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Extracts from believers that Mark's Gospel was written in Latin.

Extracts from believers that Mark's Gospel was written in Latin.

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Published by David Bruce Gain
The names and dates of some who believe Mark's Gospel was written in Latin, the works in which they expressed that
belief, and, in some cases, their actual words, in their original English or English translation.
The names and dates of some who believe Mark's Gospel was written in Latin, the works in which they expressed that
belief, and, in some cases, their actual words, in their original English or English translation.

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Published by: David Bruce Gain on Jun 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Some of those (up to Couchoud) who say Mark'sGospel was written in Latin.By David Bruce Gain
author of: Proof that the gospel of Mark was written in Latin(http://www.scribd.com/doc/56082592).
(Those who did not write in English are given in English translation).
The authorsof the colophons of some early Peshitta (Syriac)MSS: "This is the end of the Holy Gospel preached by Mark,who preached in Latin at Rome", of the colophons of severalArabic and many Armenian MSS, of the colophons of Greek MSS 160 (of 1123) and 161 (10th century) and 124 (11thcentury).Ephraem Syrus(306?-373) in his commentary on Tatian's Dia-tessaron (written in Syriac) App 1.1: "Mark wrote the Gospelin Latin".Gregory Nazianzen(329-390) (wrote in Greek) AP 319:"Matthew wrote of the wonderful works of Christ for theHebrews, Mark for Italy, Luke for Greece" (i.e. Matthew inHebrew, Mark in Latin, Luke in Greek).Anastasius bibliothecarius(810?-878?) in the life of Peter inhis "Liber pontificalis" (Account of the Popes): "He {Peter}wrote two letters which are called "catholic" and the Gospelof Mark (because Mark was his listener and son through bap-tism) ... one {Evangelist} wrote in Greek, one in Hebrew, one{Mark} in Latin".Eutychius(877-940) Patriarch of Alexandria, pp 35-6 of theedition of John Selden (London 1642); Selden entitles thework "Ecclesiae suae origines" (Origins of his church) (thework is in Arabic): "In the time of Nero Caesar Peter, theleader of the apostles, wrote, with Mark, the Gospel of Mark in Latin at Rome, but he ascribed it to Mark".Agapius of Hierapolis(?-941) "Universal History" (written inArabic) Part 2: "Mark wrote the Gospel in Latin for the in-habitants of greater Rome" (i.e. Rome, not Constantinople).Dionysius bar Salibi(?-1171) "Commentaries on the Gospels"(written in Syriac): "Mark wrote his Gospel at Rome in Roman,
that is Latin". Jacobus de Voragine(1230?-1298) Archbishop of Genoa, in"Sermones de Sanctis per totius anni circulum" (Accounts of the Saints celebrated throughout the year) page 193 of the1573 edition, under "St Mark the evangelist": "He went toAquileia... He left there a great treasure, namely the work which he wrote in Greek at Rome but there in Latin".Ricaldo da Monte di Croce(1243?-1320) in "Confutatio Al-corani seu legis Saracenorum" (Refutation of the Koran orthe law of the Saracens): "Matthew wrote in Hebrew in Judaea, John in Greek in Asia, Luke in the same language inGreece, Mark in Latin in Italy". Joannes Cantacuzenus(1292?-1383) Byzantine emperor, inhis "Nine Books against the Jews" (written in Greek).Richard Fitzralph(1295?-1360) Archbishop of Armagh andPrimate of Ireland, in Book 9 of his "Quaestiones Armenorum"(Quesions concerning the Armeni): "Matthew wrote the Gos-pel in Hebrew, John in Greek, Mark in Latin ... each withoutdoubt taught that the consecration should be made in thoselanguages in which they wrote).Mar Odisho(?-1318) Metropolitan of Nisibis and Armenia, whowrote in Syriac, on page 95 of Mar Eshai Shimm "Book of Marganitha" (2007): "Mark who wrote in Latin at Rome".Ibn Kaldun(1337-1406) in "Muqaddima" (written in Arabic)1.476-7 (translated by F. Rosenthal, 1958) says Mark wrotein Latin.Ibrahim al Barradi(14th century) in "Kitab al Jawahir..." (writ-ten in Arabic) volume 1, book 1, chapter 19, says Mark wrotein Greek and Latin.Pietro di Natale(?-1406?) Bishop of Aquileia in "CatalogusSanctorum et gestorum eorum" (An account of the Saintsand their works) book 4, chapter 86 (1543 edition): "Peterordained that Mark should be the Protobishop of Aquileia; itwas there that his Gospel, which he had previously written inLatin at Rome, was fashioned again, in Greek utterance".Fino Fini di Adria(1431?-1517) in "In Judaeos flagellum ex sac-ris scripturis excerptum" (Excerpts from sacred scripturewhipping the Jews), 1538, Book 6 chapter 80: "Mark wrotehis Gospel twice, first at Rome in Latin from the BlessedApostle Peter, the shepherd of the church, when he talkedof the Lord's passion and other things concerning him; and,begged by his friends, he wrote this Gospel again in Aquileia,but in Greek, and it is this Greek version that the Blessed Jerome talks of when he says: 'Or we do not understandMark's meaning', because the Blessed Peter saw it in Latin".Pedro Anton Beuter(1490-1554) in "Adnotationes decem ad
sanctam scripturam" (Ten annotations on sacred scripture),1547 p.116: "Mark wrote his Gospel at Rome ... this Gospel issaid to have been given in Latin, reproducing what he hadheard from Peter".CardinalGugliemo Sirleto(1514-1585) Volume 15 of Corneliusa lapide (1567-1637)(1891 edition) p.666 (introduction toMark) (written in Latin): "Cardinal Sirleto, a very learned man,had noticed several strange words in the Greek text of Mark's Gospel which appeared from the Latin exemplar or, asthey {Sirleto and Baronius} say, the Latin original, to havebeen translated into half-Latin Greek" (see "CardinalCaesarBaronius"below).Onofrio Panvinio(1529-1568) in "Epitome pontificum Roman-orum a S. Petro usque ad Paulum llll" (A brief account of theRoman pontiffs from Saint Peter to Paul 4th) 1558 p.1:"Matthew wrote in Hebrew, Luke in Greek, Mark in Latin".CardinalCaesar Baronius(1538-1607) in "Annales ecclesiast-ici" (Annals of the church) (1593) on the year 45: "One with agood knowledge of Greek who reads the Greek text of Mark carefully will find several strange words which he will easilyrecognize as translated from Latin into half-Latin Greek".Alphonsus Ciaconius(1540-1601) in "Vitae et res gestae sum-morum pontificum a Christo Domino usque ad ClementemVIII" (Lives and deeds of the supreme pontiffs from the LordChrist to Clement 8th) 1601, in the life of Peter: "All the Syr-ians and reason persuade that a Gospel written for the useof Latin speakers was written in Latin".Robert Bellarmine(1542-1621) in "Controversiae de verboDei" (Controversies concerning the word of God), 1607, book 2, chapter 8: "It is clearly indicated that Mark's Gospel wasoriginally written by him in Latin". Jacobus Gretser(1562-1625) in "Defensio controversiarumRoberti Bellarmini" (A defence of Robert Bellarmine's "Contr-oversies") (1609) Book 2, chapter 7.Petrus Kirstenius(1577-1640) in "Vitae evangelistarum quat- uor nunc primum ex antiquo codice manuscripto Arabico Cae-sario erutae" (Lives of the four evangelists now for the firsttime extracted from an old Caesarian Arabic manuscript),1608, p.36: "I do not find in these writings any clear state-ment about the language in which Saint Mark wrote his Gos-pel, but the general opinion seems to be correct, that it wasin Latin. If he wrote at Rome, there is no doubt that he wroteprimarily for Romans, and so in Latin, and so Saint Peter firstproclaimed it in Rome". Jacobus Tirinus(1580-1636) in "Commentarii in sacram script-uram" (Commentaries on sacred scripture), 1632, Volume 3

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