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Published by: Major Jordy GameStudies on Jun 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A small analysis on the press coverage through the use of Facebook By Jordy Bossen 
The Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as the E3, is the annual video games conference ofthe year. This
year’s edition, from the 7
till the 9
of June, was marked by two major announcements;the release of the Playstation Vita (PS Vita) and the Nintendo Wii U.
The Playstation Potable’s (PSP) successor PS Vita can, according to Sony, be seen as the next
generation of mobile gaming and will offer brand new ways of play which can transform the gamersworld. PS Vita transforms the way the user experiences his or her favourite titles. New technologieslike the front multitouch screen, rear multitouch pad, motion-sensors and rich graphics bring thebiggest and best games to life in a whole new way. The front and rear cameras are equipped withAugmented Reality (AR) technology which can turn the real-life world in to a gaming arena; the kitchencounters could turn into a fighting ring or office boardrooms into battlefields. Wi-Fi and 3G capabilitiesallow users to pinpoint the location of nearby opponents, send friends on treasure hunts, or keep theworld updated on game rankings. The PS Vita has no boundaries anymore; gaming at home or on thego, location based services and gaming in real-life worlds.
Nintendo’s new home console the Wii U can be seen as the successor of the Nintendo Wii. The Wii U
offers an exciting new way to enjoy home entertainment. It has, according to Nintendo, a revolutionarynew touch screen controller, precision motion controls, and full HD graphics. It creates a whole new
world of play styles and gaming possibilities. According to Nintendo “[t]he time is coming to truly
expand your idea about what a game console is-
and can be”
(nintendo.com). The new touch screencontroller is the most important feature of this new console. It offers new possibilities like drawing witha stylus, viewing a zoomed image in the game or showing your inventory. It can also be used while thetelevision is set on another channel, so the user can still enjoy gaming with the Wii U.Both the PS Vita and the Wii U were announced during the E3, this small assignment will researchwhich announcement got the biggest coverage on social networks. By analyzing the likes throughFacebook this research will visualize the data flows on both announcements in order to see whichannouncement won based on coverage. In this the research will only focus on the posted articlesconcerning the official announcement of these two hardware systems during the E3 period on thethree biggest video game websites; ign.com, gametrailers.com, and gamespot.com.In order to get the data this research will analyze all articles, on the three biggest websites, related tothe announcement of these new hardware systems by counting all Facebook likes. These likesrepresent an ext
ra exposure on social networks, but don’t
necessarily mean an extra constructiveexposure. The gathered rough data is processed in a visualization tool called Gephi, which can
generate a visual of the data flows. In this way the extra exposure is visualized, in order to see whichannouncement got the most press coverage and exposure.
Analyzing and Explaining the Infographics
On the next two pages two infographics illustrate the press coverage on Facebook. First theseinfographics show all articles related to the hardware announcement of these two companies. In thiswe can see that the Nintendo Wii U has generated more articles during the E3 than the PS Vita; 13against 7 articles. The press coverage on the Wii U also generated more likes on Facebook; 6395likes against 598 likes. Looking at these likes we can see that gametrailers.com generated the mostlikes (2/3 of the likes) on both announcements. This can be explained because of the use of videocontent; gametrailers.com uses videos as their main resource of info. By liking these videos
 automatically posted on Facebook in order to get watched by others within the social network. In thisway the posted Facebook content is more interesting for other users within these social networks.Looking at the infographics we instantly can see that the announcement of the Wii U generated morearticles and likes. The pie charts show the absolute numbers and the visuals illustrate the data flowsfrom the initial article to Facebook. Each dot represents an article and the amount of likes it generated.The bigger the dot, the more likes generated. This first can be explained by the amount of news value.Prior to the E3 conference the PS Vita already got a lot of press coverage due to leaked informationwhich fed rumours and speculations. Therefore the announcement of the PS Vita didn
t really come asa surprise. Secondly the Wii U is more likely to get more exposure because of its technicalinnovations. Comparing the Wii U to the PS Vita we see that the PS Vita is more or less a technicalimprovement of the PSP, but the Wii U is a real innovative improvement. The use of this new 6.2 inchcontroller offers a new kind of game experience that is never been seen within the game industry. Inthis way Nintendo
s hardware device generates more news value.
This small research analyzed the amount of press coverage and exposure on Facebook generated bythe announcement of two major new hardware systems, the Wii U and the PS Vita. By processing therough data (Facebook likes) this research has shown that the Nintendo Wii U has generated morepress coverage on the three biggest video game websites during the E3 and also generated moreFacebook likes. This means that the Wii U got more unintended exposure than the PS Vita. Thisdoesn
t necessarily mean that there is more interest in the Wii U than the PS Vita, because thisanalysis doesn
t exclude if it
s positive or negative exposure. We do can say that the Wii U has morenews value because of its innovative improvements. Further research could analyze all articles andwebsites in order to find out if these websites prefer Nintendo above Sony due to bigger sponsordeals or other privileges.
Likes on press coverage about the reveal of the Nintendo Wii UVisualisation of likes on press coverage about the reveal of the Nintendo Wii UNew Console Announcement
7 June, 2011E3 conference, Los Angeles
The announcement of the upcoming new nextgeneration home console of Nintendo was on the 7
 of June on a press conference at the E3 conferencein Los Angeles
Facebook likes on the articles regarding the announcement of the new home consoleNintendo Wii U by the three biggest video game websitesIGN
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4054 LIKESwww.gametrailers.com
1083 LIKESwww.gamespot.com
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1258 LIKESwww.ign.com
4054 LIKESwww.gametrailers.com
1083 LIKESwww.gamespot.com

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