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Tom Tom Recipe from Eat Me by Kenny Shopsin

Tom Tom Recipe from Eat Me by Kenny Shopsin



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Published by Alfred A. Knopf
A recipe for Tom Tom from Kenny Shopsin's riotous and tasty cookbook, Eat Me.
A recipe for Tom Tom from Kenny Shopsin's riotous and tasty cookbook, Eat Me.

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Categories:Types, Recipes/Menus
Publish date: Sep 23, 2008
Added to Scribd: Jun 15, 2011
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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laurashrti reviewed this
Kenny Shopsin's cookbook and philosophy of life and cooking are something to experience! Kenny is humorous and blunt, explaining how and why he cooks the way he does. There are some awesome recipes in here and descriptions of how his restaurant works... by his rules.
sturlington_1 reviewed this
Rated 5/5
Rarely you come across a cookbook that you have to sit down and read all the way through, including the recipes. This is such a cookbook. Kenny Shopsin has a wonderfully original approach to cooking and to life. The epilogue alone -- The Art of Staying Small -- is a great reflection on how to live a fulfilling life doing what you love.
kristenn_43 reviewed this
Rated 4/5
I read the Trillin article on Shopsin's back in 2002, so I bought this as soon as I knew it existed. And it was pretty much what I expected, in a good way. There's the attitude, of course. And this seemed like a particularly good book for non-cooks -- it's all about throwing really random stuff together based on what's handy. Including leftovers. Nothing intimidating. Except for the burgers, I guess. I avoid cooking techniques that involve flame. Not sure chili and marinara cross as many boundaries as he thinks, but it's worth trying.
dlgoldie reviewed this
Rated 3/5
Kenny Shopsin makes the simple case for doing work well, surrounded by people you love. He doesn't get anywhere - he throws people out of his restaurant who piss him off and avoids success as much as possible - but his joy in small things like mastering the perfect pancake is profound. A funny and ultimately moving book with recipes and humor.
verbafacio reviewed this
Rated 4/5
Kenny Shopsin is one eccentric restaurateur -- his tiny restaurant has many rules, more than 900 menu items, and cooks everything to order. The success of this crazy venture is directly attributed to Kenny's unique philosophy of food. He only cooks what he likes, and he doesn't like making the same foods over and over again. This philosophy translates surprisingly well to the home kitchen. In the many recipes scattered throughout, Shopsin shows his readers how to combine a few simple ingredients into bizarre and tasty foods. From simple pancakes to Tom Tom eggs (scrambled eggs with turkey stuffing), everything looks delicious. More than 200 illustrations (some of food, some random shots of the restaurant or Kenny's family) will get your mouth watering.
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