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Turmoil in Cooper City

Turmoil in Cooper City

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Published by commissioner_sims

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Published by: commissioner_sims on Jun 15, 2011
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Turmoil in Cooper City
> Posted by Anthony Man on April 9, 2008 08:07 AM
Dozens of residents, religious leaders and community activists packed into Cooper City's City HallTuesday night, divided on how the city should deal with a now-defunct, controversial blog that had anti-Semitic postings about the mayor.Holding signs that read "Zero Tolerance" and " Cooper City is a hate free zone," some called for theresignation of Commissioner John Sims.Read the full story
The reporter who wrote this article is as bad if not worse than the mindless mob that showed up atCooper City Meeting. You say the blog had anti-Semitic remarks on it. Well, as one of the authors of oneof the other blogs which Lori Green tried to indict by her comments let me advise you of the following; theblogs mentioned by Lori Green, Debby's campaign manager, on the police report (you should read it) didNOT ever, before during or after the swastika incident, have ANY anti-Semitic, racist or discriminatoryremarks.They did contain many critical remarks about the Mayor, her leadership, conduct, both personal andprofessional. The mob that showed up had been worked up ( the absence of any facts and the presenceof a hate sheet written by a indicted drug trafficker and his co-conspirator with a history of child abuse) bythe heretofore respected Rabbi Pinny, a historical civic dissent and major local ordinance violator )his rapsheet is lengthy) who still bears in his voice the anger for what the code enforcement personnel of Cooper City put him through when he thought he could refuse to obey the local ordinances. In turn, he is astaunch supporter of the Rabbinical Law which in the short form says you are 'guilty unless you can proveyour innocence'.No one has spoken out for fear and I use that word very advisedly as strange things can happen whenyour name is listed in the Cabal's S*** list.Mr. Anthony Man, you should take a little time and contact some of the persons in Cooper City in order toreally get the facts straight and then write the story not the reverse. BTW, It really causes one to questionthe real meaning of the events when the very busy Scott Israel and Judy Stern were seen huddling inwhispered tones outside the city hall during the kangaroo court session, AKA the Cooper CityCommission Meeting. Is there a large meaning to this conspiracy of personal attack?
Posted by: The buzzman |
April 13, 2008 10:07 PM
0 gather to begin drive to recall Cooper City Commissioner John Sims
> Posted by Russell Small on April 23, 2008 11:14 AM
0 residents intent on ousting Cooper City Commissioner John Sims from office gathered Tuesdayevening to kick off the recall effort against him. A committee, led by former Commissioner Elliot Kleiman, met with volunteers inside the Embassy LakesClubhouse in Cooper City for about an hour to review the details of the petition and answer questionsfrom residents who will start collecting signatures on Saturday.The petition accuses Sims of neglecting his duty as an elected official, failing to be prepared for meetingsand publishing Internet blogs containing hateful and abusive material. A now-defunct, controversial blogcontaining anti-Semitic postings about Mayor Debbie Eisinger was registered to Sims.
"The owner of blogs has total and absolute control of what's posted," Kleiman said at the meeting. "Todeny any responsibility is just not the truth."We cannot tolerate this behavior from an elected official," he added.Sims, 49, who was elected in March 2007, has said he had nothing to do with the postings aboutEisinger.In January, the Broward Sheriff's Office started investigating anti-Sematic postings about the mayor onwww.savecoopercity.blogspot.com", a blog registered to Sims that has been taken down. Investigatorsalso sought those responsible for etching a swastika into the car of Eisinger's campaign manager, LoriGreen.The Sheriff's Office considered both incidents hate crimes. They have not charged Sims or anyone elsewith a crime and have suspended the investigation until they get more information.Sims said Monday he will not resign, despite the recall campaign."I've been accused of something I haven't done," Sims said. "It's typical dirty politics to destroy anybodythey can ... I'm not going to worry about it."Florida law requires the recall committee to collect signatures from at least 10 percent of the city'sregistered voters, or 1,900 names, within 30 days of the date of the first signature. The recall committee isaiming for 2,
00 signatures, Kleiman said.Volunteers will begin collecting signatures at the city's Founder's Day celebration Saturday at BrianPiccolo Park.
-- Elizabeth Baier, staff writer 
i am not surprised at the actions, why is Kleiman doing this?> does he want to go back to being acommisioner? Wonder why? Also, why did our mayor NOT tell us about the increase in the water feesuntil AFTER the elections..........
Posted by: fred |
April 23, 2008 1:31 PM
Unbelieveable! What a way to celebrate Founder's Day. I'll bet Morris Cooper is turning in his grave.Thanks Debby Eisinger for another insult and disgrace to our city. All for what? Political gain...
Posted by: Dude |
April 23, 2008 3:35 PM
Unbelieveable! What a way to celebrate Founder's Day. I'll bet Morris Cooper is turning in his grave.Thanks Debby Eisinger for another insult and disgrace to our city. All for what? Political gain...
Posted by: Dude |
April 23, 2008 3:35 PM
a good read.
Posted by:
June 5, 2008 10:27 PM
Cooper City recall effort abandoned
> Posted by Anthony Man on May 29, 2008 09:
Residents intent on removing John Sims from office because of anti-Semitic Web postings have droppedthe recall effort, saying the city can't afford it.The residents started the rare recall move against the city commissioner last month to hold himaccountable for a now-defunct, controversial blog registered to him that posted anti-Semitic statementsabout Mayor Debbie Eisinger.Elliot Kleiman, a recall committee organizer, said Wednesday the group collected more than the needed1,900 signatures, or 10 percent of the city's registered voters. He said he could not provide the exactnumber of signatures because he stopped counting when they reached the required amount.Kleiman said the group hoped to hold the recall in November to coincide with the presidential election, butthe process would likely take longer and force Cooper City to conduct two special elections. Doing sowould cost the city about $
,000 apiece, according to City Clerk Susan Bernard."Based on the economy and all the problems with city budgets, we just determined that it just wasn'tworth it," Kleiman said.In January, the Broward Sheriff's Office started looking for evidence leading to those responsible for anti-Semitic postings about the mayor on a now defunct blog. The Sheriff's Office considered the incident ahate crime. They have not charged Sims or anyone else with a crime and have suspended theinvestigation until they get more information.Sims, 49, whose term ends in March 2010, has said he had nothing to do with the Eisinger postings. Hesaid Wednesday he thought the recall petition "was a big joke.""I wanted to take them to court and show what a frivolous recall it was," Sims said.
-- Staff Writer Elizabeth Baier 
ity-Town-Village Government (183)
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Let's get this straight!There were NO anti-semitic comments on the blog that Lori Green created !There was NO hate crime committed on the blog that Lori Green created !There were only ALLEGATIONS of hate and anti-simitism against Comm. Sims !There was no PROOF of Sims being involved per the BSO Police !The petition was not legally sufficient to sustain the charges which were so vague and uncertain thatCommissioner Sims could have no conception of the particular act or acts which substantially related tothe alleged cause(s) of removal from office and would not have been able to eve formulate a response.Therefore, the baseless allegations contained in the Petition for Recall could not constitute malfeasance,misfeasance or neglect of duty. The legal requirements were not met where the statement(s) in thepetition were nothing more than conclusions or opinions without any tangible basis of facts. There wasabsolutely no truth, factual allegations nor justification to any of the false charges levied againstCommissioner Sims by the Recall Committee (Yes, that Committee includes EVERYONE who signed it)by an ex-Commissioner who rarely showed up sober for a Commission meeting.I am glad the majority of voters showed support for Commissioner Sims' dedicated service to thecommunity by not signing the ridiculous petition.

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