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Published by Narendran Sairam
This is a brief summary and an even briefer analysis of a book written by George Orwell.
This is a brief summary and an even briefer analysis of a book written by George Orwell.

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Published by: Narendran Sairam on Sep 11, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Narendran SairamAugust 25th, 2008World Literature
1984 Log 
Chapter 1
 George Orwell starts
with a man named Winston walking into a dilapidated apartment building called Victory Mansions in a dusty neighborhood. Winston goes past the elevator and takesstairs because he knows that the elevator never works. So he finishes the painful climb up the stairswith his varicose ulcer itching above his right ankle. At every landing he sees a poster of a man with a black mustache and piercing dark eyes with the caption “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU.”He enters his apartment and a machine called the “telescreen” is droning on about the production of 'pig iron'. Here the reader gets the first look at the power and influence of the Party on thelives of the people. This gadget is always “watching” and “listening” to the people in the room for anysign for Thought Crime or rebellion against the Party or against Big Brother. “You had to live- did live,from habit that became instinct- in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and,except in darkness, ever movement scrutinized. (Page 3)”After showing the reader the state of an 'average' mans life, Orwell gives the reader and insightto the world at the time. The world is divide into 3 super continents- Eurasia, Eastasia and Oceania.London, the residence of Winston is located in Airstrip One, the land that used to be called England andis now part of the larger state of longer Oceania.Orwell then tells the reader about the totalitarian government of Airstrip One. Everything thathappens in Airstrip One is coordinated by one of the four ministries. The ministry of truth, the work  place of Winston, which alters records to meet the Party's past events so that no one is able to find aflaw in the system; the ministry of peace wages wars and make alliances which keep changing; the
ministry of Plenty planned the economic activities of airstrip one which in most cases resulted inscarcity of food and resources; and the ministry of love, which is dreaded by many, deals with tortureand elimination of people that have commited thought crime. The ideas of the party are summed up inthree phrases that only occur throughout the book and they are:WAR IS PEACEFREEDOM IS SLAVERYIGNORANCE IS STRENGTHAfter telling the reader about the present conditions of London through Winston's eyes, Orwellmoves on to tell us about Winstons self. So for the reader knows that Winston is a tall, skinny guy of 39 whacks at the ministry of truth. But what they regard does not know about Winston is that he isvery disturbed by the circumstances. He's unable to remember his past, he's unable to understand the present and he is unable to predict the future.Winstons moves to a part of his apartment that is out of the line of sight of the telescreen. He pulls out a diary and a pen from his briefcase and begins writing an entry into this newfound journal.He rapidly begins pouring out his feelings about the events of the previous day and then he suddenlystops and recalled send event that has a card this same day during the 2 minutes eight. He rememberstwo people whom he knows by sight but has never talked to enter the lunchroom. One is a dark hairedgirl and the other is a man from the party whom he recognizes as O'brien. He goes through thesequences of the day in order and when his thoughts return to his apparment, he realizes that he hasscribbled 'DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER' over and over in his diary.He realizes that he has commiteda crime of the worst kind- though crime. Orwell skilfully ends the part with a knock on Winston's door.Up
Things to be Noted:
This part gives the reader that kind of introduction to the world of Winston and Winstonhimself. It also introduces some of the themes of the book like psychological manupulation using the
telescreens. It introduces the reader to the idea of thought crime.“Thoughtcrime was not a thing thatcould be concealed forever . . . Sooner or later they were bound to get you.”One of the very important things that should be noticed about this part is Winstons reactionwhen he was realizes what he is the man whose diary is going to be fatal for him. He has becomecompletely hopeless. He believes that no matter what he does he will have to face the ministry of loveof some time or the other. He also realizes that he will be eliminated many of his friends andcolleagues, who, according to the party never existed.PART II
Winston hides the diary and fearfully opens the door, half expecting the Thought Police but isrelieved to find Mrs. Parsons, his neighbor who needed help with her plumbing. Winston close to her house and while fixing the plumbing is tormented by her kids who are part of a program called theJunior Spies. The reader is told that Junior Spies is a program that trains children to spy on their  parents and report them if they are guilty of thought crime. The children are angry at their mother  because she refuses to let them attend a public and it is taking place at the park.Winston returns to his apartment and falls asleep. He dreams about a man's voice, which he believes is O'brien's, that says to him " We shall meet in a place where there's no darkness."
Things to be Noted:
This part emphasizes how different Winston is from his peers. The Junior Spies, a program, of which the Parson children are part of adds two the sense of no privacy or anything being sacred
Winston begins dreaming about his mother. He remembers that she disappeared when he wasaround ten or eleven years old. She is described to the reader as being a "tall, statuesque, rather silent

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“Thoughtcrime was not a thing that could be concealed forever . . . Sooner or later they were bound to get you.”
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