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Warbird Blueprints & Technical Drawings

Warbird Blueprints & Technical Drawings

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Published by gh170459
Aviation, warbird, military, historic, aircraft blueprint drawings
Aviation, warbird, military, historic, aircraft blueprint drawings

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Published by: gh170459 on Jun 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Available on DiscCONTACT: sales@military-aircraft-photos.com
Albatros WW1 Fighter–4 Technical drawings,55 Meg Tiff files eachon CV16, CX,CXV, J1 Avro Anson -132 Factory Drawings,Tiff files 20 to 50 meg each approx Avro 504 -13 Factory Drawings,Tiff files totaling over 800 meg Avro VULCAN -115 Factory Drawings,Tiff files totaling 5.93 GIG  Avro Lancaster -130 Factory Blueprints,Jpeg files totaling 458 Megand272 Factory Technical drawings, Tiff files totaling 5.1 Gig in size,191 Factory Drawings ( some in colour),Jpeg files totaling 515 MegAND 1 RAAF Plan DrawingBlackburn Monoplane 1912 –1 large tech drawing,57 meg Tiff file. Blackburn Firebrand1 RAAF Plan DrawingBoeing B17 Flying Fortress –285 Factory Drawings,( 240 of those are for the B-17G ) each approx a40 Meg Tiff Fileand1 Large General Arrangement drawing with measurements, a72 meg Tiff file  Boeing B29 Superfortress1 Large Factory Blueprint No: 15-10197 dated 23
June 1942,a258 Meg Tiff fileand Marianas Air Sea Rescue Bulletin 14 pagesBoeing C97 Stratofreighter1 Large Factory Blueprint No: 4-1744, a209 Meg Tiff File,  Boeing 377 Stratocruiser1 Large Factory Blueprint, no: 14-4748, 236 meg Tiff file  Boeing 747P –1 Large Factory Blueprint, NO: 65B00093, dated 13
Oct 1967,72 megTiff file Boeing B52D –1 Large Drawing,145 meg Tiff file  Boulton Paul Defiant3 Large Technical Drawings,each a 50 meg Tiff FileBregeut WW1 Bomber I Technical DrawingTiff file 165 megBristol F2b Fighter –I4 Technical DrawingTiff files 2.53 GigCommonwealth Aircraft Corporation CAC 12 Boomerang1 RAAF Plan DrawingChance Vought F4U Corsair –10 Factory drawings as Tiff files. Consolidated PBY Catalina 9 Factory drawings, ranging from5 to 19 Meg Tiff files  Consolidated B24 Liberator 27 Factory drawings, ranging from50 to 180 Meg Tiff files and5 Technical Drawingsranging from18-57 Meg Tiff Files Curtiss P40 Kittyhawk6400 Factory Blueprints,over 12.5 GIG in total 15 General drawings De Havilland DH82 Tiger Moth –Over 1100+ Blueprints,807 megin total and I Cutaway drawing, 51 meg Tiff File
De Havilland Mosquito –I Cockpit Drawing,50 meg tiff file and6 Factory AIRFRAME Drawingsfiles sizes range from 170 to 227 meg Tiffs and186 Other Factory Drawings.De Havilland Hornet14 Factory AIRFRAME Drawingsfiles sizes range from 50 to 130meg Tiffs
De Havilland Leopard Moth13 factory drawings files sizes range from 47 to 150 meg Tiffs De Havilland 60 Gipsy Moth3 factory general arrangement drawings,files sizes range from 30 to 60 meg TiffsDe Havilland 82 Tiger Moth1100+ factory Blueprints,Tiff files totaling over 800 meg De Havilland 83 Fox Moth14 factory drawings,Tiff files, average size 60 to 70 meg De Havilland 89 Dominie47 factory drawings,1.9 Gig total Tiff files De Havilland 89 Rapide112 factory drawings,files sizes range from 19 to 50 meg Tiffs De Havilland 90 Dragonfly16 factory drawings,Tiff files total 1.03Gig De Havilland GIPSY ENGINESGipsy 1 Engine Lubrication Diagram,Tiff files 155 meg Gipsy 1 Engine Lubrication Diagram,Tiff files 155 megGipsy Queen II Engine 7 Factory Drawings,Tiff files 65 to 75 meg eachDornier Do 215 -7 Large Factory Tiff drawings and blueprints,range in size from 70 to 290 meg Tiff filesDornier Do 335 -3 Factory Blueprintsrange from 47 to 187 meg Tiff filesAND  7 Large scale detailed tech drawings,each 50 meg Tiff filesDornier Do 17 –1 Cutaway Drawing,51 meg Tiff FileandI General Arrangement Drawing from the Royal Aircraft Establishment showing the best areas for damage, 149meg Tiff fileDouglas A-26 Invader1 RAAF Plan DrawingEnglish Electric Canberra106 General DrawingsTiff Files totaling 460 meg  Etrich Taube –I Factory DrawingTiff file 12 megFairey Battle –2 large tech drawings, one is21 meg Tiff File, the other a 52 meg Tiff file AND15 large Factory Blueprints,Tiff Files, average size each 120 meg Fairey Swordfish –1Large Factory Blueprint No A37472,279 meg Tiff File Fleet 16 Finch I Rigging DrawingTiff file 100 megFiat G-55 -20 Factory Blueprints Focke Wulf -TA154 Moskito18 Technical Drawingsranging from 50 to 95 meg each as aTiff File showing various parts of fuselage, wing, engine, cockpit
5 FactoryBLUEPRINTS, No: 10102501150which is 69 meg, No: 1010250402182 meg, No: 1010250208109 meg, No: 1010250205118 meg, No: 10102507102118 meg  AND about440 pages of microfische paper copy of other Blueprints from theSmithsonian. I have only just begun to scan this and it will take me severalmonths for this to finish this microfiche scan.Focke Wulf Fw222 EXPERIMENTAL ( Looks like a Ta154 Moskito ) -4 Factoryblueprintsrange from 49 to 88 Meg Tiff filesFocke Wulf PTL 021 EXPERIMENTAL -2 Factory blueprintsEach 40 Meg Tiff file 
 Focke Wulf TA152 -2 Factory blueprints, No: 101329101 89 Meg Tiff fileandNo:1025059  67 meg Tiff fileand3 Factory drawings,ranging from 51 to 167 meg Tiff files 1 Factory Technical drawing Fw190D. Fw Ta152 Torpedo Aircraft models51 meg TiffFile dated 24-12-44 Focke Wulf - Fw1905 Factory Blueprints, Numbers are 81900006804 to 6808,each are 50 meg Tiff files  489 A-8 Bremen Blueprints and 84 A-8 Bremen Blueprint data files6 Misc. Factory Electrical Blueprints,each 50 meg Tiff Files, 12 Large Technical drawings on various A modelsranging from56 to 138 meg Tiff Files1 Factory Technical drawing Fw190D. Fw Ta152 Torpedo Aircraft models51 meg TiffFile dated 24-12-44 2 Large Technical Drawings on the D Model,63 and 138 meg tiff file  6 Instrument panel drawings on the A & F model and other unmarkedranging from15to 40 meg tiff files,some original drawings still availableAll drawings from Ken Bokelman who restored the Smithsonian Fw190Focke Wulf - Fw19111 Factory Drawings,each approx 50 meg tiff files, showing bombloads, instrument panel and misc.Focke Wulf Fw189 UHU -32 Technical Drawingsranging from28-32 meg each TIFF FilesFocke Wulf - FW200 -3 Large tech drawings,each a 33 meg Tiff file  Fokker Triplane I Technical DrawingTiff file 156 megFokker DV11 WW1 German fighter 1 large tech drawing,56 meg Tiff file Gloster Gladiator8 Tech drawings and 1 blueprint No Z24562 dated 3-10-39.blueprint is a234 Meg TIFF File,drawings range from 46 -118 Meg TIFF Files  Grumman F7F-1 Tigercat1 RAAF Plan DrawingHandley Page Victor -2 large technical drawings,Each 153 Meg Tiff file  Handley Page Halifax -2 Factory Blueprints No:61130C General Arrangement pipingSystem Front Fuselage and No:57154P Lubrication Diagram,each 119 meg Tiff File  Hawker Hurricane5 large tech drawings and 13 factory drawings ( AP1564A ) each approx: 50 meg Tiff fileHawker Typhoon –1 large tech drawing,62 meg Tiff file  Heinkel He219 -2 Factory Blueprints, No 8-219-01-128, Cockpit, dated 16-4-44 151 meg Tiff FileandNo 8-219-212, Landing Gear, dated 15-9-44 123 meg Tiff file  Heinkel He162 -16 Factory Drawings,each 51 meg Tiff file  Heinkel He111 –1 Large Tech Drawing of Civilian Heinkel He111C D-AQYF withmeasurements.30 meg Tiff Fileand 8 Factory Drawingseach 26 to 31 meg Tiff Files Junkers JU88 –1 cockpit instrument layout drawing,60 meg Tiff file Kawasaki Ki-61 Hein9 technical Drawings,Tiff files each approx 30 meg. Kawasaki N1K2-J Shinden-Kai2 technical Drawings,Tiff files each approx 35 meg.

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