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John Sims Davie & the Ranches Article

John Sims Davie & the Ranches Article

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Published by commissioner_sims

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Published by: commissioner_sims on Jun 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I love Cooper City, and while I am grateful that one dark cloud has beenremoved, several dark clouds still loom over “someplace special”.One cloud however remains and looks more ominous with each passing day.That is the cloud of public distrust. While laws weren’t broken, our imageremains deeply scarred. The responsibility for this distrust rests squarely onthe shoulders of our administrators.Recently our commissioners have been investigated, have had ethicscomplaints filed against them and one has been plastered across thetelevision flunking a field sobriety tests. It is clear that the currentadministration has lost focus, preoccupied with having to defend itself atevery turn.It is time for positive change. It’s time to take positive action. As I see it,there are two steps.First, elected officials and city employees must, more than anyone else, play by the rules. It is imperative that public officials be independent, impartialand that public office not be used for personal gain. If we can’t trust our elected officials, who can we trust? True leadership demands integrity,honesty and humility when you have made a mistake. The second step we need to take to lead our city out of darkness is to addressthe serious issues facing all of us. Using public office or residents to makead hominem arguments is disgraceful. This unhealthy political strategy must be seen for what it is, nothing more than the inability to debate and discussthe issues that truly face our community.Issues that are important and have been ignored because this commissionhas spent too much time playing defense. It’s time to play offense, take positive action to restore public trust, and make our community someplacespecial once again. That’s why I am running for Cooper CityCommissioner."What's in it for me if I vote for John?" I will foster balanced ‘smartgrowth’, implement Management By Objective, improve the city’s commonareas, address unfunded mandates and liabilities, address ten year budget projections, reduce our current budget, implement more diverse programs,increase employee morale, improve efficiency and customer service, return

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