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Council Paper - Trans

Council Paper - Trans

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Published by Emma Brownbill

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Published by: Emma Brownbill on Jun 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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No Confidence in the Campus Health Centre
The Campus Health Centre has for at least 5 years now been cooperative in prescribingoff-label HRT to trans patients under shared care with private practitioners. While this is inline with NHS best practice, it is not universal, and patients are understandably wary ofrocking the boat.It should also be noted that the NHS carepath for Gender Dysphoria in York, in spite ofpolicy to the contrary from the Yorkshire and Humber Specialised Commissioning Group,continues to be overly prescriptive and falls well short of internationally recognised stan-dards, including in some cases relying on diagnoses which are no longer recognised byany professional body. Gender Services, however, are not the focus of this paper.
It is a matter of record, as the practice's own paper trail will show, that the Health Centrehas been in violation of the Data Protection Act and associated NHS guidance related tothe medical records of trans patients for over 2 years now (to the Union's knowledge - itmay be longer). Repeated requests by patients that their name and gender marker be up-dated have been unlawfully refused on multiple occasions, with patients being sent a lettermisstating the practice's obligations under law.While the practice is not obliged to comply with verbal requests under the Data ProtectionAct, its own change of details slips do constitute a written request, and should be actionedwithin 21 days (NHS agreement) or 40 days at most (by law), with written statement of whya request is being denied if so. This has not been the case, and has resulted in, amongstothers:Prescriptions being printed with incorrect titles, resulting in patients being outed to phar-macists, and in certain cases almost being denied their medication as a result.Letters with incorrect titles being sent to patients term time addresses, risking them beingouted to their housematesCorrespondence between the GP and other professionals containing incorrect names,rendering this correspondence useless to the patient as a record of their care.Further, there is an excessive (sometimes all-consuming) focus within both the practiceand the Primary Care Trust on a patient's trans status. As the NHS' own guidelines say,"trans people get colds too", and it is to the great frustration of patients that trans status isrepeatedly included in correspondence and patient notes regarding wholly unrelated as-pects of their health. This inclusion again renders such correspondence unusable as a re-cord of care, leaving trans students in the unacceptable position of having to choose be-tween being outed to university staff or having no proof of medical care when required (forexample, mitigating circumstances, suspension of enrollment, etc).Accordingly, we consider that it is unreasonable for the University to rely on paperworkfrom any body within the Primary Care Trust on matters pertaining to the care of trans stu-dents as relates to gender or otherwise, until such a time as this situation is resolved.

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