactionCourse-Kitchen Patrol
Page 4
Cadet Commander 
C/Capt Murphy
PAO Staff
Lt GloriaLee Orr; C/2d Lt Thomas Williams; C/SSgt George Tourovtsev;C/SSt Matthew Libante; C/A1C Stehen Kem
Guest Speakers & PFT
Photos by C/2d Lt Thomas Williams and C/SSgt George Tourovtsev
 Answers to PicturePuzzle from July 27,2008 
2 7 1 8 52 1 31 8 21 4 55 29 3 68 9 12 3 84 9 6 7 8
ATTN: Locking Kneecaps
By C/SSgt Matthew Libante
Make sure you don’t lock your knees while standingattention in your flight. According to 1st Lt CharlesOrr, the encampment’s Medical Officer, tensing upmuscles in such areas as the knees or neck can cutblood circulation in major arteries, thus causing theblood to pool and forcing your body to work evenharder to get blood to your heart and your brain. Theposition of attention is important, but don’t let stress ornegligence make you exaggerate the position to thepoint of locking muscles and possibly passing out.You WILL black out if you tense your muscles for along period of time. Be aware of your body. Keepyour knees and elbows slightly bent, but still look sharp and professional.Other tips to stay relaxed:- Keep hydrated and do not forget to drink plenty of water.- Use your time wisely; when you have time, ironyour uniform, polish your boots, and organize yourwall locker, etc. This way, you will not be stressingover miniscule items and finishing things at the lastminute.- Take your time, but be efficient. Work quickly, butdon’t be afraid to slow down and work a little extraharder on difficult tasks. Avoid distractions and work dilientl.
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-Orders of theDay-From theDesk of a TACOfficer
Page 3
-Tuesday MealMenu-Why CAP?With the AlphaFlight Sergeant-Activities forthe Cadet afterEncampment
Page 4
-GuestSpeakers &PFT-Sudoku- 7/27/08 WordSearchAnswers
PAO Staff
PAO 1st Lt GloriaLee Orr; C/2d Lt Thomas Williams; C/SSgt George Tourovtsev;C/SSgt Matthew Libante; C/A1C Stephen Kemp

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