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Chatter, November 2010

Chatter, November 2010

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Published by Irving Bible Church
The monthly magazine of Irving Bible Church.
The monthly magazine of Irving Bible Church.

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Published by: Irving Bible Church on Jun 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I’ve found myself watching a lot of movies lately. I think it’s some instinct thatkicks in for me around this time every year: temperatures drop and I begin mymonth-long waiting game.November has always seemed like a time of waiting: waiting until I can breathein cold air and then waiting to exhale and see my breath in front of me, waitingfor the “socially acceptable” time to begin listening to a Christmas carol with-out shame and waiting to deck the halls with Christmas décor.And what better way to wait than with a warm cup of HoCho (hot
) anda movie? I dare say, there is none. With
too much time on my hands, I’vegone a bit overboard and packed this letter full of movie titles so you, the reader,can play the game and get into the spirit of November movie watching whilereading along.
(Hint: there have been 10 movie titles mentioned so far.)
Good luck on the hunt.
(Now there have been 12.)
The ugly truth is, I’ve never really been good at waiting. I tend to live in “instantgratication” mode. Up until now, my life has been a never ending story of “want it; buy it.” It’s a wonderful life, really.I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; I am a product of my culture. I have the so-cial network of friends always available online where I can feel almost famous,I have movies on-demand and .com stores so I can be an online mallrat, I havethrift stores surrounding me that let me go Goodwill hunting without dig-ging through garage sales, I can dye my hair whatever color I want (I’m legallyblonde) and, although I’ve moved away, I can still meet the parents on Skype fora family date night.Yup, I’ve grown up in a world where it’s always cool runnings as long as I feel I’min control. But that’s just it; that’s as good as it gets. It’s just a 
of control;
that I run my empire. The tricky part comes when I realize trying tocontrol things is a mission impossible and in reality I’m just still waiting on theLord. That’s when the empire strikes back.It’s for exactly that reason why this November proves to be a titanic of a monthto wait through. After more than se7en years of waiting for the right time for myhusband, Mark, and I to pursue our eld of dreams and move north, we nallymade it. We’re in year one of living in Portland, Ore., the city of roses, and we’reenjoying the precious time we’ve had here. Even though we’re far from home,we’ve made friends, joined a great little pub church and still attend IBC longdistance. Life is beautiful here. It’s been exactly the amazing process we hopedit would be and it was denitely worth the wait. But the blind side we’ve discov-ered after moving away has been that Mark decided to pursue his passionatedesire to be in the United States Air Force, one: as an ocer, and two: hopefullyas a ghter pilot.As of the beginning of this sweet November, he has turned in everything re-quired (before the due date, might I add) to be considered for a spot as an AirForce ocer.So now we wait.We are keeping the faith by waiting for the Lord’s timing in our lives, waiting tohear if our lives are going to change drastically once again and waiting for thehopefully positive decision in January that a few good men and women makethat will determine our future’s inception.As I’m sure many of you know rsthand, it’s hard to wait. Die hard. Especially if you just got through waiting for the deep impact of something equally as big. Ithink that’s part of being human though; realizing that on any given Sunday, orany day for that matter, God could make a decision and life as we know it couldchange and produce the best years of our lives or could lead us into the wild of the last crusade or into the twilight of a new moon.I think I’m learning to be a better waiter. I’m getting more and more okay withthe idea of the unknown and that trusting in G.O.D. is way better than anyinstant gratication I could try to produce. Without a shadow of a doubt, I canlook forward with a new hope that only Christ can oer.So for now, I will cast away my impatience and sit in my bed of roses and faceo with a movie while Mark and I wait for the ring from the Air Force withoutfear, enjoying the dark knights of winter and all the chilly rain, man.
Oh, and for those of you still counting, there were over 70 movie titles mentioned.
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online at chattermag.com.
at chatter@irvingbible.org.
is a publication of Irving Bible Church | 2435 Kinwest Pkwy, Irving, TX 75063(972) 560-4600 | irvingbible.org
Stand-in Editor Extraordinaire
Kristy Alpert
Art Direction, Design & Goodness
Josh Wiese & Dennis Cheatham
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A Hospitable Approach
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October 9, 2010 — Basic 5K
The Fourth Annual Basic 5K (beneting Water is Basic) had agreat turnout with over 575 runners raising over $25,000 to helpbring clean water to Sudan. This was also the rst year for theJerry Can Relay where 22 folks competed in teams of three orve with a solo runner carrying the 45+ pound Jerry Can full of water the entire distance. Great job runners!

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