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Happy Trails

Happy Trails



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Published by RichardHumphries
A man, a boy, and a horse.
A man, a boy, and a horse.

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Published by: RichardHumphries on Jun 16, 2011
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Happy Trails to healing. Your gift to your readers is the gift of love.
What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful son. I can't imagine how heavy your heart is, Richard. Surely writing the love you shared can heal you bit by bit and help you to carry Ryan with you. I wish you peace.
Ingrid Ricks added this note
Richard - this story is so touching and so beautifully written. I'm so sorry for your loss. What a rare, powerful relationship and friendship the two of you shared. As my dad says - that's something that can't be taken away, ever.
LauraNovak added this note
Oh Richard. I am crying reading this. I don't know how you penned it so soon. But I'm sure Ryan helped you in spirit as he did in life: imbuing you with his humor and creativity and passion for grabbing the moment. Your love shines through this loss. And it pains me so to know that you and your family lost a young man you so deeply loved. Thank you for sharing this with us.
AJewett added this note
Poignant and beautifully written. Deep condolences for your loss, Richard.
Mary Yuhas added this note
Congrats on the feature! It's so touching.
Tammy Nam added this note
<3 Richard.
Luddite added this note
Beautiful. Heart rending. Filled with love.

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