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DSM Project 1st Regional Workshop_final

DSM Project 1st Regional Workshop_final

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Published by Seni Nabou

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Published by: Seni Nabou on Jun 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SPC-EU EDF10 Deep Sea Minerals (DSM) Project Inaugural Regional Workshop
“High Level Briefing on the Status of Deep Sea Minerals in the Pacific Islands Region and Planning for a Regionally Integrated Way Forward” 
– 8 
June 2011Tanoa International Hotel Nadi, Fiji.
Workshop Programme
Time Activity Presenter Day 1 – Monday 6 June 2011
8..00 9.15 am Registration All participants9.15 10.15 Brief welcome and introductionOfficial Opening Introduction of ParticipantsWorkshop program, workshop outline – purpose, expectedresults and outcomes, House keeping mattersArthur Webb (SPC)Russell Howorth (Director SOPACDivision, SPC) ParticipantsAkuila Tawake (SPC)
Group Photo for workshop participants
 10.15 – 10.30
Morning Tea 
10.30 12.30pm
Session 1 [SPC-EU DSM Project and Related Activities]
Overview of the SPC-EU EDF10 Deep Sea Minerals (DSM)Project: Background of offshore minerals exploration in theregion, mode of project implementation, Key Result Areas andplanned activities.Relevance of UNCLOS to marine mining and the rights of acoast state under UNCLOS, regional conventions / agreements,relevant national policies and laws, DSM Project proposedmethod of policy and legislation developmentsSPC-UNEP/GRID-Arendal proposed collaboration on PacificMarine Minerals and Deep Sea Mining Assessment, scope anddeliverables, similar UNEP/GRID productsStatus of the regional Maritime Boundary Delimitation and theExtended Continental Shelf claimAkuila Tawake Hannah Lily (SPC) Elaine Baker / Yannick Beaudoin(UNEP/GRID)Arthur Webb 
12.30 – 1.30
1.30 – 3.00
Session 2 [Deep Sea Minerals Occurrence and Potential]
A global overview of the Deep Sea Mineral: Occurrence, trendand potential with Case StudiesDeep Sea Mineral occurrence and potential in the PacificIslands Region with Case StudiesManganese Nodules and Cobalt-rich Crust – Previous studies,geology, characteristics and potential globally and in the PacificregionJames Hein (USGS) Akuila Tawake James Hein3.00 – 3.15
Afternoon Tea 
3.15 – 5.00
Session 3 [Country Perspective and Legislative Framework]
Cook Islands – manganese nodules exploration interests andstate of knowledge, the new Cook Islands seabed mineralspolicy and legislation, needs and required assistance?Tonga – Seabed exploration in Tonga: new industry, potentialfor economic growth, capacity building, policy and legislationvacuum.Fiji – Resource potential and state of knowledge.Challenges in policy and legislation development andinvestment in offshore minerals exploration and minin.Proposed legislative and administrative frameworks for DeepSea Minerals and miningPaul Lynch (MFAI,Cook Islands) Rennie Vaiomounga(MLSNR, Tonga) Malakai Finau (MRD,Fiji) Robert Makgill (N-SEnvironmental Law)6.00 – 8.00
Cocktail – All participants are invited
Day 2 – Tuesday 7 June 2011
8.30 – 10.15am
Session 4 [The PNG Experience – Legislative Developmentand Offshore Mining potential]
Overview of the review of the mineral policy and legislationIntroduction and presentation on the Solwara 1 licensingprocess up to the take up of equity by the PNG GovernmentPNG’s claim for the extended boundaries of the continental shelfand its implications on the development of the policyOverview of the draft PNG Offshore Mining PolicyGeohazards management initiative and its contributions to thePacific on the monitoring, assessment and mitigation ofgeological hazards and its linkages to offshore mining.PNG – exploration and mining potential and processes.Seabed Mining – compare with terrestrial mining, licensing,revenue generation and economic growth
10.15 – 10.30
Morning Tea 
10.30 – 12.30pm
Session 5 [Fiscal Regime Options relating to Mining]
Mining taxation regimes: range of mining taxation available,fiscal regime commonly used globally, what regime is best forthe Pacific? A case study as an exampleMining taxation policy: EITI principles, management of miningrevenue stream, budget transparency arrangements,sustainable saving mechanism, macro-economic policyInteractive Session on Alternative Fiscal Regime for the MiningIndustry: “The Norwegian Model” (approx. 1 hour)George Niumataiwalu(Kontiki Capital) Graeme Hancock(World Bank) Anne SolgaardandYannick Beaudoin(UNEP/GRID)12.30 – 1.30
1.30 – 3.15
Session 7 [Environment Conservation and Deep SeaEcosystems]
Marine Conservation issues, marine protected areas, concernsof communities in the region, Potential impacts of bottomtrawling and other fishing methods on deep sea and seabedecosystemsHydrothermal vent ecosystems: discovery, species variability ontemporal and spatial scales, importance and uses, conservationissues and vent protected areasFerromanganese nodules/crust ecosystems: discovery, speciesvariability on temporal and spatial scales, significance,conservation issuesCurrent Activities of KORDI’s Environmental Study for Deep-SeaMiningTaholo Kami(IUCN) / Charlie Avis (WWF)Chuck Fisher(Pennsylvania StateUniversity) Malcolm Clark(NIWA) Ju-Won Son (KORDI)3.15 – 3.30
Afternoon Tea 
3.30 – 5.00
Session 8 [Private Sector Perspective and Interests]
Solwara 1 Project UpdateDeep Ocean Seafloor Mineral extraction: Environmental andSocial ConsiderationsExploration activities of KORDI for deep sea mineralsdevelopment in the Pacific regionNauru Ocean Resources Inc (NORI): company update, interestin the Pacific, planned activities, challenges, benefits to Nauruand other PICsSamantha Smith(Nautilus Minerals)Samantha Smith Jonguk Kim (KORDI) Robert Heydon(NORI) BREAK6.30 – 8.00
[Informal side event with Representatives of PICs]
Examining higher level principles of New/Transitional Economicsand how these principles can provide new options across manyPIC economic sectorsAnne Solgaard,Yannick Beaudoinand LinwoodPendleton

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