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Letter to Council

Letter to Council

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Published by Michelle Hohmeier
A letter I wrote to the Jefferson County Council on their proposed restrictions of Liberty.
A letter I wrote to the Jefferson County Council on their proposed restrictions of Liberty.

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Published by: Michelle Hohmeier on Jun 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Good morning everyone,My name is Michelle Hohmeier and I live in Arnold. I’m writing today because I willbe unable to attend the meeting this evening, but wanted to express my views onthe restrictions of the pornography store hours. I understand the pretense in whichthis legislation is being considered, and am whole-heartedly against pornographyand its destructive influence in our society. However, I also love liberty andfreedom, which this ordinance would abridge.I appreciate the stance of all Christians (as I am one), but we need to be mindful of the mission on which the Lord has sent us. We are to lead unbelievers to Jesus. Ibelieve the best way of doing this is by being a living example in this world, not byforcing our beliefs on them, for our ways are not their ways. They look at the Gospelmessage as folly and foolishness.If we want to eventually rid Jefferson County of the pornography stores, then it isour duty as Christians to educate those who frequent the businesses in the evils of pornography. When we are able to do this, we not only close the stores, we alsosave souls.But this is also an issue of liberty. As legislators, you were elected to protect theliberties of everyone in the county, whether or not you feel what they do isoffensive. Liberty is a difficult issue for most people to appreciate in its fullest.Liberty is often treasured when it applies to the usurpations by our federalgovernment, but not even considered when the majority views something asoffensive. We must protect and defend her at all levels of government.I understand you have the concerns of the people in your districts to worry about,but remember, this is a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy. You are in aunique position where you must listen to the majority, and at the same time protectthe minority. To act on legislation simply because “the people want it” does notmake it wise legislation. The rule of law (i.e. the Constitution) was set to protect the people from thegovernment, but also to protect the people from one another. We do not have theright to restrict another from earning a living, to pursue his happiness. Althoughpornography is not illegal, I understand its repercussions. But can we not look at thesale of alcohol or cigarettes in the same manner.As a country, we have attempted to restrict the sale of such items in the past andwe all know the outcome of that effort. I believe by restricting the sale of pornographic items, we will simply send the industry underground. Do we reallywant that? There will be no control whatsoever and people, including children, willfind ways to get what they want. We have that problem with drugs right now.

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