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Ethan's First Day at School: a true short story

Ethan's First Day at School: a true short story

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Published by Tony
This was Ethan's first day at school and the appalling Mrs Symeou made sure that he never forgot it,
This was Ethan's first day at school and the appalling Mrs Symeou made sure that he never forgot it,

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Published by: Tony on Jun 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ethan’s FirstDay at School
The early morning sun streamed through the open window of Ethan’s bedroom,illuminating a neat pile of brand new clothes and a shiny pair of shoes. Into the room,and onto the bed, bounded his pet dog, Squirts, with his tail wagging furiously. Ethan,however, had been awake for half an hour, just lying there, admiring those newclothes and thinking about the exciting day ahead.‘Squirts,’ he announced, ‘This is the most important day of my life. What do youthink happens today?’Squirts licked his young master’s face; he could tell that something different wasgoing to happen.‘Today, Squirts, is my first day at school and I can’t wait to get started. You won’t beable to come with me, but I’ll be home later to tell you all about it.’‘Time you were up and about,’ called Aunt Bessie, ‘You’ve got a big day ahead andneed to get a good breakfast inside you.’Ethan dressed quickly and then admired the school boy in his mirror. The schooluniform was a dark green sweater and blue shorts, and he looked pretty smart in it.Squirts thought so too and scampered around him for a better view. At breakfast, hewas so excited, he could hardly touch his favourite cereal, and kept looking at thekitchen clock to make sure he didn’t miss the school bus.Three children living further up the road were also joining the school bus for the firsttime, so there was quite a crowd of parents and relatives waiting to wave them off.The driver ticked their names on a list and then suggested that they introduced
themselves to the other young passengers before he set off down the road. One or twoof the others were a little shy at this request, but Ethan wasn’t and each newcomer gota small round of applause. He sat next to a boy called Randy who told him that thiswas his second year at school and he really liked it. He hoped that Ethan would like ittoo.Ethan and the other newcomers had been to the school already to have a look aroundand meet some of the teachers, but this journey was different. In their uniforms, theywere now a part of this strange new world, and they all felt a little nervous at whatlay ahead. So far, however, everyone had been really nice to them.In the main hall, all the children assembled in front of Miss Harmony, the headteacher. The newcomers sat in the first row and the older students sat behind them.Miss Harmony welcomed everybody to another new term, and then warmly greetedthe new boys and girls. She said how smart they all looked in their sweaters andshorts or skirts. She also said that everyone who starts school always finds that thefirst day is the longest day of their life. After that, she assured them, each day getsshorter and shorter. This made the older students laugh and one or two shook theirheads and said ‘No, Miss, they get longer!’ Then, Mrs Mendlessohn opened the pianoand announced that they would all sing the school’s song. Some cards with the wordsprinted on them were handed out to the new children in the front rowThank you, Thank youThank you for the day that’s just begunThank you for our work and thank you for our playand for teachers who make learning fun.Thank you, Thank you,Thank you for our friends and classmates tooThank you for the best school in the worldand for all our teachers, we thank youThank you, Thank youThank you for all those who really careHelping us to do the best we canThank you for all teachers everywhere.
Miss Harmony said that Mrs Mendlessohn had written the words to the song and thatthey had all sung it very well. Hidden behind her music stand, Mrs Mendlessohnblushed and looked down at the piano keys. Ethan decided that the next time it wassung, he would know all the words by heart. After that, the older students went totheir classes while Miss Harmony explained the fire drill to the new ones. She toldthem that when the fire alarm bell rang, they were always to go to the nearest fireexit. With the help of another teacher she took them to each of the fire exits aroundthe school.To make it more interesting, she made them stand in different parts of the school, andwhen she blew her whistle, they had to make their way to the nearest exit. Ethanreally enjoyed this, and when a few of the others got lost, he showed them where togo. For the rest of the morning, they were shown around different parts of the school,such as the gym, the library and their new classroom. The small desks were in groupsof four and they were told that they could pick any desk they wanted. Ethan picked adesk that would be nearest the teacher.After lunch in the dining hall, they were told to rest before their first lesson. Ethanborrowed a book from the library and sat in the sun reading it. A little later, a girlcalled Isabella joined him and they tested each other on the words of the school song.Then Ethan and his classmates sat at their desks for their first real lesson in school.The teacher that afternoon was Mrs Symeou, a small cat-like lady with short darkhair, piercing brown eyes, and a large mole on her chin.‘Good afternoon, children,’ she announced, ‘My name is Mrs Symeou and I shall betaking you for an art lesson.’Upon hearing this, Ethan’s heart leapt with joy because he really enjoyed anything todo with drawing or painting. On each desk, the teacher placed a selection of colouring pencils and four large sheets of paper.‘Now, listen up! You may draw anything that you like, and I have only two rules. Thefirst is that you use as much of the paper as possible, and the second is that you writeyour name at the top of your picture, like so.’

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