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God Writes for Me

God Writes for Me

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Published by Michelle Manuel
My attempt at writing a book about God writing my love story. I don't know if it will become a book. Who knows.
My attempt at writing a book about God writing my love story. I don't know if it will become a book. Who knows.

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Published by: Michelle Manuel on Jun 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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It takes a while for a broken heart to heal, especially if that broken heart hides itself away.I have spent the last years calling out for God to send me a mate. I spent the time askinghim to give me something that I was not capable of nurturing, supporting, encouraging,or even giving back to him once I got it. I wanted love so bad there were moments when Iwould wake up just thinking today is the day. Days turned into to weeks, weeks turnedinto years. Those years turned into tears and I could only question what I was doingwrong. I could never see that there was something more. God was trying to show me themore and he wants to share the more with me. God was showing me that the person Iwas, isn’t what he is looking at he doesn’t give me a mate just because I want one. Godwants to write me a love story.
 The beauty of God writing a love story forus is that God is writing it. Not you or the other person but God iswriting it. He gives us room to be because he does not desirerobots but he ultimately knows how things will turn out.God does not look at what the world looks upon, because theworld only sees half of the picture, maybe not even that much.We as friends of singles and as singles tend to think we have somuch to do with what God does. We as friends say things like heisn't good enough for you or other things that end up onlyconfusing the situation or we tell people maybe you are too picky.Don't you think God is big enough that he can even change thefickle person into a person who loves without limits? Maybe thereal answer is wait and see what God says. Maybe he is sayingnot now, or not this one or even not yet. I think we the goodfriends, who don't understand why our wonderful friends are stillsingle, need to let God make the choice for others not us. Weneed to just sit back and pray with the person who is coming toyou with their heart in their hand confused and sometimesfrustrated.God does not write a love story based on looks, skills, attribute,or how good you were last week. God doesn't have a checklistthat says you have met your quota of being a good Christian nowmeet your mate. NO, he decides when and where and it is all apart of his plan. God sees the big picture. HE knows ultimatelywhat the relationship will prove to be. He is looking for peoplewho will sharpen each other. He is looking for people who willoverlook the little things for the sake of the bigger picture. God islooking to put together people who will prosper, grow, and befruitful. HE is looking for people who will make his kingdom abetter place because of the way we serve others through our
relationships. God is looking to put people together that will showthe world the beauty of his love. He wants us to learn that heloves us the same way we love other people. If you love isshallow, how will you ever immerse yourself in the beauty of God's love? If your love is timid and refuses to take risk, how canyou take a risk with God? God wants us to be in relationships thatshow the world what his love looks. Our mates aren’t
based on whowe are. He provides us mates based on what he sees us becoming. God doesn’t want togive us someone who will impede the journey we are on, he wants that person tocompliment you and walk beside you. God wants to give you someone who will take that journey with you.I have often wondered if this person or that person is for me and I have often seensomeone that I love chose someone else. I have been walking a journey the last years a journey that not until recently did I match it up with what God was telling me. I tend tofall for people quickly. I love loving people from a distance. It is easy and it is what Iunderstand. Unfortunately loving people from a distance doesn’t change you and itdoesn’t show you the beauty of God’s love because the distance love is not what Godwants he wants up close intimate and personal. (
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) I found a man thatreally makes my heart flutter. All that stuff that pushes past your defenses and puts you inthe land of I can’t help it. I wanted this man and I believed that he wanted me to. Here isthe thing about love on earth. It is suppose to show you what love with your Father lookslike. You know when you love someone and they chose someone over you that feelingstinks. Here is the thing when we constantly put our hearts in other peoples hands we aredoing the same thing to God. I knew that I loved this man but I had to put him in Godshands and love God the way I was trying to love this man. God is the only one that (
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) can love us completely he is the only one that always wants to hear fromyou (
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) God is the ultimate companion.Father this may not be what you meant when you brought this passage to me but I think itis what I am suppose to do. Father I desire your will. I am giving you the authority tochoose which man you want me to move forward with not to just hold onto a man because I need to feel like I love someone. In this moving forward, I ask that I not be sofocused on me that I lose sight of what you are doing. I know what land I would like toclaim but I am not going to claim it because you have not said Michelle go and claim theland. In actuality, you told me to allow the land to come to me. Father if the land comingto me was different than I interpreted May your interpretation override self. Father mayyou be the one that chooses and may I have all the joy and all the happiness that you havefor me in the choice. The choice can even be neither. I give it to you. Help me to takecaptive my thoughts my ideals and my misguided beliefs and let me be set on your firmfoundation.In your beautiful son Jesus Christ’s name amenThere comes a point when you realize that the dream for a mate overshadows the love

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