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Chapter Four: Alone

Chapter Four: Alone

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Published by BouncyPickle
For -Zilithion- on Gaia
For -Zilithion- on Gaia

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Published by: BouncyPickle on Jun 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter Four
With every page Aries blushed more. Each section he translated was very…detailed.
 A Breathof Lightning 
was indeed a guide for thunder elementals. It had very in-depth descriptions of techniquesand positions for the practical use of “electrifying intercourse.” It was, in other words, an ancient sexmanual.In all of his life Aries had never been happier that he was alone. No one could hear hissputtering or gasps of embarrassment, but most of all no one could see his bright red face. He had noidea thunder elemental powers could be used so…creatively.Writing each line of translation in straight rows of tidy cursive was not the difficult part. Tryingto keep his mind from over-analyzing was the real struggle. When Aries focused on something hetended to think of little else, which wasn’t a particularly good trait when reading a tome with nothing but sex in it. The illustrations did not make his thoughts any less dirty either.Aries only knew one thunder elemental, other than himself obviously. The students in Vincent’sclass were closer to Aries’ age, but that did not mean they were friends. He could not even put faces totheir names. That was part of the problem. Since Vincent was the only thunder elemental he wasacquainted with, Aries was constantly reminded of him.Thoughts like;
The Shocking Roundabout? I wonder if Vincent can bend that way too…
Vincent’s “electric eel” could probably fit like that,
drifted in Aries' mind, no matter how hard he triedto force them back. His treacherously vivid imagination didn’t spare him either, putting Vincent into thedevious images as well. Aries did not know what the professor looked like shirtless, but his mind hadsome very graphic ideas.Even when he wasn't reading, Aries thought of Vincent. He brushed it off, but his mind was persistent. Little things reminded him of the professor. Instead of dirty images in which Vincent performs very inappropriate things, like brushing his teeth with the water on or refusing to hold openthe door for elderly people, Aries just thinks of his eyes, his smile, and his laugh. It makes him blushmore than any lusty thoughts ever could.At the sound of approaching footsteps, Aries slammed the tome closed and his dictionary felloff of his lap spilling all of his pens. Frantically he tried to pick them up while desperately hiding his blushing face.“They what?!,” Aries heard one of the students say and he cursed himself for eavesdropping.“They said that they’re sure;” the other girl replied, “it’s love.”Aries froze in the middle of reaching and his eyes popped wide open. The girls shot himconfused looks as they stepped around him. Quickly scrambling to his feet, Aries yelled after them,“Wait!” They reluctantly obliged and he hurried to face them. He frantically pleaded, “They’re what?”“Um…” the girls shared a sideways glance, “They’re in love-”Aries looked even more desperate now. “How do they know?” he begged.Sympathy pooled into the girls’ eyes. “Well…” the blonde girl started, “they are alwaysthinking about each other and…”“They love spending time together,” the other supplied helpfully, “and they help each other allthe time.”They looked away thoughtfully for a moment. “Little things remind them of each other too,”one started before her words were halted by the look on Aries’ face. It was an unpleasant mixture of terrified, confused, and panicked.Aries knew nothing about love except for what he read in a fairy tale once. The ideas of “love atfirst sight” and “happily ever after” made the emotion seem like such a simple concept. It wasn’t. Atwisting turmoil Aries felt in his heart and images of Vincent replayed in his mind. They were naggingand persistent, but at the same time they made Aries feel weightless and dizzy. He liked them, likedVincent, but he was not in love. Was he?
“Are… you alright?” one girl asked and Aries jumped. He had forgotten the other students werethere.“Pardon me,” Aries nodded and took a polite step back, “I didn’t mean to intrude. Thank you for your help.” The girls quirked an eyebrow at him and turned away. Aries made towards his books stillsprawled across the ground.“Yep,” he overheard one of the girl’s final remarks, “
in love.”Aries scowled. How did that girl know? How could she be so sure of it? If love was as easy torecognize as they made it out to be then why couldn’t
see it?He was always perceptive and quick at learning and was in the top of his class because of it.Aries understood dead languages and applied aerospace trigonometry, his comprehension skill was oneof the highest the school had ever seen. Yet, he didn’t understand love.Like so many other things, Aries forced it from his mind and returned to his work. It wasn’t aseasy as he thought it would be. Each described pose in the book brought about images of Vincent still, but now Aries was there too. The sexy picture of Vincent and the image of himself were being very passionate.When he got to the pages about “high voltage penetration” Aries couldn't take it any longer. Heslammed the book closed and pushed it aside, wishing he could do the same with the vivid pictures inhis head. Pinching the bridge of his nose, Aries sighed. He was over thinking it, just like he did witheverything else.Why he thought it would matter if he loved Vincent, Aries didn't know. Even if he did, Vincentwould have to reciprocate said feelings for anything to come of it. Since the professor didn't, the factthat Aries loved him meant nothing.The high tower rang the chapel like bell signaling the end of the class period. As Aries packedup his belongings
 A Breath of Lightening 
caught his eye and he put it on top of his other books. Hewould stop off and explain its uselessness to Vincent on his way to class. Of course, some details Ariesopted to leave out.Walking up the bustling marble stairs gave Aries little time to think. He received the usual staresand behind the back whispers, but held his chin high and brushed them off. His peers would never be privy to the truth that their cruel acts hurt his feelings, even sexually confused as they were.In the corridor that led to Vincent's sparsely used classroom Aries ran into the thunder elementalstudents as they were leaving. A group of three boys, which Aries thought was strange since heremembered Vincent saying there were four students in his class, hurried past him. Knowing lookswere plastered on their faces and Aries frowned. He wanted to know too.“Hey,” a blonde boy interjected, cutting into Aries thoughts, “Are you here to see Professor Caligari?”Aries paused for a thoughtful moment. “Yes,” he replied cautiously. Behind the blonde student,the twins nudged each other as if one had won a bet. Aries cleared his throat, “Is he in?”“Aye,” a brother answered, “just in the classroom there.”With no more words Aries walked around them. Once he reached the side door to the room,Aries overheard the blonde boy say, “See, I knew they were true.” There was a moment of contemplation before Aries pulled the door open in one swift motion.Aries couldn't say he understood what love felt like, he couldn't define it or even describe it, butthe instant he saw Vincent, Aries knew he was head-over-heels in it. Otherwise, he wouldn't have feltso completely and utterly betrayed.He was right; Vincent did have four students in his class. Aries knew this because Vincent andhis fourth student were kissing each other. The red haired girl looked more than pleased to be inVincent's arms, then again who wouldn't?The book in Aries hands fell to the ground when his limbs became as numb as his heart. Acoldness sank into the pit of his stomach, it was so heavy Aries didn't know if he could hold himself up

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