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Star Wars - Disturbance in the Force

Star Wars - Disturbance in the Force

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Published by w1ngs0fate

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Published by: w1ngs0fate on Jun 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Disturbance in the Force
Chapter 1
nzipping her brown, baggy flightsuit to reveal the scantily clad Zeltron-Human girl underneath, with black and yellow exposing attire and a blue cloak fastened across her chest a typical ensemble for her,the youthful Jedi Knight took in a deep breath and let it out slowly, quickly practicing a Jedi calmingtechnique. Lyla Rynn tossed the flightsuit
unceremoniously across the pilot‟s chair of the
saucer-shaped YT-2400 Light Freighter spacecraft and gathered her belongings before departing. Attaching a utility belt made of tough but fashionable fabric across her midsection, she made sure each of its pouches contained all the itemsthat she carried on her at all times, especially for such an operation. She had learned in the past that it paidto be thorough and to take her time when it came to equipping herself. Lastly, the young alien womanclipped her only weapon, a lightsaber, to her belt before double-checking that the ship had properly undergone all routine shutdown procedures and then departed into a hot and sand-consumed world, whichgreeted her harshly.Following after her with determination and a bit of apprehension written on his face once heemerged from the safe and cool vessel into the open, dry air and blistering light of Tatooine, was a young Arkanian man, Dalzell Lor, or as Lyla and his other friends liked to call him, Zell. He brushed his somewhatlong, spiky white hair from his eyes as the warm mid-day wind blew fiercely past, kicking up sand and dustalong its way. His pure white ghostly eyes squinted against the grains of sharp sand that ricocheted off hisbody and the extreme light that was hard for him to adjust to, having come from a moderately dark frigidplanet. He pulled out a pair of Arkanian blinders to help shield his sensitive eyes. His companionmeanwhile, the half Zeltron female, seemed transfixed by the tan-colored buildings of the capital city in thenear distance, but also struggled with the cruel gusts of wind that threatened to topple them both over. As if to prove this right, one particularly strong current came blowing past, buffeting the two withheaps of the dry sand. Spitting pieces of it out of his mouth, Zell had to raise his voice in order to be heardover the wailing breeze
. “I think we‟d better move quickly. It seems a sandstorm is brewing out here. We‟l
be safer once we‟re behind the walls of the city.”
 Lyla pulled her gaze away from the metropolis that both intrigued and concerned her to face the
other Jedi Knight and nodded her head vigorously, agreeing. “Good plan!” she remarked, risking a smile an
dcatching some sand in her teeth as a result.
The Jedi had both trained at Luke Skywalker‟s
Jedi academy, or praxeum, together on the moon Yavin 4 and had been through many adventures with each other and their other friends of varying degrees of excitement and danger, especially during the Yuuzhan Vong War, which ended just five years prior. This was

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