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PM0006 Sample

PM0006 Sample

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Published by Rajesh Singh

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Published by: Rajesh Singh on Jun 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Feb 2011
Master of Business Administration-MBA Semester 4Project Management – PM0006 - 2 CreditsAssignment Set- 1 (30 Marks)
Note: Each question carries 10 Marks. Answer all the questions.Q.1 Describe the process of setting up of a common resource.Answer:
The management of resources is a major feature of MS Project. It is possible to seehow each one is being used and determine the times when they are under or over utilised. The system can adjust the project to eliminate over allocation of a resource. Wecan think of resource data being stored in a database, which is the partner to the taskdatabase. The Microsoft Project system merges the data in the two databases toprovide the facilities that are available.When a large pool of resources is built – for example, 200 employees – the best placeto enter this information is in the Resource Sheet. If there are only a few resourcesworking on the project, however, anybody might enter them “on the flyusing theResource Assignment dialog box.
Reviewing and Navigating the Resource Sheet
The Resource Sheet contains an array of required fields for entering resources. AResource Sheet is illustrated below:
Figure : Reviewing and Navigating the Resource SheetEntering the Resources
There are two separate stages in adding Resources to be managed by the system.They first must be entered in the
Resource Sheet
to identify them as being available.Secondly the available resources are associated with the respective tasks.
Adding Resources to the Resource Sheet
You add resources to the Resource Sheet in rows. The columns identify the fields. Thetable below summarizes the information that you can store in the Resource Sheet.
ResourceNameThe name given to a resource. It can be the name of an individual or a type of group.InitialsThe abbreviated name for the resource.GroupA resource can be placed in a group, which can beused by a filter to show only group members, it is alsopossible to use the group name to view all members
of the group together.Max. UnitsThe percentage (number) of resource units available.This is applicable only if using a type of resource. For example, you might have three technicians, but youcan have only one Emma Cheesman.Std. RateThe standard cost of the resource per hour, week, or month.
Complete answer after payment, visitwww.studenthelp.tkQ.2 Write a short note on MS projects and explain in brief some of the importantterminologies used in MS Project.Answer:
MS Project is an application which the general MS Office users think to be another common Office application. However, it is very much different from the common Officeapplications and in some ways, it seems to do things on its own. MS Project is the mostnarrowly focus of all the Office applications. While the other Microsoft office programstend to broad and general in their application, MS Project is designed exclusively tomanage resource usage and project scheduling. MS Projects help to keep track of theprogress of the tasks. It also helps to figure out how much each of the resources isdoing on a project.MS Project is a tool to help you to plan projects, manage and update projectinformation, and communicate the status once the project is under way.The details of the project tasks and associated resources are entered into the system asa new project. The system will then display the data in such a way that the relationshipsof the tasks and their time scales can clearly be seen and potential problem areasidentified.Project data can be entered and/or viewed in a number of ways; the three principalformats are charts, forms, and sheets.

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