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Pathfinders Lost at Sea - Walk Through & Strategy Guide - wWw.fishBoneGames

Pathfinders Lost at Sea - Walk Through & Strategy Guide - wWw.fishBoneGames

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Published by amnessia

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Published by: amnessia on Jun 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pathfinders: Lost at Sea
Walkthrough & Strategy Guide
There are unlimited hints, and they recharge in a reasonable amount of time.
Areas that sparkle should be investigated.
There are no time limits of any sort.
There are no chapters; the game moves at a scene to scene pace.
Five consecutive incorrect clicks will cause your mouse cursor to travel in a spiraling motion for afew seconds.
You can skip any puzzle without consequence by pressing the Skip button. You will have to waituntil it is fully charged to use it again.
Mini-screenshots are highlighted with a yellow dotted line.
Notice the mini-screenshot that is connected to the TRASH BIN via a dotted line. It is displayingwhat the TRASH BIN will look like if you zoom into it.
When multiple mini-screenshots are connected to each other, it means that they are directlyrelated.
In this case, the TELEVISION is connected to 2 mini-screenshots. The first is displaying what theTELEVISION looks like after you zoom in. The second is displaying what the TELEVISION will looklike after you turn it on.
Follow the course of the dotted line to discover in what order the mini-screenshots should beviewed. For example, this time the order was from top to bottom, because of the course of thedotted line.
The cursor in this game has 3 different forms; an arrow, an open hand, and a magnifying glass.The cursor will change its appearance when it is hovered over certain action items, or areas, in ascene.
The arrow cursor appears when there is nothing suspicious in the area that your mouse is focusedon. However, you should still be on the lookout for hidden items, as they will not affect the cursor.
The magnifying glass indicates that the area can be zoomed into. To zoom out, click on the red “X”in the upper right corner of the window that appears after you have zoomed in.

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